Making an Inset Bench Metal Folder/Brake

Birt 19 okt 2017
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So i have taken a grudge against my vice mounted metal folder which has just got in the way for to long and also the way it clamps in the vice like theres a bit missing so rather than moan i thought i'd make my own but make it inset so when i'm not using it its not in the way.......yes i know it's a fantastic idea.
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  • Really pleased with this as it's turned a tool that was useful but seemed to just be in the way to one thats on hand and blends in to the bench. Just another note that the RED KIDS SHOW is separate to the normal channel and thursday uploads will continue as the always have done so don't panic you don't have to have red to see my normal stuff.

    • O

    • Mech. Eng. much nice bit work there.

    • Do you have a materials list for this? It's probably a stupid question but I'd like to build myself one as close to yours as I can.

    • when will you actually show us how to fold a teabag?

    • Why can’t I post my own comments

  • I have spent hours looking at videos on how to do the hinges. This is the only one that gives all the exact detail. Would love a workshop like his. Would even wear a tie!

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍😁 muito bom parabems vou copiar o projeto deste um abraço.

  • Patent when

  • Eres un maestro, gracias..

  • All I need to do now is buy a lathe, mill machine, and a welder, then I can build this! YES!!! Super pumped!!

  • At first I thought, uh-oh, this is gonna be a flop. WRONG! This guy's talented in two directions, comedy and machine shop skills. And all those cool tools!

  • What's bright steel

  • i make a subscription to your channel because of your video music

  • Nice 👍👏👏👏👏👏

  • Hey Colin I was re watching this bit and thought if you added a couple of springs ya would not need a handle. Yes I think that would be ideal...

  • deveria dobrar os 4 lados, ver. " BR dois brasileiros " para aprimorar ideia.

  • Thanks, good to see what works and doesn't. I will go with a top-down V press style. Then I can 3d print my own dies.

  • From Puerto Rico! Great job! Make me one!

  • Great video, one issues is caught by 10 to go doesn't seem to exist, additionally lyrical searches lead nowhere

  • Where did you got that tube notcher?


  • Chubes

  • Nice, just what I was looking for. Who is the music by?

  • Colin I am also a father and make gadgets but never made a video. I like your attention to detail when it comes to designing / fabricating ingenious, as you call them bits, parts.

  • For 11:40 can you put springs inside the screws so it lifts as you loosen the butterfly tootners?

  • Alan's metal and Alan's screws.. I think Alan want's his stuff back. It might need separate parts on the bench to make boxes, to have cut a way's so that the other bent bits don't get in the way.

  • It was great to see someone use a saw for a saw and not a grinder with a cutoff wheel. Creative use of the notcher and nice TIG instead of the welds usually seen in a DIY video. It takes tools to make tools. Excellent!

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  • Is that a Stanley scribe @ 1:27

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Ey mayt would you sell that brake to me?

  • dozens of clips out there showing home made items but first time view of this one. Love the sense of humor and different approach for a bench mounted brake. Nice having the right amount of tools and scrap around, coupled with a great presentation. Kudos!

  • Colin how would you feel about sharing some dimensions and the steel thicknesses? I would like to emulate this in my own workshop (if that's ok with you) and your design is really nice, you can tell its been well thought out.

  • Be careful watching this video.i run a brake press and as you watch him bend, the tooling bolted down moves back due to the force used to bend the metal. So you won't get a true corner style bend more like a coin (rounded)bend

  • Putting the angle and the flat bar on top is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  • Typically the thicker the material the larger the radius you'll need in the folded material, folding which is cold forming can put stress in the material and too much stress like putting a tight fold on thick material like 4mm or over will cause it to crack

  • build some more tools You have the right idea NICE WORK!!!!

  • Great ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Hi Colin. Love this bit of gear. Is there a reason why the rear bench mounting plate and lower bench mounting plate aren't welded to the hinge points. In my mind, it could still be dismantled by removing the hinge bolts. Thanks. Brian

  • Very entertaining.

  • Muy bien

  • Please could you tell me the metal sizes ? I would like to try this

  • Very good n excellent.. New subscriber phils.. 07072020 Kuwait

  • Who can possibly down vote something like this? If you don't like it, change how you make it! People are weird.

