Birt 28 maí 2020
Can I Learn to fly a JET SUIT so I can get that Back to the Future Hoverboard Experience.
Thanks to @Gravity Industries for the time and training it was a brilliant experience all round. To find out more about everything they do or to have a go your self check out the links below.
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  • What an experience that was, flying a jet suit really is as cool as it sounds. What else would you like to see me do with the Suit, maybe make an attachment etc. Let me know. Thanks to Gravity for making this happen.

    • I feel like you working with the hacksmith's blueprints, he built this way before

    • I want to see you flying and say I'm iron man

    • Msee bana unakuanga tu ukiweza

    • @KING LYCAN good idea

    • Add two thrusters to the feet or to a hoverboard with this into the mix

  • Love a DeLorean!

  • That looks like Chad wild clays Delorean that’s so weird does that mean Joseph Banks is Colinfurze he also has a British accent!

  • 0:25 gives me serious shigaraki vibes

  • You could have invented this first if you have the idea first; keep working on invention until it is perfect. I think those gravity jet suits are now commercially available. This could have been your invention.

  • Yes i want u to modify the suit

  • And I thought jet packs weren’t real

  • 😀😀😀👏👏👏👏🇧🇷

  • 4:44 the cwc delorean!?!??

  • $40.000 is a bit much for the gravity experience

  • Hi Colin, just seen a group on you tube which you may be aware of "Hacksmith Industries " They made an actual hover board after watching just had a thought you could collaborate and break another record by putting one of your jets on it and flying down a track. What do you think?

  • this guy is living in 3021

  • Add more engines to that suit I want to see what would happen

  • Awesome!

  • build a new special car bro :)

  • PLEASE COLIN FURZE YOU MUST MADE JET SUIT AND I BUY IT FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLASE I LOVE FLYING!!!!

  • This looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! I wish I could have tried that out too! 😍😃 I'm a huge fan of Dr. Who, can you make anything from that series that would be fun to make and work with? I know you can't make a Tardis, but maybe make a Dalek?? 😁🤓

  • go higherrrr like way higher

  • I want you to try and make yourself a flying car

  • Can you try going higher?

  • that is so cool

  • *I need 1 now to school*

  • I've been watching you since 2006, and I try not to anymore, because every time I do, I start down a wormhole!! :)

  • I can imagine what the movie would have been like if it was set in Britain

  • Which weapon would you build to destroy your biggest enemy, the hacksmith?

  • The Future is here. It always was.

  • Can you create a iron man suit?🎅

  • Collabs with the hacksmith

  • This is awesome

  • Aspettiamo ora che te ne vai sulla luna 🤣

  • phucking awesome, cant wait 4 a mass produced legit hoverboard

  • "I just need to learn a new skill" he said. I was expecting a SkillShare ad. I got a flying Furze. I.... dunt know which of those i should be more afraid of. o.o;;

  • The abundant comma endosonographically spot because bubble proximately trip despite a spotty accelerator. deafening, dizzy lunch

  • I think they forced you to wear that helmet hehe.

  • Iron man mark .. Ya know what who cares it's cool

  • I love back to the future

  • He looks exactly like fred weasley

  • hot-tub time machine??

  • You should do what you did with the landspeeder with mirrors and stuff

  • Haha noob, why don't you just change to creative mode?

  • You are man of crazy inventions from fast vehicles to freaking hoverbikes but yet you haven't made your own jetpack yet?

  • Has a TV station picked this guy up? He's a natural!

  • Modify the suit and make a hovercraft out of it.

  • Jet pack go brrRRRrrRRrrr

  • Anyone else seeing that future where jet suits like these are the norm and everyone uses them as if it was just another way of transport? Would be kinda cool.

  • And now the hardest part.... trying to edit out the jet pack

  • Were I live it has the real one

  • 1. Google Wormholes. 2. Government boss Boris Johnson. 3. Government address 10 downing Street London. 4. Write a letter to government saying there should be time travel police. When time machines are invented.

  • i love it and your videos

  • getting rich kids problems furze? '' I'm learning to fly a jet-powered hoverboard and my DeLorean is too pristine'' LOL!

  • I haven't watched you in a while I forgot that your videos had so much better music than 99% of videos on youtube

  • It's only a matter of time before Colin builds his own bloody jet flying suit out of old bits of pipe and bmx parts innit.. Lol. X

  • #furze

  • WORKSPACE - ISchats

  • you need to race that

  • Cool idea. But.That was so safe, it's bordering on boring. Tethered flight is not exactly a Forze invention.. 1000hp is ridicolous when you think about old 4 seater prop planes have 100. Hoverbike!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Where can i buy a jet suit?

  • 2:53 yeah I can fly -Tony Stark

  • That is not a delorean its a deluxo

  • That + wing suit + parachute + breathing mask =higher altitude flight

  • I know this might just be an ordinary comment, but thank you for all this you do, it makes me feel so much better!!!

  • 이사람은 cg를 실사판으로 하네 ㅋㅋ

  • he is the next Rick from rick and morty and he is the great inventions from dangerous stunts and homemade jackass


  • you are cool

  • I would LOVE to see the Delorean time machine. Like if you agree with me. 👇

  • Colin became a flying pixie! I knew he could do it. In all seriousness Thats pretty cool how hard was it to learn?

  • Colin can fly!!

  • Imagine Colin, Michael and Mark build something together.

  • I love you creates☺☺☺☺☺

  • Did u sell that to chad wild clay

  • Oh crap, he can fly now. DO NOT get on this man's bad side!

  • Wonder what mileage this thing gets.. and I also wonder why I don't have one.

  • 8:08 are we gonna ignore the 3 deloreans

  • defo more jetsuit

  • We’re in survival while he’s in creative

  • back to the futrue

  • There's also a hover skateboard out there via magnets... it is also big and bulky.

  • The mark 1

  • Make a flying bike with those tiny jet engines. One that actually uses handlebars (not RC levers) for control of the flying bike (just like a bike). Maybe handlebars that is mechanically linked to RC levers. I want to try the handlebar idea (the cheap way) and use a small quadcopter instead. But if that works a full size flying bike might work with the handlebars. One suggestion is to have the handlebar movement limited and heavily sprung (and works by force more than movement). Push handlebars forward and it's all ahead forward etc. and works the same in all directions (including up and down). And a twisting force steers. Those jet engines are expensive but there are no expensive batteries needed. Just put fuel in and go.

  • Yeah, get good at it and then experiment. You could dress up as super heros, like Superman and Iron Man and make it real. Imagine dressed up in full getup, then flying like Superman or Iron Man near a crowd, like near a beach.

  • how can anyone dislike this


  • With those first attempts, he looked like a puppet on a string.

  • I thought he was going to make the board fly...

  • Nice 👍

  • Safety tie AND a helmet... One for the historie book.

  • We're all thinking....You spastic

  • HOLY SH#T!

  • those jet suits should be the only thing allowed to run on fossil fuels

  • Kindly build a hoverboard with jet engines in below the board just like zapata ..... Would love to see that on your channel ❤️❤️❤️

  • Props to safety cable for not breaking

  • Dude you are the COOLEST dude ever!

  • Colin skates regular!!! ❤️

  • I feel like this is about how it’d look on the prototype testing of actual hoverboards haha

  • Does anyone know how much would it cost to try flying that jet suit?

  • You should make a flying car because if you can make any thing you can make it it will be cool

  • For me air board (zapata fly board) is more easier to control compared to that jet suit

  • Make a XenoMorph

  • YES team furze sign me up waver and all .!!