Real Hydraulic Scissor Lift Shoes

Birt 28 feb 2019
For the Vertically challenged.....
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  • I'm a size 10 and I'm 11 years old

  • What is use to edit these videos?

  • I mean these are cool but have you seen the ones from Ed edd and eddy?

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  • Can I buy this Shoes?

  • if i wear that my head goes through the ceiling. im 6ft 7

  • Me: Goes to school wearing it My friend: I am the tallest in school Me : Hold my bag

  • u wear size 9? im 12 and wear a size 10

  • colin you should put all of the hydraulics in a backpack so you can just walk around with it! That would be cool

  • Are these still for sale?

  • 1 like = 1 Gigiddy

  • This guy is just Inspector Gadget, but better

  • its too bad this is more of a joke the way your doing it because there are some industry needs if the design was right, you dont need the ram though.

  • This is a prefect way to breake your ankles😂

  • We built this shed on rock and roll

  • The coolest pair of shoes ever!

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  • wow! can i get some size 3 shoes merch?

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  • Lockdown has hit him really hard

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  • I so wanted him to make those metal show soles into blades and throw them around

  • People jumping in 2030

  • Why do you have wood working headphones

  • He needs to make another but in the legs for balance

  • Walking in supermakt and reach top shelves is no longer a issue

  • nice channel furze !!! you should build a mobile 48 inch firework shell launcher for another million subscribers !!! maybe mounted on a truck or boat/ship

  • 1:09 i dont need to use anything i can just look at the thumbnail

  • Coolest youtuber ever

  • These shoes but you can walk off with the press of a button ( hydraulic lift shoes that can detach to use as normal shoes from a button)

  • 9:57, this makes me think of the 11th doctor, I'm not sure why

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  • you make me happy buds thx

  • Colin committed a unforgivable crime He shopped at waitrose

  • Please configure these one up - one down so you can ride a bike without moving your legs. Can you also use a rowing machine without using your legs too?

  • really needs ankle support...seriously

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  • Maybe make the scissors bars slonger so when they lift it goes higher, without having to put so many sets of bars on, or you can put more sets, but make them longer. Otherwise you nailed it.👌

  • I do not like the music you use in your videos. Some heavy mettle shit.. But the content of the videos is good.

  • I wonder why the steel gets wet???

  • Do you sell all these things you make?

  • The lack of Ed Edd and Eddy in this comment section is disappointing.

  • You could also just wear heels...

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  • What a Waste of Time for something you need to drag a hose behind it.

  • Size 9? How small are you??

  • I like British hacksmith

  • u gotta make a backpack to power themmmmmm

  • What happens with everything you have built in your garden or home when you move house you will have to get loads of trucks to move it all

  • WOW

  • Imagine being this care free around tools and dangerous objects

  • I could actually see this having real world applications if it was more mobile for construction workers.

  • Brilliant fun, a mind is a fun thing to taste, and a terrible thing to waste.

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  • Wait how do I have bigger feet than you but I’m 13

  • The pistachios though, How did he get them there?

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  • He is the most non British British guy I’ve ever seen

  • I would love to have some of those

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  • some times i question his sanity

  • China would make that on 10 seconds.

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  • I kinda wanna make those Edit: Nevermind, I don't have the tools

  • You need scissorlift shoes to knock your head on the shed beam?

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  • These are basically just platform shoes tbh lol

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  • And colins next video is him showing how to travel at light speed

  • He should do a prank where he wears these in public at like a grocery store or something

  • when the outro went up i was like "jesus christ" like it was so violent

  • I would make the bottom wider

  • Colinfurze:Whyy Apple Whyy. Apple:Course why not

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  • Wouldn't a leniar actuator be a better option you'll only need the batteries

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  • This reminds me of Ed Edd n eddy

  • I want a pair of these

  • Id rather use a chair XD cool build btw

  • Now you need "shock oborbant" shoes where you have really strong springs to "obzorb shock"

  • I am 5,1 i need a pair of those shoes then maybe everyone won't tease me or being short like excuses me it not my fault I'm 5,1 and you 6,7

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  • maybe you can connect it to a backpack

  • so cool Man

  • *2-5 years into the future* introducing *BLUETOOTH* hydrological shoes!

  • His genius percent is similar to hacksmith