Real Fold Out Metal Shield

Birt 28 mar 2019
The best Fold out shield on the Net FACT
To see how it was made
Check out the Loaded Axe Here
This Video was made in association Activision and From software.
Check out the game here
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  • This shield is just brilliant, getting it to flex into an umbrella shape was the icing on the cake and I still have hair and an eyesight after making this video. Check out my channel for Hidden Blades Wolverine claws thermite guns and other builds just like this.....oh and subscribe lol.

    • Could you make one of these... Using Kevlar?

    • Why is Cain Dingle grinding in your shed?

    • Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    • love ur chanel y dont u make a fir wheels bmx so when u ride the bike the tyres become on fire

    • @Lin Yen Chin its a shame u think that way about ur self would u like some counseling??? u dick head


  • His head is protected but his legs aren’t. In game the shield doesn’t block sweeps. If this is a reference I love you.

  • Did you also check the playback speed at first?

  • You're fkn nuts mate

  • 2:42 that must have hurt....

  • 2:19 oh dear

  • this dudes arm started looking like a blood sausage after lifting that shield and it actually makes my arm go numb

  • Suzakus lotus umbrella

  • This is fake. This isnt the fire lotus umbrella, it cant protect him from fire.

  • I'm wondering if you could do it plastic covered in kevlar. Bullet proof shield for every soldier

  • And just like the in-game description, it didn't protect his legs.

  • I LOVE watching your older videos when there's no one posting anything new on ISchats! YEAH!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍😍🤩🧨😁

  • Do a video of Build a robotic rubix cube solve

  • That puzzle was probably the hardest puzzle in the entire world(it would probably take at least 13 month for me to finish the puzzle )

  • This guy is punk af

  • So this is how gender reveal parties are done in Britain

  • He must have not upgraded the umbrella prosthetic yet

    • this is clearly burn and terror resistant, based on how he hasnt been you know, burned by the flames he put himself to, and the fact that he just casually tests it proves it has terror resistance sinces hes not afraid at all

  • 1:05

  • 4:19 looks like hes getting hit by a stream of bullets

  • That would be fun to use in paintball

  • Re make it as aluminum so it’s lighrer

  • 牛逼

  • Hey Colin, what you did is not good when someone used one of those cutters.

  • On the Colin Furze ISchats channel, safety isn't our #1 concern.

  • No one: ColinFurze: FIRE IN THE FOREST

  • Ouuuu

  • I wonder when I grow up will he be saling stuff

  • How are you still alive lol.

  • Sekiro

  • Детский Садик) это просто изумительно, как этот человек счастлив от своих изделий)))

  • Everyday situations :D

  • this dude is absolutely insane lmao, safety is an afterhtought, but man is it awesome

  • Nice shield, but your crazy AF to try to use it with real fire.

  • #make arc reactor from iron man

  • 金刚伞

  • Hacksmith: Takes full safety measures Colinfurze: LETS USE FIREWORKS AND A FLAME THROWER IN THE WOODS!!!

  • This is just the fourth of July for high schoolers, Roman candle tag in a jacket, fun shit

  • Brother I have a request can you please make Hunter bow from crysis game please please please 🔥💯💯💯

  • He can't get hurt when he wears his magic tie

  • 1. You Rock. 2. The gamemakers need to pay you. 3. That shield is a true beauty. 4. If the motor works a bit faster than it looks possible to get it to unfold more instantaneously. 5. Shield and flick axe combo: amazing.

  • sol oes co nacero inoxidable interesante,algunas tuercas ciegas y pernos.

  • This man has no idea how to use a Fortnite umbrella

  • If you add a rail like system to the edges that keeps them always all connected and still let's them fold out wouldn't it add alot of structure to them?

  • 足元が弱すぎる

  • Use Barrett in the shield that epic

  • THIS is why women live longer then men... BUT THAT LOOKS SO FUN.

  • you have a lot of spirit emblems to use

  • こんにちは、ミスター・特殊発明家は自分の生命を知らずにみたいけど危ないだから、武器は武器を作るのは、ほかの兵器軍事向けのために知らないかもしれないだろう。それより、「防御兵器」はどんな盾(シールド)を使用している事は悪くないだと思う。他の民間生命を安全に考えて下さい。素晴らしい盾を作って良かっただから、認可して産業に買ってより便利なアイテムをいつ、どこで持ってでもいい。「アンテナ型」と「扇(おうぎ)型」みたいけど同じに、どこで覚えたかな?私自身の気のせいだから。分かってありがとうございます。それより、工房で仕事中に忙しいところに、ケガなどしないでお願いいたします。では

  • TBH I think this would be useful for firefighters

  • 2:41 LOOOL! XD

  • Waths the name of the game

    • Sekiro shadow dies twice

  • 3:52 ça veux parler français

  • DUDE plays with fireworks in the wood what could go wrong

  • Try it with a bullet and material stronger than steel like titanium

  • Kitana from mortal kombat

  • To interesting to not sub. Newly found great channel

  • Wow 🐕‍🦺🦮

  • Let's see who love India 1like=100percent love

  • This is why men die before women.

  • Maybe you could make the blades fit together in a tighter way in that umbrella form? I saw some firecrackers went through the gaps.

  • F’ing brilliant!!! Titanium blades to make it lighter and thus bigger???

  • No Colin Furze get hurt in this video

  • Haha is this allow in the airsoft battlefield?

  • Captain America got a new shield from furze after he got his broken

  • I am more interested in his shirt and tie and would like to know what they are made of lol😀

  • This is EXACTLY the video reference I needed for a character I’m creating. Thank you Colin, you’ve made creating The Monk a lot easier.


  • Man you are crazy as hell how are you not get burnt or samething else men it cant be your tie but if its is your tie i want one to

  • Where’s the best place to shoot fireworks and a huge flames? Ohhhhh yeahhhh the forest

  • The shield looks good only if it was stronger and with more stability

  • Out of all the locations for this video... *A Forest*

  • did ANYONE notice he was in a forest

  • best thing on youtube, keep calm and carry on, best of British, its guys like this that had the outside the box brains that won the war

  • A lot of trees behind him but uses fire there

  • where can I buy your safety tie

  • Wow!!!

  • Definition of the mad lad

  • It’s funny how I wanna buy this

  • 4:18 it proves why move your work when u can make a shield though

  • The fire works were dangerous because it was in the middle of a forest

  • 3:32 시이바!!

  • Are you the contributor to an unknown forest fire?

  • I see you in you have wanted

  • cooln0ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • This dude dosnt know how to fold the shield with his other hand but its fine his not like sekiro

  • I think you should add one more steel plate because when we look at it there is a small gap

  • Shield in one hand, axe in the other... GG! zombie challange already can starts to this guy aushsahuasuh

  • sekiro shield vs 600k$ firework

  • How have we never heard of u

  • *national safety counsel* - Never point or throw fireworks at another person *colin* - so I can point them at myself then....?


  • 2:41 Ahahaha, that must've been painful.

  • Holy shit , he is brave.

  • I hope Oregon didn't burn just because someone tested a shield like this

  • make it out of AR500 steel

  • 💩💩💩💩 is china game

  • If he has a wife, i doubt she would appreciate him trying to toast himself Also, try attaching marshmallows to the shield for the next test instant smores

  • This shield would work better as an umbrella

  • Ur crazy And i like it