Homemade Hydraulic Hulkbuster

Birt 3 maí 2018
At 3.2m high it's a monster! Weight? No idea but there's not one piece can be lifted by one person.
Thanks to eBay for working with us on this project it's amazing that all the components came from there site.
Check out the build videos
Part 1ischats.info/fun/m7aukqqclaaiZYA/v-deo
Part 2 ischats.info/fun/drJvfqpim5-Ah5o/v-deo
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Hub: from.ebay.co.uk/Avengers
James's control systems ischats.info/fun/ZaZsYaGooXehg6Y/v-deo
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  • This thing is the most complex thing I've ever made so thanks to eBay and thanks for watching, subscribe as more crazy Projects on the way internet.

  • Colingers infinity war

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  • That looked so dangerous lol What id it malfunctions and slams ya in the wall lol

  • Just think about his neighbors...

  • How much do u spent for this

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  • Imagine being this guy’s neighbour and waking up to seeing this through your window

  • Make a Godzilla sut that’s bigger than your hulkbuster

  • So tony stark how you feel

  • Here we see young Colin playing with his new toy on Christmas Day...

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  • colin was able to build this in his cave, with a bunch of scraps from ebay.

  • Imagine he's goes to comic con with that thing

  • Imagine he's goes to comic con with that thing

  • Can you make the samurai mech suit from the wolverine


  • Very nice I like it

  • "hulkbuster, change the channel" (chaos)

  • That is so cool but how did you make it😐😐😐

  • Of course he tapes himself to the flamethrower hand.

  • Our kids love this Chanel. Also great work on the Hulkbuster Project, my boy also says awesome accent.

  • I thought the hacksmith was the first to try and make a gigantic robot like this i had no clue this dude built one first

  • Could you please make a working baymax from big hero6

  • Colin is just a big kid

  • This man is nuts lol

  • Does hulkbuster can really dance?

  • Plot twist: He is Elon musks son

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  • how to die crushed by a two tons column of steel.

  • If you don't like _WHAT?!?!_ Oh, SLABS.

  • This is actually too cool for my eyes.

  • Lol I thought this was click bait...

  • Omg, that part where you duct taped yourself to the arm was fucking hilarious!! Lmao. I love the way you changed channels too xD What an amazing project mate. Cheers from Cali.

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  • omg is that hulk buster

  • this guy can be a biulionar.... you are ELON MUSK

  • Needs gyroscopes for steadying

  • 2:08 "Let's face it, this isn't the worst thing you've ever caught me doing..."

  • Challenge try to make the web shooter from the avengers

  • Amost an exoskeleton !💪😀

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  • Should make it walk

  • Mom, the neighbor is playing superhero again.

  • You need a patent

  • That’s is the best hulk buster i ever seein can you make me one please 🥺 I will give you a dollar 💵

  • His neighbors: what the hell does he do over there me: He's having fun

  • this guy s awesome and creative

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  • je trouve ce modèle stylé, j'en ai vu un autre aussi stylé, avec un effet bleu métal magnifique ischats.info/fun/qNWgcoKgfXqEoJA/v-deo

  • How in the holy hell did he make this!?!?

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  • I think that you should make a Hulk buster withautomatic wolverine claws and make a video about it and also break contact dude just awesome stuff I’m really surprised that you are capable of making Wolverine claws a levitating bike all that stuff and just they just inspires me so thank you for the contact man

  • You're Tony Stark!!!

  • woww

  • Colin just casually makes transformer with flame thrower

  • Mom neighbour has gone insane we got to moveeeeeeee😂😂😂😂😂

  • Challenge:build the mark 1 with flame throwers

  • Guys this one is not actually fake it's real you can tell like it

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  • Dude you will be the next iron man OR tony stark

  • Next up making a fully functional bt7274

  • this guy is a absolute mad lad but i like it

  • Cool Now make iron monger

  • I genuinely would like to know what has happened to this Hulkbuster afterwards? Has it been put in a museum or something? (It better be!)

  • I kept laughing when it picked him up

  • But it's so cool

  • Lol noob armor

  • I baptize you "Heimerdinger irl"

  • This is amazing!

  • Now this is real content..

  • Can you please make Mark 1 from iron man

  • Imagine this guy working with Elon Musk.

  • How can you not like slabs

  • Did anyone besides me, see the fake hand at 00:25 ?

  • The real Life Iron man Tony stark armours are made in Photoshop

  • 3:37 I heard that coconuts are about as dense as a human skull. So him crushing a coconut with ease says a lot about how powerful the mech is

  • Close enough-

  • This guy is the definition of mad scientist

  • this man is so smart like ienstien #dont know how to spell ienstien

  • Wonder what you’re neighbours think lol

  • Everyone gangster until a British man shows up with a f4ckin hulk buster

  • Who came after Seeing YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  • Never underestimate a British man in his shed.

  • make an iron man suit (the small ones). pls do love your videos

  • Budget Hulk buster

  • You are the real life Tony Stark

  • Why dont you put alot of weight in the legs so it has better movements

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