How to Make an Auto Nerf Trigger System "Colin Furze Book Project #1"

Birt 31 ágú 2017
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Fire your Nerf Blaster from a switch so you can be round the corner or even in another room, this simple project is 1 of 10 from my new book "This Book Isn't Safe" which is out on sept 7th.
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  • “When it’s de-pressed” line in the whole video. 😂👍

  • How many kids do you have

  • Robbers like👁️👄👁️

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  • XD I have read your book

  • Pubg Be like: banned from the game

  • Nice Rapidstrike

  • NARF WAR!!

  • Couldn't that be done with a relay inside the gun?

  • I want to buy your book I love in postfalls Idaho in the USA what would the total be for u.s $$

  • Next thing you need is an automatic magazine replace

  • Colin builds a gun brace


  • Wait, hold up. Nerf guns are legal in the UK??

  • Collin make a remote controlled nerf turret

  • Nice introduction to the modding community. Different from most mods but still a mod

  • do you have a video/book that details a gas-cannister powered water gun?

  • Imagine this hooked up to Mark Rober's nerf gun. Wonder which would win in a fight

    • Benjamin Cutts Mark Roberts cuz his shoots giant bullets

  • I thought he was drilling the battery to the wood

  • Первый руский комент

  • The chanle is good but music is bad

  • Gallipoli (colourized).

  • Oh God he has a gun

  • What could be inside that unsafe book

  • I have that exact nerf gun lol

  • Okay somebody please tell me I'm not the only one that at 4:20 who went to blow saw dust of the boart

  • You need this on the screw tank!!

  • This video needs an update. Automated sentry gun version (think Aliens).

  • Will you make a flick hammer

  • Most people have toilet roll. But not in todays world

  • Wait... who is whispering here: 0:28

  • Calling can you build a security car

  • Make another one with a finger scanner at your garage door and if so ones there who cant be the door opens a little hatch and fires bbs at them.

  • Was this demonized or does he not monetize his videos

  • Do u really need the book if these videos are on youtube?

  • if its an electric gun all you have to do is go to walmart pick up a super cheap RC car then take out the chip, open the gun and put the chip inside. wire it up and then put it back together, its much easier to put electric nerf guns back together. use the remote for the car to fire

  • Disconnect gun

  • 0:26 did any1 here the whisper repeating Colin??

  • 1:58 "Hanging out the back seems to work with all models." I'm sure it does... :-)

  • Did anyone else hear a second voice talking with Colin?

  • No more going to school, everything should be online learning, furze is the perfect DT teacher

  • :))))👍

  • "But everyone has toilet roll!" this didn't age well

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  • "You all have a toilet roll!" Well.. about that..

  • And my parents don't allow me to only POINT on any creature with my nerv. I am 13

  • I don’t think everyone has toilet paper rolls😉

  • @11:28 do we all have toilet roll though Colin? Do we?

  • 11:16 The Coronavirus happened...can you show us how to do it with a pipe?

  • How about a firework nerf gun

  • Dad: Son, I need your nerf. Son: Why dad?

  • Make one for your ak47s from the tuk tuk

  • This is probably illegal here in Canada, our laws are ridiculous.

  • Did yall hear that whispering, 0:28

  • Why is this the only video you use a helmet in?

  • Imma using this in Iran

  • Proyect is Good. But rotatory is better.

  • No me gusta

  • So why didnt you just pop open the blaster and wire the new momentary switch in lieu of the original trigger switch? there is an electrical button switch just behind the trigger. still a fun video lol.

  • My 7 year old son has a question for Colin: we can see how your kids use this setup, but how do YOU use it? 🔫❓

  • Who is wispering??????

  • This would be awesome for nerf wars if modified

  • Be a shame if someone replaced that nerf gun with something else Like a squirt gun, what did you think I ment?

  • You can also add motors to up and down ,right and left

  • The only reason we clicked on this is to see it function. Not the build.

  • Will you make another book Colin

  • So, i know this video is quite old, and this comment will never be seen. Im not sure if its a joke or not but does anyone else hear the repeated whispers after he names the wood and screws at the begining of the video? 0:23

  • If my electronics engineering professors saw your wiring, they'd be having heart attacks. That being said, you could replace the button with an ultrasonic sensor or pressure switch.

    • You should check out videos from LordDraconical he modified nerf guns to be better. More than just this he makes them shoot harder and faster two. Paints them. And or gives a different mod

  • UMP 45😂😂

  • If the three tikes in the video are yours and your wife's I'm going to say that at some point or another during the day you've got your hands full!!!

  • need remote base you turn with servos

  • use wire nuts and a drop of solder to join wires

  • add nerf drum mag for ammo

  • People not realising nerf modding is a legitimate hobby.

  • Make a better one with a go pro on the sight and motors to chang the angle and direction

  • Wtf is with the whispering at 0:25

  • I love his British accent

  • Thats actualy prety useless Its like a prof consept

  • Some tape some string all inside this happy meal

  • Why not "rubberband" the second trigger? that way both triggers can be pulled with the same servo.

  • This is the sort of guy that you would call a mad genius

  • What that sound is it a 0:28

  • There is someone whispering things to Colin, who is he/she?

  • lol. 0:24 Colin forgot to remove the audio from the video after dubbing over in post. Can hear him whispering in my left ear.

  • Can this be used with a real gun?

  • rip maplin 8:26

  • Build a bigger mag for it

  • I d

  • Add hydraulics so you can actually aim

  • 8:24 It's a shame Maplin doesn't exist anymore 😕 Everything is much cheaper and more variety on eBay

  • You're play fornite

  • Who is whisperingg😂

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  • You should make some Error soft turret like thing

  • when you bought a chair in IKEA

  • This man’s intro is just insane much better than those minecraft intro’s

  • Would a old camera teypod work for the base?

  • The second string can still be used if you put a spring on it somewhere so it can be over extended