Jet Powered Kids Scooter

Birt 14 jún 2018
Come Dad make me a Jet Scooter........
Yeah so thats a challenge I can rise to and then I need to make the adult gas turbine powered version.
Jet Bike
Jet Cart
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  • So I made the boy a jet scooter but wait till he sees dads version muhahaha, but before that we have 6 Million subscribers to celebrate with lots of fireworks and I'm currently sat on the erotunnel on the way to the Le Mans 24hrs with a brilliant little creation. Subscribe so you don't miss out.

    • Well right now u have 10 mil

    • Where did you get that motor

    • You in the apocolips:alright guys ima fix my sons scotter and putting it on a nuclear reactor buuuuut he's just a kid so ima put a millitery jet rocket ;D

    • Love the content. I'm so buying a safety tie. Nothing bad can happen to me in the forge while wearing a safety tie!

    • Hi Colin what size printing board did you use

  • Anyone know the 3d modeling software he was using?

  • Wear a helmet for the love of all things holy

  • There

  • You and Mark Rober should team up.

  • I am 9 and I made a conservetry roof

  • Father of the century

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👄

  • Colin you only get one set of eyes my man. Wear eye protection when using grinders!!!! I speak from personal experience haha. The safety squint doesn't always work.

  • Brave lad

  • Every parent should build there 5 year old a scooter

  • So awesome!!! Can you make a jet powered drone?

  • are you a dad

  • Please put 5 of these on a bike

  • Should've added a handbreak for it too! Safety first!! Where's the boys helmet though, Colin!! How long does the battery last??

  • This might be alarming the bells of some Child Protective Service agencies lol

  • Love all your vids mate but please pop a helmet on the kid, wouldn’t want anything to happen to either of you. You Driving drift scooter at 50mph with no helmet. We can’t afford to lose you, I’d have no entertainment then

  • my favorite engineers : electroboom, colinfurze

  • All that cool shit and you didn’t use 2.4 ghz? Also would be cool to get some throttle control on the unit itself

  • Прикольно)+++

  • Add another jet?


  • Is this a new Rick and Morty episode?

  • Bad parent. No safety for his own child. But cool inventor!

  • There's no way his ma approved of this.

  • / h(b nbh hn. C nbd

  • Fatherhood goals...

  • Kids are amazing. He's super scared/exited first run, and and handling it like a pro 15 minutes later

  • Your child looks crusty lol

  • That kid is living the life of jimmy neutron

  • jakes school: why do you have a fan and a battery on your scooter? jake: daddy made it for me its a jet scooter

  • Maybe give him some ear defenders. It has sooo anoying sound

  • where is the child's mom???

  • My age is 7

  • Hey Colin where do you find your music from I’m from America and this stuff is honestly og af

  • Coming up next: Black hole powered vacuum cleaner

  • Man screw the E scooters. Imma get one of these jet scooters

  • Can u make me a scooter I got a scooter and return it Bc it was broken 😭 make me one 🙍🏽‍♂️

  • Yer boys gonna have so many speeding tickets once he gets a drivers license 🤣😂

  • How I know no women watch this channel: Not one mention on the lack of helmet in the top 20 comments. Rock on!

  • Best dad award goes to Colin furze

  • Off topic but what song is that in 4:17? Also great video keep up the good work! U guys are awesome!

  • That bloke overflying LAX in a jetpack... Where was Colin that day?

  • *Surrenders best dad mug*

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  • Y does his son keep changing shoes between cuts

  • You are real living legend. May God bless you.

  • After watching this I feel completely inadequate as a father! 😆

  • Can you show us a 70 mph or moped scooter

  • Mini furze is 7 now

  • Father and son both have great maniacal laughs.

  • yo he be kinda fast do


  • if it's for colin himself he probably would have just pu 2 screws every intersection except 3

  • Could you strap like 10 of those to a bike and ride it?

  • Amazing moments. Surprised for any kids.

  • mad, but you are still best :-D

  • Can I get a parts list and detailed instructions please

  • When he’s older you know he’s gonna steal the controls and go fucking crazy

  • What if he put fast jets on him are you winning son son died

  • The design is perfect, just the right balance of neat, smooth plastic and mechanical parts!

  • Động cơ này mua ở đâu nhỉ

  • He looks like a mini boris Johnson

  • Kids: when they get their mums credit card 8:21

  • When you want to drive your son to school but not actually drive ..

  • Basically I’m basically someone I really really really wanna electric scooter so do you think you can come I want into electric school and I also like tech

  • I would want that

  • He broke the toy car!!!

  • Make a motorised surf board

  • hmm, I wonder if he could stick a couple of those little electric turbines on my bike.

  • Little disapointed that you used only one turbine

  • This kid is gonna have so many stories to tell

  • "BAT-TREE"

  • 2020 Version, Uploading my childs brain to the zoom class

  • Now put on 4

  • One way to stop people stealing your scooter

  • the apple don't fall far does it? he's a adorable kido Colin!

  • You should build a rc super jet with that that you kid can use to drop random stuff from it

  • You should make you kids a hover bike that will have a sterling wheel with a heavy wait

  • It's all fun and games till he puts his fingers in the fan

  • This man can compete with Elon Musk and Tesla

  • Scooters like that cant turn just imagine trying to pull a 90 with a mini jet engine 😂

  • Where is his safety tie Colin?

  • where did you get that and what name jet engine is that

  • 6:38 says it all. LOL. 🤣😎 Kid is having too much fun.

  • No helmet Like father, like son

  • So basically in RC car in the form of a scooter without a servo

  • Running 6s lipo!!!

  • MSF20 mods be like lmao

  • Giant

  • what happed to your hand

  • I know your suicidal. But maybe the famous words of colin's son will end that. _"AaaAaaAAAAAaaaaaAh!"_ Colin Jr - United Kingdom

  • His son is taking his personality

  • so he just made an electric scooter just its louder

  • I don't know why you didn't give him the means of throttle control. My eldest boy had an electric motorcycle (2 wheeler, not a trike) that he could ride when he was 4 years old, had no trouble coming to terms with throttle control and braking.

  • I find it hard to imagine that this man has fucked

    • he forgot to wear his safety tie

  • And Dad of the year award goes too....

  • do it with the hacksmith edf lol

  • Yee

  • Please... HELMET!