Birt 18 jún 2020
This video is sponsored by Wargaming. World of Tanks is free to download:
It tackles land but its needs to take on the water to......
See How I built it
Making the Screws ischats.info/fun/fqSMnJioaqKrl3g/v-deo
Chassis and drivetrain ischats.info/fun/Ydaad6N-nYKMlGc/v-deo
Hydraulics ischats.info/fun/nZSPiaqSYoqLc64/v-deo
and the land test ischats.info/fun/hdh9f5RekGSsams/v-deo
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  • Really enjoying this project, sorry its taken awhile but you can see the work thats gone in to it, but next up we need FIRE POWER

    • Right

    • There was once a toy that was made that had a similar design to what he made in the video. I think he did a good job compared to the toy version since the toy version would sink if it didn’t run in water.

    • Colin your the king of perserverence

    • @Gamerlad 08 "national threat" or part of the good fight lol

    • @colinfurze Pajjeet

  • Well he wasn’t bored during quarantine😂

  • I like the videos and the music (love)😁😍🤩🤠🤓😷

  • You know what is freaking stupid? I have notifs on all, and im subbed, and ive got yt notifs on my phone, but guess what? Ive yet to get a single notif from here.

  • The military needs to make these but make them bigger and put some weapons on it your good

  • Colinfurze: Yea i made it with so much of effort USA ARMY: We want that man..... LAMAO

  • I wonder if he could make something like this but as a submersible

  • He should make these and sell them. I'd buy one.

  • He’s never right is he?

  • Imagine fighting for Furze riding an amphibious screw tank. #furzearmy

  • *Elon musk joined the chat*

  • Any one else think that was the doom theme there at the start for just a second

  • most dads when they get older: I want a boat Colin Furze when he's older: I want a screw tank that can float on water

  • ischats.info/fun/p9pqeXSYn31vhq4/v-deo

  • Next make it fly

  • o filho do cara e a cara dele e deve ser tá o loco quanto o pai

  • I haven’t tuned in for a few years and A. How do you look younger AND B. Wtf is next 😂😂👌🏼

  • Who else is here from jessetc

    • Bruh he sucks

  • All you need is some machine guns and your done

  • Show this to mod1 or something

  • Flaming potato launcher!!

  • You should have your own holiday called Colin furzday


  • Now you got to put a Canon on it

  • Next I'm gonna make superpowers

  • This man is a living example of the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you crazier"

  • You should join hacksmith

  • Man this is entirely different concept of a tank , who knows it wil be a hit.

  • What's with all the shouting?

  • Make the kingsmen umbrella!!!

  • If this man can't survive the apocalypse I don't know who will

  • If you mess with this, you are SCREWED. :D XD

  • You are a absolute mad lad but congrats!

  • Now make it shoot tennis balls

  • we dont want potato guns WE WANT EXPLODING POTATO CANNONS

  • you need a wapen

  • dat kid is cude

  • ¿TRUMP?

  • snow the product brought me here.. I seen she was subscribed to you now i love this channel

  • Is there an instruction manual with a list where to get all the parts somewhere?

  • I really want him to add a a proper chassis and bodywork to this thing, it's not a tank without armour!

  • That kids got the coolest dad

  • Congress on 10 mil

  • Subscribed because of Mr.Bean 😅

  • He does all this while still wearing his tie I love it 😂😂 Edit: I mean at the end when he tests it :)

    • Its his safety tie

  • Look up the 1964 Chrysler marsh screw amphibian

  • Do a fireworks launcher

  • Float

  • I haven seen this guy in 7 years and am watching him again

  • انا عربي وانا احبك ممكن تنشرلي قناتي

  • التالىاتىىىنى

  • I mean if the British made the titanic he can make it float

  • I think steel plaiting with mesh windows will make this the real all terrain vehicle with the front as a up lift panel

  • How much

  • Genius!

  • Who remembers 1 year ago he handed mr bean the diomnd play boutn

  • 1:42 to 1:54 ngl i thought it was VR

  • great project but I do not like the fact that it is sponsored by a war game (I know your thing with weaponized vehicles) but I just do not like war in general

  • *The fire nation wants to know your location*

  • Russians do it better) ischats.info/fun/eKWYkmaDZ4GgiHw/v-deo

  • What if you fill the screws with Helium, and then vacuum the pressure out of it?

  • U should make the two big screws pump up with air

  • Ok realy good . .....

  • imagine what he would do to you if you tried to rob this man

  • This guy is just the more exiting mark rover XD (Sorry mark still love u tho)

  • coline ty si super typek

  • A tank that floats? GEINUS

  • This puts a smile on my face...

  • Bruh imagine having Colin as your dad

  • Genius

  • Hi🙋friends🤩🔔

  • It even works on the water Me: I'll take your entire stock

  • Add a cannon to this thing and it’s classified as a military grade amphibious tank lol

  • I think this dude is joining world war 3 in the future

  • Are you an eccentric millionaire?

  • 3:18 love how i legit think thats peep 😂💖

  • replace the background with the doom theme and it will fit perfectly

  • All you need now is an airsoft gun

  • 1:23 I did not see that comming

  • Imagine how long this took

  • the engineer

  • “Right, so is it going to float”.... Collin was never seen again

  • This is the dad that i want :'(

  • 1080p 50? Is it because uk is 50 fps?

  • Il take your intire stock

  • He is lowkey a real life inventor or villain from a james bond movie

  • Gerçek bir youtubersin dostum

  • You look like nice gordon ramsey

  • You can like militer

  • Say nutter Colin


  • I reckon you could add plastic to create some sort of protection if you want to drive it through the bush

  • If it had more buoyancy you could probably use ballast tanks.

  • Can you make Korean subtitles?

  • WOW

  • Your sir are a mad genius... keep it up

  • tesla cybertank

  • Ooooh that’s why there are tracks leading out of puddles deeper than lakes

  • High density foam or an inflatable bladder in the screws.