2020 Workshop Mods - Bench/Sliproller/Plasma Table

Birt 16 jan 2020
Starting 2020 with some excellent workshop tweaks to make the next BIG project a bit easier.
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  • I guess you will build a screw tank 😁

  • He says enjoy 2020 is it possible

  • You are going to make a screw tank

  • ahhh does your band saw need water

  • Little did he know

  • I love how he says gaege. it's halarios.

  • Can u make your vids more often

  • YES Love you man, you make stuff FUN

  • It would be amazing if you make a vid like: "Learn how to weld with Colin furze and have fun doing it" for dummies

  • Why doesn't the plasma cutter cut through the mesh?

  • Today I was sitting in class thinking I want to drink but I’m wearing my mask how do I drink with my mascara can you solve that for me with a very inventive

  • Colin starts video yay it’s 2020 me yes it is 2020

  • Is colin being sponsored by painters tape in this video or something😂

  • Lol just think not long after this the world plunges into fucking darkness 😒 we havnt seen 10m subscribers COLLIN

  • Do you have s three phase supply to your house or does all your equipment run of single phase? I would love a workshop/man cave like yours !! Keep up the good work love the videos 👍

  • 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Great work furse Im a big fan from Philippines

  • Well, I needed a safety tie months ago...

  • Anyone notice his wall sockets changed halfway through?

    • He probably smashed a plastic one so just changed them all rather than just one

  • Furze is Mr.Bean with a machine shop

  • If this guy can make the whole 10 M channel in a shed , think of what else he could do if he had a warehouse like theHacksmith

  • Hour many hours would you say you put on your angle grinders?

  • Seriously shit back ground music

  • Everything comes together when a plan comes the gether

  • Not Bad 👍

  • THE COUNCILS HAVE COME TO A DECISION we can officially remove Colin of the boomer list on one condition he can use a phone

  • Please be a fish tank 🤞🤞

  • This is all good but I liked it better when he made stuff with virtually no tools at all.

  • I haven’t enjoyed 2020

  • In 10 years he’ll take off the steel plate and it will say “ooh, lovely fit!”

  • Screw tank

  • *man survived both nuclear explosions* reporter: how did you do it? man: i had a safety tie reporter: but.....

  • IM GONNA START BIDDING FOR THE WOOD AT 2:35 Starting Bid: $50.

  • Flying tank 1.0? XD

  • Colin, safety glasses man lol

  • Never change Colin never change. Love the new work shop upgrades.

  • Collinfurze: ama join battle bots Battle bots judges: Hell to the no 😂😂😂

  • why do you have carpeted floors in the shed?

  • مبدع الادمي هذا👏🏻

  • No safety tie Colin.... thats not safe. Thats why you got injured.

  • Screw tank

  • Hope to enjoy 2020 boy you sure jinxed us.

  • no tie you get hert

  • The safety tie

  • Colin: what a way to start a year ... Now: what a way to hit mars

  • 5:39 to 5:40 what did he say

  • This video made me very happy

  • Screw tank!!

  • I would like to see the vice made hydraulic. That would be cool. and useful.

  • Nothing more dangerous than wearing a tie at work

  • Colin,you are AWESOMe!!!

  • LoL! I was wondering how long it will take before you start making your workspace more comfortable. There is this work fuzzy feeling that comes from being able to work without unnecessary frustration...

  • 12:34 ah co- wait ........ WHAT!?!?!!?

  • What I like just as much as what he builds is the music in all in his videos

  • Hi Colin ive watched your vids since the beginning and I can say you put the world too shame ya a man after me own heart rock on fella and keep the vids coming Ng ur the dogs bolls m8 but can ya do something on water maybe one of ya biggest fans from one nutter to another nutter rock on the British

  • you made your shed when i was 1 year old

  • This guy is actually better than myth busters

  • You are Great 👍

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  • your going to build a screw tank

  • I've been thinking of upgrading my work space a little, need some shelves and power mainly. More inspiration is always good but renting sucks

  • I want more stuff like this 🥰

  • I bet you build a screw tank lol

  • 9:08 You might want to think about that =D

  • Congrats on 10M subs Colin!

  • is the safety tie fireproof tho? i have a habit of catching fire in my workshop

  • HOW CAN you make so much content in only 13min !! thats amazing !

  • *RipSaw* tank

  • What brand is the vice?

  • are these the songs that over the pong listens to just wondering

  • The fish tank (a tank that shoots high velocity water balloons and has a secondary spitball Gatling)

  • You are THE MAN FURZE!!! Love your videos!! Keep them coming. Jiggaman Long Island New York!

  • What I love about Colin is the content and the fact that there’s no ads

  • Brilliant vidio absolutely love it just joined and I am looking forward to seeing more

  • "building a Tank" i wonder its gonna be powered by a random 600cc motorcycle engine

  • Remote doors and lighting in the shed would be an awesome modification.

  • Mastermilo is building a tank

  • I got my safety tie caught in a lathe and now I'm a quadriplegic, I'm here to tell you, without my safety tie on I would be a septriplegic, THANK YOU COLIN!!

  • 4:03 seconds.

  • Your promoting your own tie that you weren’t even wearing 🤣

  • So many ""Furze world problems"" and all solved so elegantly

  • I wonder why didn't decide to make a conventional tank, it's not like there are any legal restrictions... Also if you legally want to operate a tank, you need to go some special place where you can be there with someone authorized in there the whole time and think only they can operate the shooting and you be there for a limited time, can't remember but I think it's between 15 to 30 minutes after you arrive at a safe isolated privately owned destination, soooo you could film a vid of that or make one that launches bombs, instead of those huge bullets 🤔😯🤷‍♂️ (but one a smaller scale than a real one, obviously 😂)

  • When I was a Boilermaker I had a crusty old timer tell me, " A wise man never works on the floor". Good stuff Colin.

  • “Hope you enjoy 2020” *COVID-19* Well that aged like milk.

  • Wait his safety ties aren’t clip on? That’s actually incredibly dangerous and you should not use power tools while wearing one.

  • is there a vid of you building that shed,not the one that leads to the bunker

  • I literally watched 30 of your vids in a few days, love the content!

  • Привет Colinfurze вам Красава и умные удачи :)

  • I so wanted it to be a shark tank!!! Shark week!

  • if you make mouse pads i will get one

  • Is it just me Or does he look like Gordon Ramsay

  • It’s sad but guys he’s getting old....... it’s gonna be so sad when he retires in the next 10 to 20 years. I grew up with this man since I was like 8. I’m 14 now and I’m still in love w his videos.

  • Welcome to the Colin furze safety channel

  • A water tank, lol

  • Can you make a Colin Furze basic tool kit?

  • Your building an unconventional tank! 😁

  • 8:51 did he say furze world problem or first cos that would be quality if he said furze

  • Screw tank

  • Me:Awww Colin what did you get your self into this time Colin:ummmm so shed upgrade and 1 billion views and some merch Me: how much did it cost Colin:um about 300£ Me:yeah that’s the point it is to expensive Colin:well ad revenue will pay for it ISchats:Colin will won’t pay you anymore Colin:well good bye youtube ISchats April fools Me:well if Colin is fried from youtube same with me Colin I been a fan for 5 years I love all the vids you do thank you for the amazing content

  • Robbing this fella would be the best and worst idea you will ever have