Birt 27 jún 2019
To celebrate 8 Million Subscribers I'm making a GIANT Pendulum which I will get swinging then set off a Bat Ton of fireworks from it.
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  • 9:18 Error: Is Backwards The Song

  • When he doesn’t do fireworks for 9mil

  • "This thing rocks" oh hell no.

  • Looks like a big metal crop circle

  • Always looks the same age.

  • Please make a funky mini skatpark in your backyard

  • he got 2 million more subs in one year

  • والله انه مجنونننن

  • You’re a flatland bmx rider! Awesome :) Great skills! 👍

  • He's at 9 mil subs now

  • This kid is sick on a bike wtf 😲😲😲

  • I think the owner of the fireworks store is so happy everytime he see colin enter his store HAHAHA

  • Can we get a BMX video part please 😂

  • Videos 10/10 Music 2/10

  • 2:33 : donald duck, is that you?

  • He a crazy boi

  • Every million subscribers is the sweet treat to for Jimmy’s Fireworks LTD.

  • BMX skill level-100,0000% damn that's just......AMAZING😎

  • Hip hopersky Red sk 23 😀

  • Colin seems like he somehow has OCD, and ADD at the same time and they battle eachother constantly! His ADD and excitability make him act without thinking and then his OCD goes off and he realizes he's going to have to clean the mess up, and he can't not clean it up. When he's building, his childlike wonder and attention deficit says "Make Explodey thingyyy!" and his obsessive compulsive nature says "But we must make it tidy and presentable! Nicely ground welds, a clean paintjob and satisfyingly tight tolerances. It must be perfect." and the results are always spectacular! There is no one else as unique and skilled as Colin Furze and when he inevitably explodes himself, the world shall never see his like again.

  • Jimmy's Fireworks LTD is spam-botting this channel so he can sell more fireworks.

  • Colin is quite the freestyler... 😳

  • Lol that lift is way over 6 foot.

  • Make a double pendulum and put sparkles on it

  • save some pussy for us too pls

  • I aspire to be as cool as colin

  • Sick flatland skillz.

  • The largest colossal squid found in the sea was about 15 meters.

  • while other youtubers are busy planting trees colinfurze here is contributing to global warming. WoW! you really are crazy!

  • Put a motor and a side seat on that got your self a kinda looking booster ride

  • looks like a future project should be a motor for your roller XD

  • Good Morning! My name is Marcelino, I live in Brazil I filed a patent for a different internal combustion engine, it will be: rotary, 4 stroke, no leaking, no 2 stroke oil, no valves and controls, few moving parts. I think this engine will be more economical than otto cycle engines and more efficient than Wankel as it will not leak due to sealing rings. It's been 3 months since I filed a patent with INPI Brazil, but it is slow to get the patent. I need a partner / partner to make a small prototype, to see the actual performance of this engine and then commercialize this project / engine. At the moment I only have the autocad drawing in 2 and 3 dimensions. Prior to building a prototype, some mechanical software testing could be done to see performance, heat, wear, other Are you interested in participating in this project? neglect the errors, I did google translation

  • Your firework supplier must absolutely love you

  • How many times have you broken or damaged your door/window there?

  • Every mad inventor needs a friend like Tom Lamb. And it is raining during the roll bender use. Again!

  • This video was great until he rode the bmx and it just turned into an astounding video

  • Nice BMX skillz

  • Furze/ Fürze means fart ore farts in Germany 😂. Awesome videos 🤘🏼

  • How much money does this guy fukin make?

  • Is that an old S&M Warpig frame?

  • I love you

  • 0:01. "8 million subscribers!"

  • this is the best blueprint that i saw 2:10

  • Obi Wan Knievel, is that you?

  • Nobody can be stupid like the intelligent...... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't know about anybody else but I'm more impressed with his bug skills then anything

  • The editing gets better and better every video

  • Didn't know Colin could BMX.

  • Excited for this 8 mill display! Also, nice to see you're still savvy on the ol' BMX my dude! Any chance you can get you and your mates together for a flatland video? Be a nice change of pace. Not that I don't love the current content, but some killer BMX action would be awesome! Maybe put a Furze spin on it?

  • Bro why don’t you update garage Arrange all the tools and machines in an systematic order because they look clumsy Fans from India 🇮🇳

  • Simply You made simple pendulum

  • 8M subs and the music sections are still super loud or the dialogue sections are too quiet. That aside, keep up the amazing work

  • Wow

  • GIVE COLIN HIS OWN TV-SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donald Duck 2:33

  • 7:00 why not make it out of light wood? Swinging that heavy thing looks scary

  • That what my mom sound like 6:15

  • Lol Love the bmx breaks

  • Dang, he is super good with a BMX.

  • Which songs is this at 5:42

  • 10 million subscribers.... WERE MAKING A NUKE BOIS

  • We all know that collins on a list right.... seriously I'm sure 90% of the world have him in a watch list.

  • It’s crazy that after 8 million subs we still get to watch the same humble crazy engineer that he is. Usually after this manny subscribers ISchatsrs get all washed up and in it for the game and what not, but Colin is different and it’s amazing. Huge congrats I’ve watched him for ages and if anyone deserves it it’s him.

  • so talented

  • Colin got some mad bmx skills

  • 2:33 Colins is Donold duck LOL😂😂😂

  • The opposite of clickbait

  • In the firework shop his firework suit is in there

  • For 10 million make a double pendulum

  • Absolutely epic

  • Who knew......makes cool shit And can flatland....wish we were neighbors lol

  • The amount of gunpowder used by colin>the entire bombings of ww2

  • You should keep cutting in bmx clips to your videos, i thought that was great

  • Maybe he meant to say 60 feet?

  • Out of this world

  • Didn't know you could ride freestyle. That's badass. Anyway, congratulations, my dude.

  • Always wear a safety tie

  • Ur the best been subbed since 4K subscribers everyone watching plz sub to Colin let’s get him to 9million faster than 8 million

  • 2:33 Donald Duck?

  • Life goals: open a fireworks store close to Colin Furze, right when the channel is getting up to 10M. Retire, and live in luxury.

  • colin furze: turns out he's pretty amazing at street

  • Colin Furze: Epic Fireworks' Best Customer.

  • I always smile when I watch your videos. Thanks for that! And the BMX tricks, especially 4:10, are AWWWE-SOME!

  • nice loadall

  • So like is he gonna light it or what


  • the thing above the u makes it look like an ü and fürze means farts in german lol

  • please see this

  • What is the model name of your Etnies jacket? :P

  • I love that you still ride a bit of flatland. You should learn pedalling time machines and turn your pegs into flame throwers while doing turbines 😁 🤘

  • You Sir, have an excellent taste in music & congratulations 👍another milestone

  • Your montages are like A-Team episodes but real

  • I love these cool build montages and also that is some really good bike tricks


  • Colin’s the kind of person when you say “can you do...” Colin: “ *say no more I’m on it* “

  • Nothing like fireworks on the 4th of July, but also from the best British inventor I know! Good show SIR Colin.

  • happy 8million subs!!!👍

  • Oh wow i never learned the tailwip

  • Colin: *walks into firework shop Shop owner: "how many do you want" Colin "I'll take your entire stock"

  • You need to post more please!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭😭😭