Making a Handheld Air Cannon Steampunk/Powerfull

Birt 8 feb 2018
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So like a potato Gun but has interchanagable nozzles, variable pressure and looks way better than some bits of drain pipe.
Next video will see how much fun it is.
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  • hi colin. do you have a blueprint for making the potato launcher. it is very difficult to see and know how you making it in the video. thanks

  • drill vice how to make

  • Colin, once again i want to commend you on your brilliance & resourcefulness. At 4:06 you showed how you bent a piece of aluminum into a bracket using 3 chunks of steel, magnets & a vice. 4 folds in one go. I've done that using wide vice-grips, 1 fold at a time, but never again. Thank you for that fantastic tip. Now I just need a big-ass mechanic's vice :-)

  • I could really binge watch Collins videos if it wasn’t for the obnoxiously loud grunge rock

  • You are great

  • Drill=mini pump=air pump not a manual hand pump


  • his lab is just amazing. anyone in 2020

  • Uau!!! Muito bom 👏👏👏👏

  • Don't they use butterfly valves on V8 OHV Air intakes?

  • In Germany you Need a weapon license for that -.-

  • Ud almost think it was a sponsored video by a company who make butterfly valves

  • 4:10 I love how his son just randomly appears in videos.

  • Hi

  • First: Collin if you read this : you really should go to bed, you can't read 1690 reactions on every video. Secondly: you are a genius which is mostly obvious in your "simplest" builds like the NERF gun, i've never seen someone sand a screw terminal before and I love you for it. Third, wouldn't it be awesome to make a flame thrower out of a fire extinguisher?

  • He should do the air cannon with liquid nitrogen

  • Amazing ideas .cool man...

  • This is obviously a technology demonstrator for the ODM gear from Attack on Titan that he's building.

  • Need more videos colin

  • Make an oxygen sonic boom grenade

  • пиздато, очень круто

  • You are engineer

  • Кто русский

  • Love it but it could probably have benefited both in function and aesthetic from a forward horizontal handle.

  • Kabaneri anyone?

  • Nobody: Colin: *shoots with air on an jacket and laughs when it flies away*

  • You should make a sensory activity gun.

  • Any Manley-Man Cannon requires flames and explosions. colinfurze pussyed out this time.

  • 5:22 "Preasure" I think you meant pressure xP

  • wouldn't it be easier to use a solenoid valve rather than a butterfly and a air piston?

  • A longer barrel would be more effective.

  • Tip for people who wanna do this with a gas bottle empty the gas put then fill it with water and then empty the water so when you weld it it won't explode in your face

  • industrial level

  • Cool but I think it would have been better to source air pressure for the valve from the tank itself. The improved packaging and design efficiency would outweigh the slight loss in power.

  • Much better colin you use fuel as a propellant

  • Ты просто инженерный псих!!! и это круто!!!

  • Does brilliant even cover how amazing this is?

  • Great😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • this is really dangerous... playing with compressed air can cost your life!

    • Somebody doesn't get the point of this channel, eh?

  • Imagine breaking into this guys house, trying to rob him, and he peaks around a corner with a fucking potato cannon and dinks you in the nose.

  • Could you please advise what the wires were for? I assume it was and electronic release value ?

  • 2 things 1. NEVER wear gloves or any loose clothing when it comes to mills and lathe's (or any other power tool) as in the blink of an eye it'll pull you in the cause life changing injuries 2. ALWAYS wear safety glasses when it comes to mills, lathe's and power tools but especially mills and lathe's as without you even realising you'll end up with a 100oC's bit of swarf, flying into your eye at Mach 1. Which will end up with your eye turning into jelly and loosing in whilst getting an infection at the same time due to the cutting oils, mill scale, rust, etc Trust me, I'm not a "this one 6" step needs a risk assessment, working from heights ticket, someone who's qualified to erect it, PPE, etc" person. But I know common sense and some of the things you've done in the past and in this video have been proper dodgy! I was working on a site once and the image has been burnt into me for life! There was a bloke who was deburring some steel with a 9" wire wheel on an angel grinder. He was wearing all the correct PPE as it was a bank in London before you ask. He finished cleaning all of the edges of, took his PPE off and saw one tiny bit he missed. So, he started the grinder up, touched the bit of metal and a wire broke off and lodged DEEP into his eye. It must have need close to 10mm and I'm not sure of the outcome, weather be lost his eye or not I'm not sure but one thing was for sure. He ended up getting the sack and no sick pay because he took his PPE off. So, because he could be bothered to put his glasses and face mask on (10ish seconds), he's shit out for the rest of his life!! Don't you worry. I've done stupid stuff in the past, but after seeing that pic, something changed inside me and thought. "It's not worth it". Please take note, as one day something might happen and you'd of though "naaa, it'll be alright. I'll just quickly chance it" ko

  • Precursor to Splatoon weapons, what?

