Voice Activated Bed Shaker - How To

Birt 22 mar 2018
Turning on lights and plugs etc is ok but I wanna push these Smart home Modules a bit further so here I'm building a shaking bed for my son then next week I get bit more extreme and a bit more FURZE Muhahahaha.
Thanks to James Bruton for doing the software bit as I'm terrible at all that stuff.
See how he did it here ischats.info/fun/p7CpiIJlq56Koog/v-deo
Check out my Ejector bed here ischats.info/fun/dbmzn2KhnWSknaY/v-deo

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  • Haha so I scheduled this 2hrs early for some reason. right so we have a bed shaker then next we have a..........????

    • Hi

    • can you make a disco ball fan maybe?

    • If you have another kid get them a bed which cleans wee if they pee themselves

    • Did anyone see the bottle of lotion on his son's dresser

    • Teeth brushed

  • 0:32 this cracked me up

  • Dont you just feel awefull for his son Great content

  • Poor Henry, he still alive after that lol

  • watched all that and didnt even show your son having a heart attack... geez..

  • Your children are cute

  • You should have made an ejected bed that went to the side so it just dumped him out of bed

  • Colinfurze what's the app on the mobile device?

  • He

  • Love the music

  • Imma just point out only in the UK would making a vibrating bed for a minor be socially acceptable.... of course when he turns 16 -or sneaks in a late night companion- he might just realize how awesome 👌 that bed could be.... lmmfao

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • I really REALLY need this to use on myself

  • poor henry

  • A D I S C O D A N C E

  • Why is Colin like a dangerous nerd

  • Запрограммируй пару поступательных движений, тогда жена будет довольна.

  • That can be a good demon bed possession prank

  • Immediate like for the trombone!

  • U have a son........where’s the mum, what happened???

  • It’s called Alexa

  • F@#$ing priceless

  • Intriguing bed, but could it be improved by shaking the bed up and down a bit, not much enough that it feels like a mini to slightly above mini earthquake. Or, a treadmill shaking bed that somehow rolls said bed off and sitting then standing a child up is likely to wake them up in a rude manner. Then again, I might wake a child up using music after shaking them awake, something that has a bit of a beat build to get blood pumping.

  • He is a nuts

  • Colin is lucky he still has his fingers after this project rahaha

  • How do you write the code?

  • 00:40 - 00:45 watch slow mo 0.5

  • Moo not Henry!!!

  • 0:07 people in Russia be like

  • 1:34 poor henry


  • Colin could make a spey ship and control centre desk

  • u can make the command as the alarm..

  • Most comments: *Naughty thoughts* Me: Free c a r n i v a l ride

  • Einhell is shit to you? Wow mate wish I was in ur situation lmao. Einhell is the leading product in my country for tools.

  • "A disco dance!"

  • Probably the coolest dad on the planet.

  • I feel bad for his son

  • I’ve got a feeling that the only person who disliked this video was his kid Like if u agree

  • How can you set fire to a vacuum cleaner when you're just vacuuming? Colin is the only person in the world that can do that!

  • Poor kid😂😂😂

  • Это первый русский комент

  • K

  • you don't need a new shed to use your underground bunker

  • 10 million subs,nice

  • am i the only one who pays attention to the tracklist in the description

  • U r GOD

  • 0:47 no one Absolutely no one Colin :happy Colin noises

  • hi

  • Would have been interesting if your son had no idea about this 😂

  • 6:28 .................... wHaT??

  • you need to get this out to stores

  • 4:50 mans saying it's "peak" cmonn 😂😂

  • can you imagine if this man was your father

  • 0nly collinfure can set a vacuum cleaner on fire

  • I usually just throw stuff at my siblings, and it normally works

  • I actually need that!

  • #daddy furze

  • I wonder what the police would think of his creations

  • both you and michaelcthulu are madmen builders, and somehow both came up with the "violently wake myself up" invention.

  • I'm a ten-year-old and I justed lernt how to weld at shafter welding so I have no idea if you're using the wrong gas or filler rod

  • Bad idea I was watching this in bed now I get it whoa nice idea I might need this lol.

  • Your boys don't have safety ties on!

  • You could by the smart plug

  • Cow boy bed


  • Or a voice activated water gun/explosion sound maker!!!lmfao For the weee one that is....you got better things to do than the job of waking little ones😜

  • If his son saw him grabbing his bed... "Dad, what are you doing to my bed?"

  • 3:52 dis kid a pro surfer

  • Next time get a 500hp v8

  • Kid: _walks in and sees colin measuring his bed_ Kid: (in head):oh fuck

  • Imagine you come home to your room and find your Bed is gone.... like what do you think in that situation 😂😂😂

  • Make a automatic trumpet player plz

  • Amazon echo is controlling it nice but he wasn't saying any wake word was he cutting it out?

  • 6:03 nice Calvin Kleins Colin!

  • Next video would have been 'How i set my house on fire'

  • Colin's son: won't get out of bed Colin: So anyway, I started blasting

  • I never knew he had kids

  • 0:00 Um... Hello, Minecraft villager.... 😂

  • Why did he not put a chainsaw on it

  • magic fingers hotel massage bed is all i got to say other then that, this one is Colin earth quake bed

  • Sound like my truck starting

  • how will u difference between earthquake and this shaking bed

  • Helo..can i ask..can i know the circuit design

  • Set Fire to Henry XXD

  • Can you try and make a taser bed?

  • U didn’t expect that skill saw do that did u?!..same shit unexpected could happen wearing that tai.. ( just saying)u smart enough to do the right thing 😉😎👍

  • Lmao Argos finest piece of crap drill I’ve had one didn’t last 2 holes

  • Poop

  • Burning Henry really doesn't actually SUCK GET IT HA

  • Know this is late but your aluminum welding is good. Only time you know it's bad when it looks bad. They looked decent. I do it for a living. Pretty sure it's the same material I use. Superb quality by the way. Love it.

  • 3:13 I don't see how the actual welders out there could complain. That weld bead is neater than my life. Ngl I would not be surprised if Colin was trying to flex how neat his welding is dispite doing it "wrong"

  • 4:00 stop fu- So British 😂

  • Its blinking! 😯

  • What IF I have a waterbed?

  • Lol admit it, you didn't invent this for your kids - You invented this for the lady's you take back to your gaff

  • I dont caarrrrreeeee!

  • Nioce can you make one for my bed?

  • Fucking youtube never showed me this one! thanks for the reddit post I would of never found it. and I'm a subscriber, with notifications turned on!

  • Finally something I would use