Extreme Bed Shaker - Voice Activated Wake Up Machine

Birt 5 apr 2018
GET OUT OF BED!!!!! Now you just have to shout to get them out haha.
Here is the bed shaker installed on my son's bed which he wanted switching on 24/7 as its like a fairground ride.
I also have Voice activated Fire but due to the bad weather the video is not finished but hopefully won't be long.

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  • Hi Internet, I was hoping to release the fire on demand video as well but UK people will know that the weather for the last 2 weeks has just been awful and as its an outside device the vid anti finished but it doesn't matter as I've turned masons bed into a fairground ride in his mind haha. see you in the next video

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    • that was really funny when you invented a bed machine that was really funny to see the kid on the bed just going back and forth on the bed that is activated by Alexa good invention

    • I cant be the only one who heard "WANKER!!" ar 00:12 :D

    • When going out use your gas powered umbrella always helps, a and nice phone ya got

  • lol imagine breaking your hips and back and crushing your skull aswell for the electric clothing hazard............................. nonexistant lmaoooo

  • No ❤️ because that bed will get slapped

  • Where can I buy one

  • Kekw

  • ' haha funny ???... shake bed might be getting hurt the boy's arm / leg from the wall... then not funny

  • You folks have CPS over there? Musta swung round by now.

  • 0:24 the house when my dad snores

  • Its all fun and games until someone slams there head in to the wall

  • I will not show this video to my mom's and dad

  • Bich that’s a while earthquake

  • Who are the 1K people who don't like this video with no sense of humor, this is brilliant!

  • This is kind of cruel ngl

  • I came her for plot

  • I got a star wars ad that started out with the lucasfilm logo and my dumb ass thought this was really made by them for a second

  • That sharp table close to his head... I don't know, man!

  • I think the location of that book cabinet next to the bed is pretty dangerous (your son could easily hit his head with it, especially with that shaking bed...).

  • Honestly.. I would still be sleeping

  • F a r t n I t e

  • Whos here from kraccbacc's video "Fartnite gone?"

  • Now you´ll never get him out of bed.

  • fartnite gone

  • I think my sister has that bed

  • I have chronic fatigue where do I buy one

  • when an earthquake hits your bed in 100 magnitude 0:25

  • I need this for my little brother

  • time to sleep on the floor again

  • 0:25

  • 0:23

  • Should make a car speaker

  • This would definitely get me up

  • The son was already aweak

  • Dis Looks so fake😂

  • Lmao

  • I was not thinking that

  • omg no

  • Are you sure that not torcher

  • thats so dumb, i wanna have 3

  • dude what if your kid hit's their head on the wall, this is a major safety hazard.

  • 0:59 "Did a full 180"

  • i think i should not show this to my mom

  • Just get a dog to sleep next to you. They force you to wake up so they can go outside early in the morning. Works with me everytime. Never fails.

  • that could give somebody a heart attack

  • PLSSZBZJDJDKSBSJD Look at all of those cracks his phone has💀

  • Time to wake up time

  • do that to babies, they love it

  • Is it just me or is it all English people making weird videos

  • that actually looks fun

  • Should I sub or sub or surd

  • One of these times he will hit his head on something

  • for someone thats lives in nz and has alot of earthquakes; and has felt the 7.8 kaikora earthquake dam this is a nightmare (that first sentence is me)

  • 1:17 rip phone

  • FATHER: SON WAKE UP WAKE UP IS TIME FOR CHURCH son: *sleeping* Zzzzzzz Father: ALEXA WAKE SON UP alexa: Ok Bed: *shake shake shake shake it shake shake shake it SOn: ALRIGHT SLRIGHT ALRIGHT FATHER I AM UP I AM UP!!!!!!!

  • sell this

  • *"kid hits head on shelve"*

  • Your son goes to school every time and the teachers and the students ask your son why he always has bruises and ask him whether he is being beaten by his parents and the son replies no, I am woken up from my bed shudder 😂

  • “White parents don’t beat their kids” White parents:

  • Wait. 🤢 is gone. 0:24

  • And what you do if ya kid sleep & you turn on the shaker so he smack his head into the table near by the bed bro that’s dangerous!!! I like your videos so much

  • What a dumb dad RIP SON

  • Id surf with the shaking bed if i had it

  • My mon just opened every window an took away my blanket, worked every time

  • The phone 😶😶1:15

  • M9.0❗😂😂😂👏👏👏〽️〽️〽️

  • -kid falls down and dies-

  • you ok

  • Serious case of “Shaking baby sendrome”

  • I need this

  • I swear my mum would buy this no mater the price I’m 13 btw

  • Well I’ve given him a concussion and he has brain damage but at least he’s up for school

  • Why does he have the same bed sheets as me?

  • You mean he will never sleep again

  • Yeah imma just stick to the floor then

  • that couldnt wake me up

  • Is this safe?

  • I don't think thats healthy for the child :

  • my parents have that

  • That thing can't wake me tf up on a saturday morning lol

  • いつか死ぬな

  • Someone else who thought that the bed would shake in a vibrating way?

  • wow the best dad ever.... ....i think............

  • That wood be so annoying

  • He just wants some sleep D=

  • When your father is Albert einstein

  • Imagine if that continues and he gets flung across the room it wont be funny anymore with 7 concussions

  • rip and tear

  • Where can you find this bed its for school

  • hahahaahha

  • Stupid ASF

  • This can result in a cuncussion

  • why was i reccomended this just today

  • I, I.... I want one

  • I would run away from my family if they had this in my bed

  • How too fake a earth quake Step one:

  • 1:24 Lmao

  • was anyone else extremely anxious about the kid hitting his head on the table?

  • Isn’t that your parents bed

  • this is something i need

  • grap another metras

  • wtf