Hulkbuster Extra - Making Power fist +

Birt 10 maí 2018
So there was a few bits that didn't make the previous videos and a few questions answered so as "when will it walk" .
Now this mammoth task is done its back to making some furze contraptions n vehicles but if you missed the previous episodes see links below.
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Part 2
Part 3
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  • Here we have some bits I didn't fit in to the other videos that I thought were worth showing, also this project took so long I've only just started the next ones as a one person channel these things can take a while. See you in next videos where we will return to some more Roots like builds MUHAHAHAHA

    • Love the video's keep it up

    • colinfurze is maybe not so smart because when he made the channel he didn’t think to use capital letters

    • colinfurze amazing

    • #colinfurze hey I have an idea for your next project. Have you heard of a Arcaboard . You should try to make one by yourself. Looks cool!

    • colinfurze colinfurze can u please do robot wars or battle bots please

  • Budget Tony stark haha I love it

  • your like the backyard scientists

  • how dooes that desing program calles

  • Too bad titanium wasn't so expensive, it would be awesome to make it out of a lighter material. Still - it is fantastic.

  • He now has 10m

  • How is there under 1K comments?

  • Hey Colin. Could you tell me where you got that radius curve measurement tool from? I can only find it from an American supplier. Could really do with that at work! We have 5 rolling machines....

  • Sooo basically its nemesis from residant evil 3

  • Once again! Rick is using the roller, and it's raining! This is like the fourth time I've seen it, and I can't recall a single time they did not happen together.

  • Just wait for the power loader

  • Hey Colin! I think I have an idea on how you can make the hulkbuster walk I think what you have to do is spread the legs and have bigger sized feet. That way it can be balanced. I got this idea from the game "Batman Arkham Knight" with the Riddler robot that he was controlling If you spread the legs more, and get bigger feet then I think it would least I THINK

  • I’m coming to this guy in a zombie apocalypse

  • lol wow you are like a nuttier version of tony effing stark XD

  • just watched the video where you burned down the wall which lead me to the first video you did where you built the wall. point being you started your ISchats career just building a stunt wall for motorbikes built out of pallets and plywood and now you built this awesome thing. point being, in another 11 years you will be building some kind of science fiction teleportation type shit let alone a hulk buster that can walk with a person inside. you truly are living the life Collin.

  • make chains then you have a tank

  • Nice work Colin 😉👍

  • I love your hoodie😍

  • Your the real Tony stark

  • The real life Tony Stark is him

  • I have been coming up with bps or drawing for a armored suit almost like iron man but thicker just having problems with the arm shoulder sockets and upper leg sockets it would be more like a anthem (video game) suit then anything

  • Anyone here in 2018

  • Amazing

  • You're some kind of fricken genius! I don't know how you come up with this stuff, simply brilliant, I love it.

  • He should be iron man instead.

  • @colinfurze would you ever make a robot to take on robot wars if you had the chance if so would you make one on the channel just randomly for all us to see how it would turn out ?

  • Yeah finally wearing a hoodie! Fits much better!

  • Nice dres

  • Once you make these, what do you do with them??

  • gênio

  • Clip hay nhưng nói nhiều quá...toàn thấy nói là nói...

  • least hated youtuber, most loved

  • Etnies

  • Bet he maked the wanka machines that "Kinda" work, the ones that have not been 100% perfect lol Sorry Mike T.V. And the rest of yous. Your deformity will be a life time struggle.

  • Furze Industries

  • *3:50** Program?*

  • U look like blonde doctor who

  • Build a iron shoe

  • There can't walk

  • Kid playing inside the hulk buster: what does this button do? Oops ( Punches through the wall)

  • 1:06 the best part😂

  • 5:06

  • Cadê os brasileiros?

  • Great

  • power fist me daddy

  • Yo haven't been apirng in my sub box why

  • BROfist

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  • Put him on caterpillar tracks Colin

  • For 10 million subs set off a nuke

  • Я нихрена не знаю английский, но смотрю все выпуски.

  • Now make a supercharged lawnmower

  • You should make a Star Wars clone wars era at-te

  • Loving your channel when do we get to meet all the Furze family

  • Can you build a suit a Metal suit wich have something secret like a hidden knife or a little Rocker gun

  • Colin!! You are on a dutch newspaper for teens!! I flipped when i saw it! Pin dis plz.

  • very really

  • Everytime i watch furze i just feel like im getting adhd and my energy is jacked.

  • The etnies sweatshirt though

  • Hy Colin! Why didn't you put the video from television show motor heads???

  • Pepakura !

  • 3:17 call the emergency for me please...


  • hi Colin I reckon you should do a Wallace and Gromit dresser that dresses Wallace in the morning

  • #colinfurze hey I have an idea for your next project. Have you heard of a Arcaboard . You should try to make one by yourself. Looks cool!

  • Can you make a personal submarine?

  • Pls build a tank who can shot ! Plssss

  • build a racing mower

  • I'm in the market for some new power tools. Are you sponsored by ryobi or would you recommend them mate. Great vids btw

  • The outro still gets me every time

  • Nice little bonus Extras vid,Colin.Cant wait to see your next project!

  • You are living in 3018

  • скажи 8 раз ёлка

  • Faz uma arma futurista pra mim ?

  • Colin could you try making some kind of net launcher

  • can you make an iron man suit

  • i think army should hire him :D

  • es un muy buen trabajo ezfuerzo y empeño que genial conlinfurse saludos desde Peru el el mejor en youtube tu videos son geniales

  • Make an infinity gauntlet

  • Dear Mr. Furze I was thinkng that you maybe can bulid the first gigant magnetic dinamo ever made, for endless energy in your house... just maybe is an idea... Regards form Mexicoooooo.

  • make a replica of Scp-173 with the exact materials that was used to create it

  • 14 seconds in and already subbed

  • Don't be ridiculous, making him walk is complicated and too dangerous even for the impeccable safety tie. There is really only one sensible and safe way to make the Hulkbuster move and that is on a pogostick.

  • I just realized the main character in pubg stole your look :/

  • кто по русски шпарит?

  • I liked the channel too much too much too well that I found a channel like this plus one subscriber

  • Хто русский

  • Mong anh khi nào sẽ qua thăm Việt Nam

  • Infinity gauntlet please make

  • colinfurze cj

  • r6

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  • you should make a double decker couch

  • When will it walk

  • Add instant nitrogen freezer to the fist

  • Faz uma armadura que anda que anda que a que vc vez a Hulk bast

  • Stop at 1:29:))

  • Pls make a tank

  • Please follow and subscribe to the channel kwili his videos so different and sweet

  • You need to make it walk now.