Birt 30 júl 2020
My first journey into wood gas has been quite a ride, but will work.....
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  • Well this was a journey, I've got a way better design in me but I love the trail and error and I know you like seeing it all to, stay tuned for the ultimate garden swing. Limit stock available on the merch so get it quick www.colinfurzeshop.com

    • Stoked to see the full size bunker generator; Furze style!, in which I mean pro.. practical in this application would obviously be more appropriate.

    • use water bubbler to catch the tar!

    • Colin I do this at home and the tar is from the softwood if you put some hardwood like maple or oak it’ll burn hotter and a lot less tar! I do this for melting metal mostly aluminum but I’ve never tried it on a mower, that’s super cool! Also I love you channel and the stuff you do is amazing!

    • When you project water vapor (+ 100 ° c) on iron heated to about 800 ° c, this separates the hydrogen and the oxygen that makes up the water ! oxygen will combine with iron and give magnetic oxide, and dihydrogen will enter the cylinders! FORMULA : 3 Fe (3 iron atoms heated to about 800 ° c) + 4 H2O (4 water molecule heated to more than 100 ° c) will give Fe3O4 (Magnetic oxide) + 4 H2 (4 hydrogen molecule) + 38,000 calories / gram With 38,000 calories / gram, there is far more energy than it takes to heat 1 gram of water and 1 gram of iron (containing billions of atoms and molecules) to the right temperature to perform steam cracking! Plan of the pantone reactor: www.econologie.com/plan-original-moteur-pantone/ We recover the calories from the engine (exhaust gas) to heat an iron rod centered in a tube, connected to the intake, and to heat an added jar of water! It works very well with gasoline or diesel engines which do not have electronics (injectors etc)!

    • You could combine your gasifier with a pantone reactor (water steam cracking)! In the department of yonne (89) in France, a mechanic who had installed a pantone reactor on his car, changed his cylinder head gasket, and it was noticed that the motor was completely descaled! With a pantone engine, not only do you run in water, but the engine regains power, and its lifespan is extended!

  • Say gosh

  • the Nazi's made a tank that ran on wood in the 1940's during World War II

  • Biggest surprise??? Not the sort of work you expect to see people doing while wearing a tie. haha

  • Man someone should have called Project Farm!

  • Generator version needed............

  • Maybe you can let it run on grass, that would be circulair at its max

  • The government hates him now

  • 10:18,me when my crush replies.

  • Grass powered lawn mower?

  • Chris jericho?

  • I live to love wood gas!

  • He knows to much "they" are watching

  • Also what do you think of pyrolysis

  • Any updates on this?

  • Now make a grass powered chainsaw

  • nice for apocalypse times

  • He should put a big electric motor on a golf cart

  • This guys awsome. Thank God for UK and Warhammer 40k and This guy. Best things to ever come from there.

  • next lawn powerd lawn mower

  • Can we have a grass powered one

  • But wheres is the Oil?

  • Wood powered jet engine

  • Great vid ! I think the first design could have been good enough. The tar issue is because you filled the reactor with 100% wood. To make it work normally, either you have to fill the reactor with charcoal, from the grate until the air intake. And the rest you can add wood Or if you fill with 100% wood, you have to wait until the wood below the air intake is converted into charcoal, in other words you have to pyrolyse the wood below the air intake, which produces a lot of water and tar during this period. Once the wood is converted into charcoal, the gas will be good and clean, and you can turn on the engine !

  • Putting that set up on a riding mower would give you more pay load and space to put bigger a filter on

  • use water bubbler to catch the tar!

  • That intro looks like the Germans brainstorming on how to deal with their camps getting full in 1942.

  • An oil filter might have worked on cleaning the wood gas.

  • Or grass powered would be awesome

  • As a lawnmower mechanic this upsets me

  • Keep up the great work Colin lovin it mate

  • Is that the new channel of the post-apocalyptic inventor?

  • So much welding and metal work without eye protection or gloves I feel the need to downvote even tough it's may favourite of his vids.

  • That was cool, now you just need to run it on gas from burning lawn clippings.

  • Should’ve made it a grass powered lawn mowers

  • You could combine your gasifier with a pantone reactor (water steam cracking)! In the department of yonne (89) in France, a mechanic who had installed a pantone reactor on his car, changed his cylinder head gasket, and it was noticed that the motor was completely descaled! With a pantone engine, not only do you run in water, but the engine regains power, and its lifespan is extended!