  • Is perfect and arranged thank you, but this nice video just for watching cos the job requires high potentials.

  • can u make one without a welder

  • Both you and Alec Steele keep using that word, is a choob?

  • Barrel hinge

  • мне кажется что он дал...еб

  • Saludos quedo muy vien

  • what's the thickest you've bent? I'm having issues bending 3/16"

  • Hello Friend. very nice work is excellent, but I leave you handy down because if you are going to teach to do something you have to take into account that most of the people looking for these videos

    • We don't have a mega workshop like yours with all those tools and lathes etc. A if that despite your good work handy down, for not being useful.

  • Colinfurze Stark´s here! His joy is contagious when is doing his projects. The world needs more people like that. You won my respect. One more subscribed to your channel. Congratulations

  • 7:40 for flying pencil xx

  • I’m watching this at 12:04 am so technically it’s morning xx 😂😂😂

  • You are mad! but I like you.

  • Could you share plans for the bender?? Thanks Cheers

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  • очень много пиздежа не понятного!

  • Good

  • Bravo pour ton super travail, est-ce qu'il y a possibilité d'avoir les plans ? Bravo for your great work, is it possible to have the plans?

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  • i wish you were my neighbor lmao.

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  • 😂 The Almighty tea bag

  • you could spring load the knobs to pop up

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  • Brilliant chap right there.

  • He's silly as gouge, but he makes good stuff. Thanks

  • exelente !Mi amigo MAMILA..🙏🤗🙏

  • god job and you joke,,,i like

  • Excellent workmanship

  • 10 millions ccome on!!!

  • Would u make one for a fan to buy

  • Is there any where i could get the dimensions ? i would like to make it my zelf and going to draw it in 3D first. so i could make work sheets

  • Barrel hinge

  • your just flexing us with your six pack

  • You know what would be sweet is to put springs under those work clamps so when you loosen the T-handles BAM it's opened itself for you to take out or put in the metal. You'd probably need to store it with the springs uncompressed as they might loose their springyness overtime if you store it with them compressed.

  • good job thanks

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  • 'Little' late to the party (and of course apologizes for not reading *all* the comments), but of course you should make the gap between the bending irons adjustable, so any size of metal sheet can be bent... ;-) Otherwise, I find this a a very inspirational and informative video, enjoyed watching it!

  • So.....he can afford a plasma cutter but uses a HANDSAW to cut through the bench instead of a cheapest circular saw?!?

  • Hey Colin. What thickness of aluminium should I get for my project? It's going to be 3 or 4 feet long and i want to be able to stand on the edge of it. (Building a functional strong splitter/air guide for my car)

    • This might not be the best video to ask for advice. The video is over 2 years old

  • Neat

  • Neat

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  • 3:35 when you try to talk to the spanish exchange student.

  • Try a couple of springs just bigger than your screws that will collapse to be flush. Then no handle needed

  • Furze....can you make a video how to build homemde lathe machine???

  • cheaper to buy one off Ebay. we dont all have Lathes mate

  • Now you have the hydraulic system you can make a fly press for folding stuff.

  • Instead of a handle you could just gently spring load the ends to lift it when you unclamp. Hands free!

  • Had a fire in my shed yesterday half the shop is finished, I had just tidied up some wood shavings from a Bench I was planing the ends down on and after I left my hoover turned on, I thought nothing of it and started welding -another project- and apparently my hoover sucked up some sparks and lit up everything, I managed to put it out before it got inside the walls but it’s a lot to replace considering I bought most my tools brand new between the age of 18-19 and I’m now 20. Kills your motivation a bit but part of learning I guess :/

    • Very nice 👍

  • Thanks

  • 10 out of 10 for implementation, 7 for the project

  • Colin Furze seems like that on friends dad that was always super chill and fun

  • British Bonkers at its Best. Dont ever stop.

  • Notchin chewbs! Haha. I just found your channel and have been watching it all day while hiding out from COVID. YOUYR CHANNEL IS AWESOME and you have an AMAZING TALENT! Cant wait to see more

  • Bravo,bel lavoro.

  • I need a lathe