Workshop Hydraulic System/Press conversion

Birt 14 feb 2019
Installing a hydraulic system in my workshop so I have hydraulic power at the click of a pipe n flick of a switch.
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  • POWER IN THE SHOP, this is going to come in very handy just like an air system. So what else shall I make Hydraulic????? Sub Like n Share makers.

    • @James Hartman yeah nobody cares idiot

    • Something a lot of mechanic shops have ate hydraulic car lifts. I wonder if you could make a smaller version for some of your motorized projects. I imagine lifting a full sized car would be to much for the system but maybe something like a golf cart or an ATV?

    • Make a homemade glider to fly down hills.

    • make a welding table that you can lift the table

    • Blane Wilson 1

  • Hey, Colin, First time here. Impressive modification. Stay safe, Joe Z

  • Colin can you give me a link to all the oart m8 im desperate to make this as a blacksmith its my only option in the uk other than a lame 6 tone log splitter !

  • No safety glasses?

  • Could someone talk me through 1:50....

  • Well done on the hydraulic piping, very nice job

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  • Put some safety glasses on u mad man 😎🤕😩😫😫😭

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  • Bend it

  • I suggest you build a cage around it to protect you from something that might shatter.

  • I find your lack of eye protection disturbing.

  • “you can blow stuff” Colin furze 2019

  • can we please get more details (or plans) for the press plumbing?

  • I liked the video but what about safety wearing to safe user from flying objects?

  • Make a shatter shield, and make a better way to mount base plates, so they wont shift while your pressing stuff..could even make a rudimentary mill, or drill press, or whatnot out of it

  • I'm imPressed?

  • I think u need a bigger shed/workshop

  • Hi Colin do you have a link to the hydraulic pump supplier great build.

  • You should also start class for students


  • please get something to protect you in case something explodes. If the Hydraulic Press Channel is anything to go by, a hydraulic press can be dangerous. I know you aren't dealing with those kind of materials and aren't putting out that degree of pressure but safety first.

  • Hi colin, love this video, whats the chance of you putting up a detailed list of all the parts from flowfit, id love to make a press like this myself

  • You aren't really supposed to say this when you're straight, but I love you Colin! PS. Don't tell my wife.

  • Mean up and down speed

  • How to make fast speed of hydraulic system

  • You should Make a hydraulic volt door on...something

  • How we reducing power in lift canal and lift more water ????

  • Are you able to lift water through hydraulic pressure so we lift 100000 kg water up to 272 meters in less power ????

  • The hydraulic press channel: breathing heavily

    • Hydraulic press channel has a 150 ton press. Furses is about 10 tons. My company has a 1500 ton press

  • What's the name of this machine and where can I get it from

  • Well, I do not mass-exchange bearings, etc. So I prefer a manual press in order to feel how the pressed material responds, not to break anything. Useless project

  • did he use MAG welding for this?

  • I want this guy to make some rosin, bet he would be killer at it

  • I like work with you

  • Can you include a link where you got your pump?

  • Românii pe aici?

  • most creative man I've ever seen

  • I don't like the word noises u make

  • Can I use drump truck cylinder for power press

  • I wish you showed how to wire it up because I am a tech nerd lol

  • no protection as always :))

  • This Machine is absolutely smashing

  • My (passenger boarding bridge) lifting cylinder is automatically descend slowly slowly. The bridge is shutdown from 3 months. Please suggest me solution for it. Thanks.