  • you can run on water ( hydrogène by vapocracking )

  • Hey, did you know that burning also produces water vapor.

  • Haven't watched the video, never heard of the channel before, I just read "wood powers lawn mower". No question asker I'm now subscribe and looking forward for more.

  • Cetek geni

  • Ndak paham boso mu aku

  • Coba bahasa nya bahasa Indonesia

  • hola !! pudiste avanzar mas en el gasificador ? quiero hacer uno para mi grupo generador de electricidad. saludos ariel soto de argentina

  • Imagine a smokers lung now.

  • This is a bit good engineering and crazy at the same time. I love it. I can see myself mowing my lawn with such a contraption..

  • Lawn mower, powered by grass.

  • It's like all steampunk now lol

  • These will help the invironment at last gasoline engine is save

  • Now make a grass powered lawn mower

  • 1 year dry birch less tar i think or hardwood in general

  • classically, an engineer is not supposed to wear a tie

  • why dont you just burn the grass you just harvested

  • how dose he come up with this ?

  • and now make a lawn powered lawnmower

  • Came here for the neat/funny idea, But I wanted to say nice fucking work and beautiful shop!

  • uses a GAS powered blow torch to start it. Cool build though

  • Use sand or fine grained charcoal in the filter instead of wood chips

  • Does it work with shredded cheese?

  • Finally. A sustainable efficient fast way to mow lawns

  • now make one that runs off lawn clippings.

  • Dudes making the future for the ozone layer

  • There is going to be a problem one day because the wood cellulose breaks down to the oils and what burns will gum up inside the cylinder walls of the engine of the lawn mower and can cause engine failure.

  • Can I get some blueprints?

  • Ay gov when ya gonna put a mota on ya sheet metal rolla ?😳

  • colin as you already have your fuel in a gaseous form you don't need the carburettor all you need are the two valves that adjust the fuel to air mixture that you built onto it and a choke plate before the air inlet

  • That royal blood rip though

  • "Honey, can you go out and mow the lawn please." "Yeah, in a few weeks, just gotta make the mower run off wood first."

  • SELF PERPETUATING LAWN MOWER! Make it run on grass cuttings!

  • This contraption may not cure the new strain of COVID-19 but it surely cures some lockdown boredom.. Insulate your heatbox for more intense heat. Prewarm the air then let the warm air get sucked through the fuel. (will warmup the fuel and may help with water content. Thermally decouple your stages to prevent conducted heat and again increase temperature of primary burn. Let gravity do its thing and try to create a vortex ( bit like cyclonic vacuum cleaners) to spin of PM. (maybe an old dyson funnel) Use pellet fuel as the MC an caloric values may be more constant during development.

  • Your werid

  • Hello Collin, am wondering if you could make a gasoline gasifier to run a lawnmower ??? Thanks and have yourself a Happy New Year too. Vic

  • You need to make a wood powerd Go-kart... that would be fun

  • Mans just solved the gas crisis

  • Now that's awesome

  • I was hoping a steam power mower because of the torque they produce it amazing even compared to a electric car

  • Try filtering the smoke through water it will help cool it and clean it @ the same time.

  • Love your taste in Welding Helmets and Jackets!

  • Curious... I wonder if its possible to bottle it, so you can just fill a tank and use it on a car or something... >_>

  • The most steam punk thing I have ever seen. I approve!

  • Your lawn is short enough. It doesn't need cutting.

    • but I had the mower working lol

  • Music sucks

  • Can you power it with grass clippings?

  • Better make it work on grass

  • Okay Colin, can you recalibrate your mower to run on mowed grass?

  • This song sucks

  • should make in run on grass

  • in 20 years he goes "lets make our own nuclear powered powergrid"

  • You need to make a grass powered lawn mower

  • I would consider trying to run this on a 2 cycle engine. Tar may act as a good lube instead of the oil. and far less moving parts inside the engine.

  • The world is a better place because people like Colin exist in it. Thank you

  • Great video! You're very innovative

  • who understand everything???

  • Now, if you could only invent a GRASS POWERED LAWN MOWER you might be onto something! LOL

  • Congratulations, 😁😁😁😁

  • I guess you could also power it with dried grass... *GRASS POWERED LAWN MOYER*

  • “It’s alive, it alive”!

  • It runs on wood but you have to start it with butane lol

  • Finally, I can feel posher than my neighbors in the morning

  • 1990: "In the future we will have flying cars!" 2021: Wood power cars.

  • try to make a lawn mower that runs on grass