Birt 24 ágú 2017
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1000 Rockets all set of at once of the back of a custom bike while i'm riding it.......but its ok i have some foam strapped to my back and my safety tie on.
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  • Pretty much the example of unsafe and insane fireworks. 😉

  • Nutty!



  • I've said this before, but i find these fireworks videos just a total nonsense. Really, a man with this amount of attention should do something less-not-necessary to get more attention. I mean, cool inventions etc, but please, leave the fireworks off. Instead, do more donations and helpful inventions for people who need it. I know you're up to it.

  • Every bit of this was GLORIOUS.

  • What camera do you have

  • Colin meets Strave ....... Booom

  • 0:26 why is he bleeding

  • A thing of beauty to behold. 🌅

  • What a madman. I love it

  • pls dont do this

  • Ok how does he live in England I live in England and this is not a thing that happens over here

  • Good God, Man! Night turned to day!

  • 4th of july is everyday for this dude

  • It's very nice that the staff at the loony bin let Colin out once in a while so he can pursue his little hobbies.

  • 10 mil special

  • It's known as colourful nuke

  • I know this from private TV in Indonesia wow

  • Top 10 scariest Russian weapons of war Number one:

  • Awesome. :D

  • How thw hell are you still alive :)

  • This is the new ground - air missile launcher Or strap this to the back of your plane instead of counter measures

  • doubled his sub count in under 3 years!

  • When a safety tie is not enough...

  • It is very interesting how this would look in fish eye mode.

  • His neighbours must be like: "da heck they doing over there

  • The milkman might love this bike

  • 1:42 Respect for the cameraman

  • You have the best bloody music!!!!!

  • British version of Katyusha :D

  • Some people refrain from flying or eating meat to save our delicate planet from dying out. And then there's this bloke with 3 minutes of cataclysmic magnesium mega death and atmosphere blistering mayhem. On balance I think fuck it I will have my beefburgers. Yum.

  • 10 million subscribers now, and not so much as a sparkler.

  • It’s crazy how in only 2 years, he’s DOUBLED his sub count. Good job dude!

  • ischats.info/fun/ncebeXmhZH6dm6o/v-deo Goo

  • Bom de +++++++++++

  • Did yall see his thumb???

  • ---- I ---- Gummmby ---------

  • You are an ABSOLUTELY amazing person!!!

  • This mans got an opressor mk1

  • 太棒了

  • I remember seeing something like this on Kung Fu Panda

  • Hooray🕺🏼💕

  • It atually turned to day for a brief moment :D

  • Call me boomer but while I find this entertaining I hope others do not repeat it. It is highly dangerous.

  • You make night to morning.

  • This is the best anti air machine

  • Lol

  • "Effie, what's with all that lightning out there?" "That Colin's at it again." "Ah. Pass the tea."

  • He has some EXTREME balance. How Though

  • He could sell it to people so they could haul stuff to the store but don’t have enough money to get a car,

  • Let’s give the cameraman credit for keeping up with the bike

  • Your this vedeo is in descovery

  • The ultimate katusha rocket launcher

  • Remember that time I nearly went through the pearly gates backwards on fire

  • Am I late for this channel?

  • Ha ha ha, this is Awesome!

  • Crazy man lol

  • When I have to take my bike to work but it’s the 4th of July

  • your nuts

  • When he has a saftey suit on but no helmet!

  • *america has entered the war* uk:

  • Can you do godly Music

  • Literally so much money in 5 secs

  • How much does the book cost

  • This is like one of those badass moments in movies when one of characters don't look on the explosion

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Colin,how many cameras did you put Colin: Yes

  • shit I laughed . .

  • Your sponge man's a little bit on fire there.

  • Nuclear fireworks at 100mil. Subs 😉

  • I like how half arsed the safety gear is ;) Also looks like Rick was in way more danger. I hope he got a cuppa after this ;)

  • Less than three years and you just reached 10 million. 1,000,000 fireworks? Yes.

  • hey colin, you should do a huge firework explosion with 10,000 fireworks when you reach 10m subscribers

  • Why does colin always shout? Answer: 1000 rockets.

  • Pretty cool lol

  • At this point 21th april 2020: 9.99mil

  • man you are a crazy person i love it you're insane

  • Step by step how to do a slow mo movie man cycling out of a blazing fire scene

  • Sen

  • 10m subscribers = bigger and better? 😂😅

  • What's the best protection for a thousand rockets? Colin: A sPoNgE

  • 10 millions subscribers => 10 millions rockets and Colin will be the first person on Mars! :D

  • For 10 Million subscribers: 50.000 fireworks!

  • Lets hope he does 1 million rockets for 10 mil subs

  • This man is heroic

  • you should open a museum with everything you made, with a video playing with each item!!!

  • Closing in on 10 mil. Can’t wait to see it

  • crazy !!!!!!

  • Colin...YOU'RE THE MAN!!!🤘

  • That was amazing!

  • Wow😅

  • OR SUIT?


  • Heard this from Scotland thought it was ww3

  • Every time I watch the launch of 1000 rockets I think that every rocket will choose a destination and they all would fly away and explode something

  • I can't wait to see what he has planned for 10 mil subs. He's almost there at 9.83 subs.

  • Eres un crak

  • Greta: We need to stop this right now- Colin: *No, I don't think I will*

  • Most of his video’s audio is just a bunch of emotional rock