Homemade Hydraulic Hulkbuster

Birt 3 maí 2018
At 3.2m high it's a monster! Weight? No idea but there's not one piece can be lifted by one person.
Thanks to eBay for working with us on this project it's amazing that all the components came from there site.
Check out the build videos
Part 1ischats.info/fun/m7aukqqclaaiZYA/v-deo
Part 2 ischats.info/fun/drJvfqpim5-Ah5o/v-deo
And check out eBays pages on the project
Hub: from.ebay.co.uk/Avengers
James's control systems ischats.info/fun/ZaZsYaGooXehg6Y/v-deo
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  • This thing is the most complex thing I've ever made so thanks to eBay and thanks for watching, subscribe as more crazy Projects on the way internet.

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  • How can you not like slabs

  • Did anyone besides me, see the fake hand at 00:25 ?

  • The real Life Iron man Tony stark armours are made in Photoshop


  • 3:37 I heard that coconuts are about as dense as a human skull. So him crushing a coconut with ease says a lot about how powerful the mech is

  • Close enough-

  • This guy is the definition of mad scientist

  • this man is so smart like ienstien #dont know how to spell ienstien

  • Wonder what you’re neighbours think lol

  • The fake hand at 0:24 tho

  • Everyone gangster until a British man shows up with a f4ckin hulk buster

  • Who came after Seeing YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  • Never underestimate a British man in his shed.

  • make an iron man suit (the small ones). pls do love your videos

  • Budget Hulk buster

  • You are the real life Tony Stark

  • Why dont you put alot of weight in the legs so it has better movements

  • go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep


  • Wow awesome

  • I won't be surprise if he'll be able to bring Voltes 5, Daimos, and Gundam into life.

  • I came here from you have been warned tv show

  • Can that walk

  • That was so cool

  • Please Collab with The Hacksmith and Jeff Bezos

  • make it move

  • Someone should really make a hydraulic space marine armor.

  • how to made this thing

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  • I saw him in discovery 🙂🙂😀

  • 2:16 don’t press the flamethrower button 😅

  • Mom the neighbor make a mech again

  • The most amazing thing is that this got telecasted in the tv

  • This is even more makes him tony stark since he’s making suits

  • I want to un-watch that.

  • This man is literally a mad genius


  • Could you build an actual iron man mk 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 or 5 suit ? Don't have to build them all just 1

  • All I can say u badass

  • He is not drunk he is meming

  • Like they said on OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF SCIENCE, he's one accident away from becoming a super villain

  • 0:28 William Afton be like


  • Wow

  • i want one

  • How much did the even cost you to make that

  • Don’t you just love how they taped him ass first on the hand with the flamethrower in it?

  • I'm waiting for "Florida man destroys city with real life hulkbuster suit"

  • Whew, lucky he was wearing the safety tie

  • YO yo yo yo YO THIS IS AWSOME

  • ヤバ!

  • Is this guy on some like military "watch out" list for potentially deadly scrap weapons? If not should he be?

  • 3:06 colin when someone talks trash about him

  • I saw you on you have been warned too

  • Better than the method robot

  • He looks like he could make anything


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  • This hulkbuster is walk

  • make it all steel

  • Me: don't know what project I'm gonna do Colin: take my hulkbuster brother Me: hell yes Judge: There is no such thing as hulkbuster Me: show them Judge: OH MY GOOSE mind blow and give me AAAAA++++++++

  • Could you make the hulkbuster walk and grab thing with its finger

  • Yes put him in the flame thrower hand... Now thats trust

  • Imagin what this man could do if he dedicated the rest of his life to making a working iron man suit🤯 he honestly probably could make the mark 2

  • Titanfall 2 be likr

  • Everybody hides from zombies Elon musk and Collin

  • You copy hacksmith

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  • The sheer magnitude of his genius literally knows no bounds

  • can you make it walk? because then you'll truly be able to become a superhero/supervillain.

  • Oh my fricking god

  • Imagine you’re in this for Halloween

  • R u ok

  • Hello

  • 3:22 rather than getting that in my house i would get my house to it

  • I love Iron Man so seeing this makes ma happy

  • It looks like the one from the movie

  • he does hacksmith stuff by him self in one video

  • So I’m sure this is in the comments already but...did you have to duct tape yourself to the flamethrower hand??! I’m at the point where I fear for his safety in almost every video. Still the best channel on YT though!

  • This is exactly how iron man started out

  • 2:08 **uses flamethrower**


  • He is like a real life Rick Sanchez

  • Takes 2 months to make a whole exoskeleton: army yep it will take like 70 years to make this: Colin: what about eBay

  • Brings suit to comicon

  • Freaking epic

  • 1:19

  • i don't get the people who dislike this

  • Ebay+Colin furze=cool videos

  • ischats.info/fun/lsyhYl6JoYWHlKo/v-deo

  • he made that in 2 months yet youtubers that animate take for years to upload a vid

  • I wanna see a Gipsy Danger build

  • I wonder what your neighbors thought

  • Can this thing walk yet?!

  • Sir I think you can make him walk by installing haydralic on his hip joints on the ring


  • So Mr. Furze. How exactly did you damage the brickwork again?

  • Is it real or not real

  • Colin sir kindly please 😭 make him to walk