Birt 30 júl 2020
My first journey into wood gas has been quite a ride, but will work.....
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  • Well this was a journey, I've got a way better design in me but I love the trail and error and I know you like seeing it all to, stay tuned for the ultimate garden swing. Limit stock available on the merch so get it quick www.colinfurzeshop.com

    • Make a grass powered lawnmower

    • Who made you so creative?

    • Please can you make a video of gasifier with measurement and a finest detail of chamber ?

    • See if you can make a gasifier powered hillbilly machine

    • @Wyvern it would need to be dry grass, green grass has too much moisture so the steam would make combustion near impossible.

  • Super convient looking mower, :)

  • This will be perfect for when the power grid is destroyed.

  • DUUUDE You should make a grass powered lawn mower this way you have infinite power

  • He used the plants to destroy the plants

  • これいつも思うけど日本語字幕欲しい

  • Make a lawn clipping powered lawn mower

  • Not the thing we asked for, but the thing we needed

  • one mistake that all you wood gas guys keep making, replace that "air/fuel" ball valve with a needle valve.. you will have much finer control and will be able to tune much easier.

    • On reflection, A gate valve will work just as well or probably better for dirty gas like this. If you wanted to get really fancy and build your own carb to totally replace the motor's carb by having a gate valve for the air regulation and a needle valve for straight gas through a simple T or better yet Y connector directly onto the intake manifold. This would simplify the intake side of things as there are no "useless" circuits in you carb or an unneeded fuel bowl or floats to deal with. This would have the added benefit of being more like a carb in terms of tuning and a little more intuitive for anyone who is familiar with those systems (as I know you are Colin)

  • I wonder if you could bubble the woodsmoke/fuel mixture through water to cool it down and filter out some tar. Maybe put an oily solvent like lemon oil in the water. ive tried that on my... water pipes (for tobacco use only) and it really pulls the tar out if the hit.

  • I bet you could make a fortune selling that at a steampunk convention!

  • Get a wood powered chainsaw and you're going places. Preferably a place with a lot of wood.

  • Ok dude holy shit.Never seen anyone homebrew something to this level of engineering in a shed.Well done.

  • build a grass powered lawn mower next

  • Could you make a video of making fuel with plastic? it loos very interesting but all very confusing when it comes to exactly what the fuel is , is it diesel/petrol/jet fuel or a mixture of them?? and could you use it in a regular petrol car or diesel car . regardless , fuel from plastic seems rather interesting

  • He should make a wood gas powered go kart or trike or some motorized thing powered by woodgas

  • Great! - Did you remove the cylinderhead to have a look in the combustioncamber? (Tom/ Austria)

  • Me: Drinking soda at my pc Colin at the end of the video: We got some new merch, we got the holocaust Me: *nearly spits out soda all over my shit* Wait, what did he just just say? Colin: *holds up hoodie that says Hover Corps* Me: Oh, thank god... I thought my mans went off the edgy edge, he had me.

  • Anyways...

  • Gasification! Robots Everywhere (www.robots-everywhere.com) has done a lot of gasifier work in the past, pioneered some of the stuff you messed around with in fact. You might want to hit them up for a few things across the board. Matteo is good people.

  • Furze furze furze

  • I don't usually like to make movie references but... "I used the plant to destroy the plant"

  • Why are the songs always shit😭

  • Fantastic man. I've done research on biochar in the past. I helped construct a $10k worth experimental wood gassifier for industrial processing. Look up Chip Energy. They are a wood gas institute which has a 7 story mountain of wood to use as a clean fuel. I did research on what's known as BBM testing (baseline biochar metrics) and created experimental char analysis methods for gassification efficiency determination. I like it man, sometime you should reach out if you ever get the time. I'm a 19 year old entrepreneur from Illinois in the US. It would be really cool to meet someday!

  • look at cars from ww2, most had woodgas generators, i'm sure you can get some tips from there - but yeah, the journey is often the most satisfying ;-) www.lowtechmagazine.com/2010/01/wood-gas-cars.html

  • Я так и не понял для чего ета штука ;-;

  • You are the best.

  • Dubai hates this trick.

  • You should make a steam powered mower!

  • It works it works !! Hahaha his laugh is so contagious 😂🤣🤣😂

  • Have you checked out the ww2 german vehicles that ran on wood . you might find out some tricks .. Great show and keep up the awesome work

  • what about grass powered lawn mower that collects the grass to power the lawn mower

  • 0:52 "we dont need any fuel station or electricity" Dude that fan doesn't run on Wood...

