Real Hydraulic Scissor Lift Shoes

Birt 28 feb 2019
For the Vertically challenged.....
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  • Chtufifjbyibjnjgnjfhj3hg3h you hacking


  • Maybe make the scissors bars slonger so when they lift it goes higher, without having to put so many sets of bars on, or you can put more sets, but make them longer. Otherwise you nailed it.👌

  • I do not like the music you use in your videos. Some heavy mettle shit.. But the content of the videos is good.

  • I wonder why the steel gets wet???

  • Do you sell all these things you make?

  • The lack of Ed Edd and Eddy in this comment section is disappointing.

  • You could also just wear heels...

  • If Barnum was reincarnated.

  • Small kids when everyone’s tall

  • Я один тут русский

  • What a Waste of Time for something you need to drag a hose behind it.

  • Size 9? How small are you??

  • I like British hacksmith

  • u gotta make a backpack to power themmmmmm

  • What happens with everything you have built in your garden or home when you move house you will have to get loads of trucks to move it all

  • WOW

  • Imagine being this care free around tools and dangerous objects

  • I could actually see this having real world applications if it was more mobile for construction workers.

  • Brilliant fun, a mind is a fun thing to taste, and a terrible thing to waste.

  • bruh bruh

  • Wait how do I have bigger feet than you but I’m 13

  • The pistachios though, How did he get them there?

  • Aye man these are geting eh, how about we bring back the jet bikes

  • He is the most non British British guy I’ve ever seen

  • I would love to have some of those

  • Нихуя не понял, но очень интересно

  • some times i question his sanity

  • China would make that on 10 seconds.

  • Hahahahah this guy knows his stuff I carnt even hammer a nail proply

  • join area 51 raid mate

  • I kinda wanna make those Edit: Nevermind, I don't have the tools

  • You need scissorlift shoes to knock your head on the shed beam?

  • 7:30 he..

  • These are basically just platform shoes tbh lol

  • this is phineas but wheres ferb

  • عربي

  • And colins next video is him showing how to travel at light speed

  • He should do a prank where he wears these in public at like a grocery store or something

  • when the outro went up i was like "jesus christ" like it was so violent

  • Hello Mr. Collin how are you I see you're taking something from sixties and crying to make it reality now they sought of shoes but then nothing get people did the top of their shells Just to make it easier to get there Pop top what they really truly

  • I would make the bottom wider

  • Colinfurze:Whyy Apple Whyy. Apple:Course why not

  • He's to power full to be alive

  • Are we just going to pretend that we didn’t hear that *gigidy* ?

  • Kenobi Approved

  • "ThEn I CaN PuSH ThAT ThRoUGH Mi HoLE"

  • Wouldn't a leniar actuator be a better option you'll only need the batteries

  • Gênio!

  • This reminds me of Ed Edd n eddy

  • You gotta send a pair over to Richard Hammond, he'll love it!

  • I want a pair of these

  • Id rather use a chair XD cool build btw

  • Now you need "shock oborbant" shoes where you have really strong springs to "obzorb shock"

  • I am 5,1 i need a pair of those shoes then maybe everyone won't tease me or being short like excuses me it not my fault I'm 5,1 and you 6,7

  • Man you have to make Hydraulic my piaggio Ape 50!

  • Obi-Wan: "I have the high ground!" Anakin: *crank lifts* "No I have the high ground"

  • where and the frick did the giggity come from!?!?!

  • maybe you can connect it to a backpack

  • so cool Man

  • *2-5 years into the future* introducing *BLUETOOTH* hydrological shoes!

  • His genius percent is similar to hacksmith

  • Ur like Wallace from Wallace & Grommet only better & IRL! 🤣🤣

  • Now you know how it feels to wear heels, but more heavy

  • "Alright, let me go off and do a bit of scissoring" Giggity

  • All us short guys taking notes

  • Why not put it underneath the soul of the shoe

  • I feel like your the adult version of phinies and ferb😂

  • YES.

  • You know these are needed because now way is there a step stool

  • Hi kids it's me knock of teddy rupxin

  • please make a playlist that says how to survive a zombie apocalypse

  • You're a size 9? I would be a size 11 there. And I'm 13...

  • 0:11, find someone that looks at you the way Colin looks at that hydraulic press

  • Imagine being his neighbor 🤣

  • incredible :))

  • It’s all fun and games until his shoe size changes

  • make the hydroilic system into a back pack and have the remote attached to one of your wrists and id buy a pair

  • 😳😂😂 Perfect 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • You can add padded insoles for comfort

  • Ultimate janitor shoes Janitor to glass: *Cant Touch Dis*

  • All u need is weed to get high

  • I thought he will run with that shoes Ahh 😰😰😖

  • Everyone : cartoon physics are cart- Colin : *slish slash your statement is trash*

  • It's nice that you used your hydraulics but I would have rather put in an electronic motor and batteries into the shoe, would be more useful, and you do know how to weld aluminium don't you?

  • Hey Colin dont let the missus see these things she will have you painting the landing lol

  • Battery powered no cables no cords it would be a great invention

  • Who Thought Of Basket Ball When Equiping The Shoes

  • He will make an invention to have a car that can jump

  • Keep doing exactly what you're doing.

  • funfact: the tie is attached to his body


  • @Ksi needs these.

  • Is this man trying to become a supervillain? He has crazy gadgets and equally crazy attitude.

  • Can I have them??????

  • You can't walk

  • Etnies Fader I - best shoes ever !

  • Ok so if you're mouthing the shoes to plates... it doesn't really need tread. You could've made the profile an inch more compact and more stable by just putting the hydraulic cylinder IN the tread.

  • Install those hydraulics to an iron man suit and you’ve got yourself the hulk buster

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