Weaponised Homemade Screwtank

Birt 8 okt 2020
Its Finished and what a Project........
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See How I built it
Making the Screws ischats.info/fun/fqSMnJioaqKrl3g/v-deo
Chassis and drivetrain ischats.info/fun/Ydaad6N-nYKMlGc/v-deo
Hydraulics ischats.info/fun/nZSPiaqSYoqLc64/v-deo
First Test ischats.info/fun/hdh9f5RekGSsams/v-deo
Making it Float ischats.info/fun/XZycaGljk5ykdq4/v-deo
Making The SEMI Auto Cannon ischats.info/fun/k6Waq4WiqnmmY64/v-deo
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  • There we have to Furze Screwtank, been a good project this, so what other vehicles projects would you like to see come out the Colin Furze Shed.......

    • Yeah

    • How about a submarine?

    • yay this is beautliful

    • can you build a functioning Terminator made out off metal or stainless steel...

    • A full panzer battalion including but not limited to a resurrected romel

  • Wait sponsored by world of tanks not cross out?

  • looks like u are ready for civilian war

  • love this

  • America " We carry guns around for our safety." Him in England " I needed a permit for my homemade tank:("

  • キャタピラがぐにゃぐにゃになりそうな気がw

  • maybe more surface area in the blades of the screws would make it move faster and more efficiently?

  • world war 3 leaked fottage

  • Now you need a front for it


  • I am building a treded go cart thingie and I don't know what motors to get for it and where to buy the motors... Have any sugestions?

  • "How to make it faster?" Consider: Jet engine.

  • the corn dog likes your vids

  • The UK Army is going to hire you for the next tank builder

  • Mark rober vs Colin furze I need it

  • I cant believe that he put homing rockets onto this

  • Fallout 3 Chimera tank

  • He may be English, but he has the blood of an American.

  • Not be a bother. But this is a tank, with the front open, the most exposed part? Might wanne make a quick door on that colin😂

  • The clip with Kid Furze driving the tank on your lap at 3:00 as just adorable. The little maniacal laugh was great.

  • Make an exosuit that you can actually wear and smash stuff...

  • 3:29 Wehrmacht forces for the Ardennes Offensive ,1944 - Colorized.

  • Very impressive, but can you make a bob semple tank?

  • This is why gun laws confuse me. A tiny handgun is super illegal, but a giant tank with a flamethrower and cannon is a-ok

  • When I return from Vietnam: 4:53

  • Nice i like it

  • Cooooolll🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😝😝😝

  • You are so amazing..I absolutely adore you lol. What a brilliant man! I want you with my team when the zombie apocalypse comes lol.

  • can you make a harpoon gun for your screw tank


  • Colin's definitely on a few watch lists that's for sure

  • I love the flamethrower! That is badass!

  • how can we get it on nitro type?

  • cool

  • you or hack smith should attempt to make a vehicle that walks. 2 or 4 legs. try it out and show us how it goes🤷🏼‍♂️

  • man is havin some fun

  • This guy doing some fire and accidentally burn the dead wood

  • I always love your work and my dad loves it too and my name is Georgina🦄🤗😻🤟🏻👧🏻

  • Wait... the potato gun needed a certification but the flamethrower was OK?

  • Hey Colin I found this vintage screw tank footage. Thought you might like to see a very fast screw tank. Could be your next challenge? ischats.info/fun/daWkgnuriopmgow/v-deo

  • make a door for it incase you get hit bya tank;]

  • 4:33 is that rumble's new skin?

  • to make it truly all terrain you have to add retractable wheels lol

  • yes

  • Crossout irl

  • it has colinfurze army on it can we see more army themed things

  • just make a mini tank with a turret on top that basically shoots apples so its not illegal and give it actual tank treads whatever they are called so its faster its 3 in the morning i havent slept in days send help

  • This is how forest fires start

  • build a fire supression system

  • 불나겟다..

  • people are scared of wildfires in forests even though they arent near them but now i can feel their fear

  • Europe: "guns are illegal here" Colin: "WeAPoNiSeD sCReW TAnK"


  • Tank rolls out of British garden shed, government starts having P.A. Ludy flashbacks.

  • The people unliking there messed up cause Colin spends alot a time


  • I want to make a verry simple vehicle which dose not take a lot of effort or time what should I make?

  • amazing

  • He should make a season where he makes soten that takes a year

  • Ok, now put a jet engine in the tank!

  • Looks like the one Henry Ford made back in the day. Awesome. 🎅👍

  • Bruh if this guy worked for the government he would probably make a transformer💀😆

  • Potato cannons would be illegal in England

  • Try boost power with jet engines and rocket boosters?

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if they made a rocket to Jupiter

  • American wants to know your location

  • That thing is sick brother.. love it..bi want one.. min7s the weapons. Ill add An M4 to it lol

  • I didn't search for that but im glad i found it but im seriously worried by the mental sanity of this guy

  • how to become like you????

  • what a super talentent guy!

  • How about a Star Wars AT-AT or the Exo rig Ripley was in fighting the Mother Alien?

  • British people be like...

  • Can you do a video on how you got a certification for a potato launcher 🤣

  • Colin committing war crimes with that flamethrower lol

  • Other thing to do is front doors

  • Stalin would be proud

  • All i can say is mini screwtank drones

  • Yeah make it faster was one major improvement i was thinking

  • I love the apple cannot its coll

  • Give it a V8 engine

  • Fallout 3 - Operation Anchorage.

  • Thats the awesome tank i never seen before

  • That tank is good for world war 3

  • So, any bets on how long until he makes a spidertank?

  • Ahhh UK weapon laws: Apple Cannon = Nuh-uh! Licencing needed, that thing could damage something. Trebuchet with 3t counterweight = By all means go ahead, perfectly legal! (I may or may not have looked up the requirements for owning/firing a trebuchet a year or two ago)

  • ischats.info/fun/Y9ONf2GpnmWtpYg/v-deo

  • With a bit more tweak here & there, that could be a practical one man tank..

  • why just why you are gonna cause forest fires not a good video man badddddddd

  • Put a train horn on it!

  • Killdozer pt 2

  • "Breaking News: Man starts forest fire with homemade tank armed with apple cannon and flamethrower..."

  • And that was how the world burned son

  • Breaking news, mad englishman makes hame made tank capable of combat

  • if this man had access to ammunition and guns😬

  • Why are you laughing, don't you feel sorry for the trees? The trees are alive too!

  • So thats how the British once ruled the world

  • Im still waiting for the armour.

  • A man and his tank!

  • That cannon is legal in America lol

  • I love how the only time he's wearing a helmet is one of the times he's least at risk of getting hurt