  • Hi Colin today I will give you the greatest chance of your life, I offer you to collaborate with me to make a really cool video. If you are as cool as you think you are, take this one chance. I look forward to hearing from you

  • General;Mente se busca matrices 🌍Diácono ☇

  • Ok Colin, in the moray motor museum the is a bicycle with a 1930 Austin ruby engine 850cc, how about a replica

  • u r quite creative guy. may b one day u build iron man suit

  • You should build yourself a nice hydraulic power pack using a power steering pump from your favorite vehicle lol. You could even weld the frame together using that cars alternator... hell, you could even supply your workshops compressed air tank using an air conditioner compressor from said car lol. See a theme here? I'm having a blast doing the same thing lol, it gives your shop a very "post apocalyptic" look. I'm going to be putting together my dream here soon, just thought I'd share haha

  • Make a metal hot dog

  • I really don't think this is safe. Some pieces could start flying towards you. You only need some bad luck and you could be permanently blind. It's so easy to put see-through panel in front

  • 1:46 he looks like,offbrand gorden Ramsey

  • #5:06 Colin has went weird mode

  • how about making a phonograph?

  • Binod

  • He just sent a shot to all electricians in the world😂

  • Unlike glass, which may attract dirt, the stainless-steel cable doesn’t easily get dirty. Maintenance mainly involves washing with soapy water every 1-2 months, and the occasional tightening of the wires. Their durability also means you perform fewer repairs on your railing. Best stainless steel cable railing ropes-

  • 2:08 guy in the song said "fuck" and you didn't sensor it out

  • That hydraulic arm looks like a third arm for a tractor🤔

  • Make a museum with all your creations.

  • Montage video

  • Welcome to Hydraulic Press Channel: English Edition (English as in England, not the dialect)

  • Keep doin, it mate , entertainment & inspiration , rock on , happy spanners .

  • This is why I watch stuff on ISchats. You ground the tig tungsten in the cordless drill chuck. Brilliant!


  • Tank challenge with mastermilo

  • Nobody knows the names of the music Collin plays.

  • Soooooo cool😎

  • Sweet baby jebus!

  • Wow amazing !! Love from India ♥️♥️

  • How are the ryobi battery tools? I have dewalt but they are all heavy due to nicd batteries and the charge doesn't last long

  • I can only hear Jeremy Clarkson.......POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

  • Gulp....this is bigger than both of us Batman.......I think you've gone on overkill with that hydro set-up for a 10 ton press. I just bought a 10 ton bench top press and will go the hydraulic addon too, but with a small 12 volt unit just to get the ram down quickly......maybe the hydro unit will pump to 10 tons but I don't think it's only rated at 18 mega pascals.

  • Give me hyd menu fould press 250 ton

  • Your plumbing skills are going to come in handy for this project!

  • nice video . can this be made to punch press for punching small holes in stainless steel sheet metal ?

  • Wires are interesting...arnt you allowed to show it

  • I'd love to see this surrounded by crushed T-800 bits! 😁💖

  • 10:48 engineering kid 😂😂😁

  • Great peice of kit there mate, putting my homemade one to shame! lol

  • Colin turns in to the new hydraulic press channel

  • is there any place where you have uploaded list of the parts you have :D


  • Welkam to ze hydraulik press Chanel...

  • I never thought watching a plumber doing plumbing could be so entertaining

  • 1:33 oooof

  • Hi Colin, can you include the setup equipment details for the hydraulic press please. The cylinder, pump and oil reservoir. thanks.

  • I know how to make the ultimate safety tie... no bull it will safe countless people lives and so simple... and no its not made from metal

  • Old Colin: 1:03 this is a great excuse to tidy all this crap Future Colin : does a video about the workshop and there is still crap

  • You should make the worlds largest hydraulic press

  • This makes me think you're alright. Thanks man.

  • Where do you buy that hydraulic press?

  • Never ceased to amaze me that you still have all your limbs and digits and two working eyes! Its 2020 and I know right now you have a legitimate reason for not having PPE, but come on!😂

  • Should of manufactured a new frame instead of ruining a perfectly good press!

  • Funny, that's what I said at the preschool

  • what is the motor and pump please

  • What did he keep from the old press except the fame, he could have just built a new one

    • The frame is the part he needed

  • Any chance of getting more information on the pressure bypass and flow restricting valves and how you plumbed it all?

  • The imagination of this man is amazing

  • Was that a trailer plug he used? !

  • Green and yellow to brown? 🤔