Real Fold Out Metal Shield

Birt 28 mar 2019
The best Fold out shield on the Net FACT
To see how it was made
Check out the Loaded Axe Here
This Video was made in association Activision and From software.
Check out the game here
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  • This shield is just brilliant, getting it to flex into an umbrella shape was the icing on the cake and I still have hair and an eyesight after making this video. Check out my channel for Hidden Blades Wolverine claws thermite guns and other builds just like this.....oh and subscribe lol.

    • Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    • Very extraordinary I probly improve and locked each blade in place so there for you have warfire can get up inside Brilliant well done Pretty much invented a little bit wider I mean length wives to Hi UA but you may be the Armed forces will probably be Interest in it Intrested in It may be an invention that my bring you money end of year problems keep it up think about it it's always good to have a little bit of money in your pocket to do these projects a little bit more M proved smashing spot on Elvis that's it man

    • love ur chanel y dont u make a fir wheels bmx so when u ride the bike the tyres become on fire

    • @Lin Yen Chin its a shame u think that way about ur self would u like some counseling??? u dick head

    • Can you make kratos sheild??

  • Try it with a bullet and material stronger than steel like titanium

  • Kitana from mortal kombat

  • To interesting to not sub. Newly found great channel

  • Wow 🐕‍🦺🦮

  • Let's see who love India 1like=100percent love

  • This is why men die before women.

  • Maybe you could make the blades fit together in a tighter way in that umbrella form? I saw some firecrackers went through the gaps.

  • F’ing brilliant!!! Titanium blades to make it lighter and thus bigger???

  • No Colin Furze get hurt in this video

  • Haha is this allow in the airsoft battlefield?

  • Captain America got a new shield from furze after he got his broken

  • I am more interested in his shirt and tie and would like to know what they are made of lol😀

  • This is EXACTLY the video reference I needed for a character I’m creating. Thank you Colin, you’ve made creating The Monk a lot easier.

  • What. The. Fuck?


  • Man you are crazy as hell how are you not get burnt or samething else men it cant be your tie but if its is your tie i want one to

  • Where’s the best place to shoot fireworks and a huge flames? Ohhhhh yeahhhh the forest

  • The things he does for us....

  • The shield looks good only if it was stronger and with more stability

  • Out of all the locations for this video... *A Forest*

  • did ANYONE notice he was in a forest

  • best thing on youtube, keep calm and carry on, best of British, its guys like this that had the outside the box brains that won the war

  • A lot of trees behind him but uses fire there

  • where can I buy your safety tie

  • Wow!!!

  • Definition of the mad lad

  • It’s funny how I wanna buy this

  • 4:18 it proves why move your work when u can make a shield though

  • The fire works were dangerous because it was in the middle of a forest

  • 3:32 시이바!!

  • Are you the contributor to an unknown forest fire?

  • I see you in you have wanted

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  • This dude dosnt know how to fold the shield with his other hand but its fine his not like sekiro

  • I think you should add one more steel plate because when we look at it there is a small gap

  • Shield in one hand, axe in the other... GG! zombie challange already can starts to this guy aushsahuasuh

  • sekiro shield vs 600k$ firework

  • How have we never heard of u

  • *national safety counsel* - Never point or throw fireworks at another person *colin* - so I can point them at myself then....?


  • 2:41 Ahahaha, that must've been painful.

  • Holy shit , he is brave.

  • I hope Oregon didn't burn just because someone tested a shield like this

  • make it out of AR500 steel

  • 💩💩💩💩 is china game

  • If he has a wife, i doubt she would appreciate him trying to toast himself Also, try attaching marshmallows to the shield for the next test instant smores

  • This shield would work better as an umbrella

  • Ur crazy And i like it

  • Way too slow

  • WHY AREN'T U WEARING PROTECTION ..... well i guess u are

  • Ah yes the forest is the perfect place to test my shield from a *Flame Thrower* oF cOurSe tHe fOrEsT WilL nOt BuRn duhh!

    • @Etheral101 oh.. Ok thats make sense

    • British forests are sodden with rain. Hard to start fires with all our rain lol

  • ISchats after recommending me a sad vid of a old monkey peacefully dying after meeting his best friend : *Wanna see a reallife metal shield thing*

  • You don't want to mess with this mad lad

  • I wonder why this is getting so popular in this time and context,

  • This's looks like weapon from Naruto


  • Look mum no computer

  • No captain america Its captain japan

  • Can somebody please tell my why this man is shooting fireworks at himself? I love it.

  • Congrats you are now a Kyoshi worrier

  • Your legs aren't protected you say? Well just read the description of the umbrella, "but would not protect from sweep attacks" aka your legs x3


  • “ an everyday problem”

  • Best compliment I can think of is, this guy is crazy

  • percy jackson

  • Now this is science

  • By the time u open that shield........... .... U DEAD!!!!!!

  • This is why woman has longer life

  • This man is crackhead Steve Backshall

  • Add a flame througher with a paint job, I smell a contract with riot police

  • 尊敬する

  • This guy is like the engineer version of jackass.

  • Well here is of the game works in real life

  • lol cute

  • First time i saw his face is like Donald Trump's

  • Wow

  • 3:10 pizdos emu

  • He wears his safety Tie, he is safe even without his shield!

  • Normal people safety equipment (--- ---) Colin furze let's hope this doesn't go wrong

  • - Safety..? What do you mean?

  • Playing with Fire in a Forest D:

  • Carbon fiber plates mate

  • Enemy: "Die Sekiro!" Sekiro: "W...wait!" Enemy: "Huh...what're you...." *Loaded umbrella slowly fans out* Enemy:"................" *Clink* Sekiro: "Ok, throw them hands bitch!"

  • I cannot believe this madman. He is truly answering the fabulous questions no one knew they wanted. Fireworks? Sparks? A literal f*cking flamethrower?! Earns a like, subscription, AND the notification bell from me. You best believe I wanna see more of this mans shenanigans.

  • why not make an anti-zombie vehicle with heavy weapons and such? # 2020 #

  • Still need progress

  • police:"we have a warrant to search your home" furze:"...uhhh...what part? Police:"what do you mean?" furze" i kinda have a bunker...with...some ever play assassins creed?

  • 2:34 This is exactly why women live longer

  • Call demonition ranch to test it lol

  • We found the irl tony stark

  • You are crazy

  • Nice umbrella

  • You're a genius ! The way you create these fictional tools and make them working is pure work of your passion, hard work and patience. It's like facing a challenging boss in Sekiro and you don't how to beat and you try and try to find your your way through. But unlike us you don't have any tips and tricks, if you are struggling with something. That's why you are brilliant.

  • Bullets?

  • Я ахуеваю нахуй ему щит если он бесертный ему похуй что искры летят к нему на одежду и петарлы на ноги и голову

  • Do a 2 meter or 6 feet one

  • Cool👍👍👍

  • This is what ISchats was created for.

  • Wasn’t the game terrible?