  • This invention NEEDS more exposure!! There's so much more fun you could have with it! Get creative Colin! A compilation of shooting stuff at other stuff! Do iiiittt!! 🤘🏻😎

  • This music ruins the video

  • I'll bet a smoke ring nozzle would be cool on that thing.

  • Id want to buy this lol

  • kid: *sees video* OH REALLY I CAN MAKE A CANNON OUT OF A FIRE EXTINGUISHER WITH A DRILL *drills into fire extinguisher* *Kid is now more white than a fucking vampire and almost dies*

  • Why not a bigger electric valve on the biggest tank. Or is that not possible. like your system directly and smaller

  • Would this still work if you hooked the pneumatic cylinder straight to the big tank?

  • I want you to be my dad

  • In case of zombie apocalypse, find this man. Who needs guns when you got Colin?

  • Cutting a new thread with a drill. I see you too like to live dangerously

  • Davinchi

  • British madman makes nuclear potato gun

  • Why not use the air from the main canister as the source for the ram?

  • Should have used steam. Then it would really be STEAMpunk

  • los en in ventos estan muy bueno

  • R all brits this happy 24/7 lol

  • I need to make a pepper spray gun controlled by phone to stop people stealing my fuel from my lorry can you help

  • WTF BRO???

  • I've actually had fantasies of making this sort of thing since my early teenage years, but the design I had in my head was a spring/piston powered affair you cranked/levered and loaded/fired like an oversized crossbow.

  • Dad,i hate Kevin hes punching me and eat my breakfast. I would Kill him! Colin: Say no more...

  • Estas demente parker

  • Hey Colin, now make it loadable from the breech!

  • Nice!!! Really want that steampunk air cannon,,its awesome mate ..

  • These are stupid easy to make, I made one when I was 15 with an old bike tire, pvc, and pvc glue for like 40 bucks tops. His is much cooler though. Either way I definitely recommend building one of these if you have a place to use it.

  • 0:17 I want to know what this is.

  • where can i find the butterfly valve someone knows?

  • if there ever is an apocalypse of some sort, I know where I'll go!

  • Show de bola

  • You could buy one those they are used to fill tires sometimes

  • you can tell it's hardcore because he spelt powerful with two L's

  • But can it be hand mounted?

  • Бля надо по русски

  • Nao sei o que voce esta falando mas gosto muito dos seus videos top

  • your gun looks like its strait out of fallout

  • TIG welding in a tie! Classy!

  • Colin I absolutely love your videos, but how long does it actually take to build something like this? Because we see a compressed version of your work.

  • I bet that if you used something like that fire extinguisher instead of that toilet brush holder on your turbines, they might last more than seventeen seconds.

  • Damn you make things looks good

  • Colin. I hope you have a firearms license for that thing. Pretty sure it supplies more than 16.27J to the projectile.

  • Make a flying car

  • This video seems rushed but it’s still amazing.

  • Welding in T-shirt, latheing with tie around neck. His swag can kill...him.

  • backpack airpump for that!!

  • this guy has waaaay too much money and waaaay too much time

  • so not like a potatoe gun, something goes boom inside but the boring (have to hand pump) version

  • I am just so happy

  • Launch a gopro

  • i was thinking about doing something like this a long time ago, and i was wondering how mutch preasure i would need. My plan was to use an old diver tank i had laying around that could take 225 bar. seeing how powerfull yours is at just 3,5 bar, im glad i never made one myself

  • what happens when you put some propane in instead of air anlight it up? :D

  • Plz send something in space. Like a kind of rocket you know what I mean.

  • Cool

  • What’s in the canister

  • Wow nice. Those are some really ingenious and interesting methods you're using there. Was really interesting to watch you do all those things. For example that simple bracket creator for your vise is actually really clever creation.

  • This is what you call content.

  • good to see you getting back to what drew me to the channel to start with, awesome build i may even re-subscrribe....

  • Boom

  • Colin are you a little Insane?