  • I love this channel . I mean seriously Colin could put an electric motor on a tooth pick and it would be mad as . But he hasnt put a motor on his roller kit ????????? :P


  • häkäpönttö

  • What do your neighbors think when they see you with that

  • It would be awesome if you could add sectors in your videos like sctions of the build and the talkng and the end.

  • This looks like a meth lab mower

  • Grass powered lawn mower

  • i cut the gras every day with it

  • You better put a filter on the carb side or your gonna wreck your mower engine rings anyways man lol

  • Wood alcohol has great octane to btw ethanol combust awesome lol

  • Well if it don't cut the grass it'll make one hell of a moonshine still lol

  • *forestry 100 law clippings 100 clean air -50 ISchats likes 100* (Stfu I’m not a Karen don’t come at me)

  • I'm sure other people have already mentioned it, but if you add a bubbler and/or a condenser to catch and condense the tar, you'll still have flammable gas without so much tar

  • He's Phineas and Ferb all in one. Very talented and genius man.

  • May I join your survival team..?

  • can you do one utilizing a hydrogen generator made from an undersink clear filter system. ive made one but never figured out how to get max output and i never installed it on anything. HHO

  • Bit of an idea might not be good but gas lines have a dirt/grime collection tube that is a T joint right before it enters the burner maybe that would work for this and have another T joint down the line for air

  • I've never seen Colin without a tie on

  • Neat. Wonder if you could also use the fire as a boiler to heat water for steam as a secondary power source?

  • So pointless, yet absolutely beautiful.

  • Make a grass powered lawn mower

  • Look up Garage 54 they to convert a car to run on wood power

  • really brilliant

  • water powered lawnmower next?

  • Historical fact: During WW2, all of the petrol in NAZI Germany was given to the Army, civilian vehicles used wood gas.

  • Monowheel anyone?

  • colin try to make steam locomotive

  • this does not help global warming. Or does it solve our power needs?

  • I'm surprised they all don't come like that.

  • I wonder if passing the gas through water would do the trick on cleaning it and perhaps some kind of sludge skimming rope to pass across the water constantly removing contamination from the top of the water.

  • If you can figure out how to feed the grass cuttings into the combustion chamber youll be a millionaire

  • What an engineer: genius!

  • Make it a lawn powerd lawnmower

  • This is the most steampunk lawnmower I've ever seen.

  • Watch out Colin the CIA will be on your tail

  • Id implement a waterlock, it would wick mosture and tar from the gas. Also it needs to be big atleast 2 quarts to keep the water from getting too thick from the tar. Id look into getting some adjustable flow control valve for the air to gas mixture, i find ball valves annoying to adjust. Also the fan is kinda redundant as the engine will form a vacuum once its running. Im no expert in this but these are just my ideas.

  • what if you used the grass as gas? So you can cut the blades with the blades (of grass).

  • Biomass did it again.

  • You should have turned it into a grass power lawn mower

  • Next: Lawnmower powered Lawnmower

  • A notable wood gas operation ALL Power Labs www.allpowerlabs.com/

  • don't run this in an enclosed space ... you will die


  • electrostatic precipitator is good at cleaning of smoke, try that.

  • need a self propelled mower

  • Colin went full Doc Brown from Back to the Future when that mower cranked. 😂

  • god its so cool

  • Wood gas is awsome... Here in Czech republic during WW2 when there was a shortage of gasoline so lots of cars and buses were powered by wood gas ;-)

  • Exelente, durante las guerras mundiales se usaron vehículos y tractores impulsados por un sistema similar conocido como"gasogeno".... Muy buenos tu inventos llevados a videos , saludos desde Uruguay.

  • Petition to colinfurge to find solution to global warming.

  • you need to filter the smoke with a hose going into water like a bong. your welcome

  • The mos steampunk lawn mower I've ever seen

  • me: does your dog bite? friend: no but he can hurt you in other ways dog: colinfurze doesn't use his own inventions me: (╥_╥)

  • now then its time steam power lawn mower now

  • colinfurze should make his own company that sells gas powered lawn mowers and there is a subscription to get wood monthly!! OwO

  • me: make a wood farm, thinking he actually cant do it colinfurze: **my whole life has been leading to this**

  • The steampunk lawn mower.

  • Gaskammer?

  • wood generator

  • Grass powered lawnmower

  • Water filtration works for tar. Aka a bong.

  • can you bubble the gas through a water tank to capture the tar more effectively?

  • Now all he needs is a Lawn powered chainsaw and he has (in an ideal world) infinite run time.

  • should have been thought of in 1896 for trains

  • Brilliant 👍

  • Make a car

  • Next make a grass powered lawn mower or a wood powered chainsaw