TurboJet Scooter build #1-Jet/Chassis

Birt 27 sep 2018
Taking an old turbo and making a jet engine then strapping it to a custom built Furze Scooter...........here we go.
Part 2 here ischats.info/fun/ksadZKeYXmWedXg/v-deo
Due to my Broken Finger this project has taken a bit longer to finish and with a few twists along the way stay tuned to see the results.
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  • Here we go, Check out my Instagram account for updates as its looking amazing with all the bits on instagram.com/realcolinfurze/

  • What music do you use collin? You always have punk rockish music going on in your videos. I love watching you build but i also love your music taste

  • My favorite thing about your channel? The music!

  • 5 years ago he done the video on how to do all those measurements, and 5 years later its still all on his wall in the background. LMAO

  • Turbo needs positive oil pressure to push it through the bearings inside otherwise it would just burn up

  • With the amount pf injuries you have gotten its a good thing youre not living in the us

  • The outlet doesn't need negative pressure because the inlet has preassure. Just like any automotive oiling system there is positive pressure that moves the oil then channels that guid it. Once it all travels back to the pump the pump picks it up again and continues the cycle.

  • Can you imagine Colin making something safe!!

  • Make a hove er. Scooter

  • 0:44 it that so it goes stututututututu

  • You have very good tools

  • What'd you do to that finger Colin!? lol I'm getting the stuff together to build one of there this week. Ima put it on my channel as my first video that doesn't suck lol

  • How is 1 English guy tinkering in his garage far more entertaining than anything mainstream TV produces?

  • Gotta love this guy's enthusiasm

  • Nothing like an English Engineer top marks nice one

  • Strange question maybe, but seeing as you've got kids especially, how do you clean up all the metal shavings? Only asking because I noticed in another video the shed isn't off limit to your son. They always seem to find them smallest bits of whatever and pick them up!

  • love the music

  • Why is nobody talking about his finger!!? My god Colin

  • Everyone just feels with the music until he starts talking again

  • Yessss since 2006 literally the year i started using ISchats, 05/06 and yeah takes me back good old days, that's what you remind me of those good times

  • Brilliant

  • So, how did you learn all of this engineering?

  • The guardian angel assigned to his little pinky took a day of.

  • And he uses the metric system 😍

  • His videos basically have my music playlist 😅

  • Can someone tell me what the second song is? I’ve tried finding it. But struggled. Cheers

  • Хочю такую турбину

  • Those Ryobi 1+ power tools are nearly indestructible aren't they? I've got a bunch of them myself.

  • ischats.info Look this

  • Are we going to ignore the fact that colin has great taste in music.

  • At 12:16 you look a bit like Boris Johnson

  • yeet

  • Has anybody noticed that he still has the same calculations on that whiteboard as in the video from 5 years ago?

  • As long as you r wearing such a safety tie, then just go on, invest your ideas & enjoy ur life. A military salutes from Yemen to you Colin.

  • My dad hates fast vehicles so this is the PERFECT vehicle for him! not really...

  • Such perseverance

  • If you don’t have the hands for TIG, could you do this with MIG?

  • Just shove a Ram Jet Engine in that scooter to go Mac 5 with full after burner engaged. You will never be late again!

  • You are always very awesome🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Add gaseous oxygen input and a de laval nozzle to turn it into a rocket engine.

  • It’s 03:58 I thought I was gonna go to sleep Brain says Colin furze though. Lol.

  • 0:358

  • Colin was boring in the wrong year he is what makes Britain great a man in a shed

  • can you be my online teacher

  • Awesome talent

  • I love how he's still so enthusiastic even after smashing his finger

  • you deserve a program at Discovery, I'm from Brazil and watch your videos directly

  • 8:15, A new addition for the Oxford Dictionary; “ One Colin Long “, Abbr; description for an item of indeterminate length. 😀

  • I am only using the colin system of measurement now, this is how a conversation would go, "excuse me what is your recommendation of length on metal for a firework rocket launcher? Oh about 1/4 colin long is what i used"

  • How many BMX's does he go through?

  • Furze's music taste is like 30% of his success

  • I immediately subc. your channel, don't forget subc. also my channel

  • Sir please take me for your assistant.

  • Top

  • It's not fair. You didn't have any helmet

  • Weldingporn

  • I always love jamming to these tunes.

  • Dude you saw how yellow his teeth looked

  • Oil drop from the turbo is not under pressure , to stop cavitation , if you get air going back into the tank, it will cause air bubbles to form in the hot oil, this will cause problems on the pickup side , and possibly cause oil starvation..👍

  • Put a turbo in a rc car with fire

  • 9.99m subs. So if click subscribe now & refresh...

  • Hands down best channel on ISchats!

  • your son is lucky to have a dad like u wish i couldve be able to make things with mine

  • I now understand My Girlfriend laughing while saying "I'm not even half a Colin long". That hurt.

  • Colin is a Fkn genius and people still don't like his magic. Poor People.

  • do yo think he knowed he is using the wrong side of the ruler???


  • 1:26 sex???

  • How many bikes has Colin chewed through in all his experiments

  • If he didn't have his safety tie, he could have broken more fingers.

  • Turbonun yağlaması nerden olacak

  • You should of got a twin terbo

  • Okay I’m impressed where do you get this knowledge? Like bruh

  • Seriously You've built a vehicle for an engine You haven't even tested yet, no single run? :D

  • Wizardry!

  • The most satisfying thing to watch was when he checked out that tubing...... Everything after that have me a headache..... But befok..... Cape Town

  • Hi Colin, it's great what you do! Bravo!!! How do you put oil pressure on the turbo?

  • when you're not big on safety: yeah so i broke my finger so my project has been slowed down a bit

  • It's gonna burn your rear wheel tyre bro. Pluss stering and handlebar are pretty low

  • If I had all that equipment which probably costs a hell of a lot I would easily made this jet scooter and a wide range of other cool stuff which all would be illegal to use in the public domain. And therefore more or less being useless.

  • Dad where's my BMX ? FWWHOOOOOOOOSHSM 🔥🔥🔥

  • Wish I discovered this channel sooner - awesome

  • Mantap

  • I have to ask, do you ever make many mistakes and have to attempt another initial practical engineering attempt? Only as I for one would have to do numerous attempts lol. Great video once again.

  • @colinfurze. I’m a MECHANICAL ENGINEERING undergrad student. Your videos inspire me. How did you learn/study physics and such?

  • one colin long lol 😂

  • Нехрена не понял но поугорал.

  • Your skill level is very impressive, what’s your background Colin.

  • I love that Colin had never once, even when he broke his finger, said “maybe this isn’t a great idea after all”

    • Of course cause all of his inventions are genius and 100% safe. 😂

  • I like the way you connect metal tubing together especially when you use a circular tooth drill bit to make a half circle, that is the coolest way I’ve ever seen.

  • make another but with a huge edf

  • So cool

  • Ok, now make a jet powered Mach 20. Scooter.

  • Owned a DRZ 400. I knew I liked this guy...

  • a real engineer ffing a1.🎖


  • Turbos and neck ties...Bad idea.

  • Long live the great british inventor we are not worthy colin thanks mate

  • Nice welding my friend....!im loving your hole saw set up

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