Burning the Wall Of Death

Birt 6 des 2018
Where the colinfurze youtube channel began has a had to come down as it was falling apart which you would expect from a 12yr old pile of pallets.
lots of people thought this had been burn't already as the fire in my channel banner is often mistaken for the wall but it stood as a proud blot on the countryside every since the first pallets were laid bak in 07.
Looking back makes me feel old but also good as its projects like this that makes my channel stick out above the rest, no other maker channel in the entire internet does what I do on the scale I do it and watching the wall burn was a statement of that so thanks to all the viewers and subscribers over these 12yrs you've all been brilliant.
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  • I actually asked the RAF if they would Bomb it but seems quite a lot of red tape involved to get them to bomb something so just had to burn it.........in sections lol. Thanks to everyone thats been here since this project and anyone who didn't know about it go check out the original videos. if theres enough call I might upload originals again as there in 240p which is pretty bad, the original is still only SD but is a bit better than whats on there. But shall I build another?????

    • Should've asked 32 Armoured engineers based at Catterick sure my bossman would've rigged it or ran it through with a CRAAV.

    • On the same spot... closer to that shed they were so worried about? Yeah!

    • Asked the raf to bomb it... What connections do you have with people? Can you actually just cassually ask "you dudes, i have a wall of death and i was wondering, would you bomb it for me? Also YOUR CLIMBING ON THE FLIPPING WALL WHEN ITS BURNING WITH A SUIT AND TIE. WHAT?🤣

    • Yes

    • Cool I’m like 500th

  • Race vs. High St and 500,000 million likes

  • The death of the wall of death.

  • hold up the walls was build in my brith year?

  • Well done man

  • It's the wall it takes 2 seconds round and it's 60 foot tall

  • R.I.P Wall of death 2007_2018 It was a good wall but it's time to go, hood bye epic wall

  • Snif

  • {*}

  • Wow! The Biggest Fire!

  • One day after my birthday

  • Should have just built better horse barns for them after you burned theirs down. Would have been a cooler vid. just sayin, try harder man xD Seriously though, awesome stuff.

  • Its still on googke maps. It lays south of the town of sewstern on the road „the drift“

  • I love to watch outrageous acts of since and I saw your underground bunker

  • Great Video! As usual, hey oubube, how about fixing the "cc" the English to English does not work at all................ I have learned a bit of English slang in my time, so why haven't you? Of course by all means ignore this. P.S. I really like this channel.

  • I think your young self, at any age, would have been swollen with pride from then till this till ever onward.

  • Make one more and use your Pulse Jet bike in it that would be awesome

  • I think you caused global warming

  • Yeah Colin, I am pretty sure that climbing old easily breakable and burning pallets will go just fine

  • This is at Grantham NG33 5RD, United Kingdom

  • 2:50 that spelling mistake made me laugh 😆

  • Love the videos

  • I'm sorry I don't remember who originally told me these but copy and paste these into Google maps. 52.773333,-0.671389

  • I'm seeing so many of my favorite channels celebrating these massive milestones, and it makes me smile seeing as so many people thought "That youtube thing is never gonna take off".

  • Make it nice 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🙎‍♂️

  • Colin: "Hopefully the next 12 years will be just as good" 2 years later: "Nope."

  • I really think that you need to build another Wall!

  • I have I have I have new cars in microtype they Adam and I have them with my dry pipe dope

  • Next thing should be a ball of death muahahaha. The music is always spot on:)

  • RIP The Wall Of Death...😥

  • That is sad. oh yeah I’ve followed you, Colin for almost 4 years now . Yeah you should get a digger you’d have a great load of fun

  • This is were legacy was made. Wall of death u will be missed.

  • Dutch Vreugdevuren be like

  • ///posts.dynamics.decisions

  • I remember climbing that thing in 2013

  • I’m DrIvIng a DiGgEr

  • “If it weren’t for these pallets I’d still be a plumber” “Says the man with a blow torch and lighter fuel in his hand” Well at least is satisfying

  • Yay pollution. Could have burned it and turned at least 30% of that back into usable power but naaaaaaaaaaah Gotta keep heating up that ozone layer.

    • @error 404 why would you think i would transport it anywhere? I can bring my TEG Directly to it, store the power in my machine and continue on for another few weeks by using just a few pieces of that pile. Even if my TEG was only 40% efficient, at least that would be 40% less waste. So please, try again

    • You know how much work it is to turn this back in to energie,it probably used more energie for transport

  • nobody: Colin: tHis iS aCtuaLy Go0d fUn 2:30

  • It’s not a digger it’s a telehandler


  • 2 years on and we are still waiting on the second wall

  • Rest in peace the wall

  • 4:42 the people who own the land care about the wall but don't care about there lawn being set on fire

  • Rip

  • Inspirational Colin absolutely inspirational

  • 52 46’25”N 0 40’19” W are the coordinates for the Wall of Death

  • Really sad

  • 4:07 Why?

  • Rip

  • Damn....2007.... i was 5 😅

  • Next time get land that is owned by people who are cool and love a wall of death.

  • 0:41 the "Oh Shit, I nearly fell" moment

  • Dude! Keep being you! You're amazing

  • that was built a few days before I was born

  • You guys should have drove a car through it

  • I'm going to make a petition to bring the wall back

  • Rip

  • F

  • WTF ?!

  • RIP 2007 to 2018

  • You should make one with fire works in it and then put gasoline all over it then light it

  • RIP


  • This would came in handy for self isolation lol during this time hahaha

  • A pyromaniacs dream :P

  • If anyone asks Google Maps Wall of Death 52°46'25.2"N 0°40'18.7"W

  • that just never gets old!

  • how old is that truck

  • Does anyone see the dick spray painted on the wall inside

  • This is so sad to see THE WALL OF DEATH get burned

  • How many pounds of nails were left after the fire was out???

    • I think the nails was cleared with the ash

  • ischats.info/fun/ZtOFnoijgnx4eYA/v-deo

  • ischats.info/fun/nsd-e5BoY3OBh3w/v-deo

  • I cannot believe it, leave a comment. You just destroyes a 40.000,00 bscp pool. Fliesenkleber firefighters! YOU FOOL HELLLOOOOO-. Malus. Yours Franck

  • Is this why 2020 happened?

  • And this is how the bush fires were stared

  • this is a pit of death

  • Climate change?

  • Why I feel that sad? 😓😭

  • The comment below me is from the hack smith

  • Sad to see it go - but what a fun vid.

  • 25 August, 2020... it is still on Google Maps. :-) www.google.com/maps/place/Point+of+interest/@52.7736566,-0.6740494,491m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x487829260a23380f:0xf5a2e29177ce4dc4!8m2!3d52.7736566!4d-0.6718607

  • Top ten saddest anime moments

  • I love this video

  • 1:22 HAHA LOL

  • Press F to pay respects

  • Lincolnshire is still the best county in England!

  • "They dont want the barn to catch fire"...its over 50 m away and its raining/wet -.-

  • I'm not gunna lie I teared up a little

  • tbh the wall being on fire looks metal

  • f

  • He should’ve kept one of the pallets and framed it i’ll put it on his wall

  • f

  • Risk taking is one thing, but climbing the pallets on fire was down right moronic!

  • The county told him he had to take it down

  • Cordinates of this thing: 52.773651, -0.671859

  • "I hope the next 12 years'll be just as good"

  • I just cryed a lot!

  • 4:00 that scream doe 💀☠