Making the Hulkbuster Part 2 - Body Arms and hips

Birt 26 apr 2018
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So here we have part 2 in my eBay Hulkbuster build and we have big Hydraulic Arms n chest with my beautiful track I plasma cut, see next video for the reveal and find out whats in the arms.
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  • Colin’s delivery guy must have hired three extra hernias during this project!

  • Make the land speeder hover

  • May chanel make robot from scrap metal

  • seems a bit over-built

  • Id be terrafyed to get caught in the turret monster on this thing lol the tankers or tank enthusiasts will know what im talking about by turret monster lol

  • I'm a bit in awe of your skills Colin.

  • I have a request would this be an appropriate platform to do this?

  • ........You know...right now i am crying, your work...your work is amazing, you have got the skill the humour the everything bless you. You and your team bring things to life. i am speachless.........

  • Who's the guy helping out,Rob I think I heard?he looks like you,or you look like him...he's also a ringer for Cain Dingle

  • 3:37 Predicted 2020.

  • We are doing an ebay only challange! *Orders the figure off amazon*

  • I'm your biggest fan

  • 10:35 "I am Ironman" *Dies* Hmmm seems familiar

  • Would you rather be with Collin in a zombie apocalypse or Elon musk

  • Hi

  • Looks like my CAD models. hahaha

  • I wish I could be this smart but I haven't even had my first day of 7th grade.

  • This is genesis and to think that I get to see to of my favorite youtubers interacting with each other is amazing! 🤩😀

  • 3:34 a fortune perhaps?

  • Бля не понимаю что говорит, но очень интересно

  • 10:01 "直柄燕尾槽铁刀"

  • I came here literally for the shoulder joint , the extra one you decided to leave out . Can anyone help me to find a place where i can see an example of how to do that joint ?

    • @Nelson Glover cool thanks

    • If you go on James Brutons site xrobots he’s probably done something with a proper shoulder

  • real life tony stark

  • 10:34 I can’t handle the chaotic energy

  • I should have gotten into welding and metal fabrication. You would have given me so much money.

  • FTA shirt !!!!!! 00:54

  • Is it me or do I just don’t understand a word he says??

  • Der Mensch hat Energie ohne Ende, tolle Arbeit!👍👏

  • He find a Turbo jet,unbelievable his ideas...

  • Imagine what Colin furze nighbors are thinging

  • “We don’t want to be touching ourselves” XD

  • His music sucks

  • This guy sees things like Legos

  • Colin furze must be the easiest dad to shop for on father's day. Tools and ties

  • I want this dude to make some real life T-45 power armor from fallout 4

  • We're in the endgame now

  • pls call me +94777174564.. srilanka

    • You just put your number on the internet, how dumb are you?

  • I died when he showed his “cad” drawing and every dimension was a question mark 😂😂 oh and one just said inches 🤣

  • For everyone's sake please figure out how to manage volume throughout the video

  • He's like Tony Stark, but not a billionaire

  • 9:56 when you put the wrong type of mushroom on your pizza

  • The real iron man

  • What is the circuit uncle please say

  • If a war starts. The government has requisitioned you for the war effort. Btw Where does he keep everything?

  • What a lucky kid!!! He has the coolest dad in the world!! 😋

  • 0:28 Soy Face

  • well well...

  • you're same size

  • make a walking you - clone waking talking

  • the government will take it

  • He killed that iron man toy😂😂😭

  • Haha the Thor cameo had me laughing

  • I think your next reject should be an army suit that can lift strong objects like cars off the ground and had nad crazy strength

  • I cant even complete my lego kit and Im single. What hope do I have in this world?

  • 11:08 sometimes this guy looks old and sometimes he looks so young

  • Other youtubers might show the whole process of making it to make the video longer but colin dont want us to be bored so he just cut it

  • I think this kid barely realizes how awesome his dad is


  • 10:45 - Amazing prediction right there, mate...

  • Moon is life 9:58

  • You put the song in reverse 8:18

  • Just started watching this dude, man it's so good lmfao 10:34 got me xD

  • 10:48 R.I.P. Iron man We condelence

  • This guy is awesome so awesome

  • New web series: Colin and Ferb Colin what can we do today? Colin: idk. Im pretty bored. Lets build an fucking huge hulkbuster in my freak'n garage🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The real Tony stark

  • Nice

  • Disclaimer: Try not to look at the welding light, not good for you people.

    • Nah it burns through the eyelids too there’s no pojnt

  • Colns accurut drawing! jajajajaja

  • This is so amazing. Keep doing what your doing

  • Anyone watching this in the quarantine

  • Don't lose your head, Stark

  • Can this guy get any cooler in my estimation? Maybe he can - we've had zombie apocalypse stuff, we've had star wars epic stuff - now I'm onto his secret identity - he's really Tony Stark it's official because he has built an actual real live Hulkbuster!!!! Whhaaaattttt? Oh yeah baby!

  • Not monetized huh

  • Man the positive attitude this dude has... I'm sure he's gonna live for a very long time

  • I thought your name is Colin Furze but obviously your Tony Stark

  • This idiot killed iron man again.....very bad.

  • Ebay advertising level 1000000000

  • You are Iron Man....

  • This guy is of his rocker😂😂😂😂

  • Make an IronMan suit.

  • What must your neighbours think!? Hahaha Great job fella!

  • *В рахе бы его в тюрьме давно сгноили бы* Внатуре живем как на зоне

  • ผมเป็นคนไทยคนนึงที่กดติดตามช่องนี้ แต่ฟังไม่รู้เรื่อง ผมชอบดูเรื่องแบบนี้มากๆ ชอบครับ.

  • 😲😲😲😲

  • Build a sandcrawler with only parts from ebay

  • Where's the part 3 mate?

  • I feel like he could do alot better one now because we have vr so him and his mate could rig it up so when u move ur head it moves the figures head and the oculus rift x has finger sensors so you could use them to move the fingers

  • 0:30 but I'm pretty sure could figure it out in a few hours!

  • To much complexity and science for me

  • you need your own tv show colin

  • Hii sir I are u I love you are from

  • Põem a legenda em português 😘

  • We can't touch ourselves can we? : Colinfurze 2018

  • 9:35 automatic subtitles

    • glad i wasn't the only one to notice that

  • The last part

  • the 1.1k that disliked this video are the ones who saw iron mans head come off in a lathe

  • you are the best!!! Bravo!!!!!!!

  • Оззи

  • De que planeta eres amigo sorprendente lo que tu haces