BBQ Grass 2stroke Bubbles HotTub Car Final Touches

Birt 17 sep 2017
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The Last stage of converting the amazing E30 in to a drivable Hot Tub is adding the extras so we have a BBQ in the boot, leaf blowers for the bubbles and artificial grass to give it that head turning garden appeal.
I found all these products on google advertisers sites as this project is for Googles new advert which they asked me to build something for.
Last Part where you actually see it drive is out on Thurzsday the 21st
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  • Well it's got a bit strange but I think boot mounted BBQ's could be a thing, putting the grass on was tough as I with what seems like the rest of the world LOVE E30's but this is now no normal car so needs to stand out and make it's own story and as it's a hot tub it just makes sense, Video of me driving is out on Thurzeday 21st so sub click the notification bell so not to miss it BOOM

    • make it a commercial product everone would wana buy this

    • Not bad

    • All the artificial grass must have cost an arm and a leg...

    • I've seen an entire van covered in grass

    • @Diana Calderon no taste.

  • His neighbors must be like “what’s he done today”

  • Are you Gordon Ramsay

  • That Grass looks better than those daft Wraps folk spend Money on.

  • you're crazy but cool!!!🤪

  • Have we all seen the very first cool and smart bmw owner?

  • I just realized the playbutton

  • No collin you should have made the bubble maker things look like twin turbos on the front

  • Just imagine seeing this, rolling down the road, people sitting in the hot tub car, some eating bbq, one on the grill, and the car is covered in grass

  • Imagine if the grass cached fire 🔥 good bye car

  • THIS WAS THREE YEARS AGO NOW! Surely it isn't that long ago

  • you combined fire water earth and wind in one car

  • I have a question do you Build everything and you don’t wanna answer that do you use the building after you watch the video

  • Why on earth is a bbq not standard on ALL BMW's????

  • Finally a good use of a BMW 😜

  • 😂

  • J was hoping you were gonna put grass on the rims, mirrors and window trim. That would make such a great tailgate car! Its awesome just like everything you do!

  • Colin is kinda like a kid

  • The grass ruined it

  • can we go over how many drills he has

  • I wish he have chosen other cars to work with

  • When a dog tries to pee on your car What you see: Car What dog sees:


  • I was expecting him to say at some point "just a minute I need to go mow my car!" LMAOOO!!!!

  • Mobile back yard

  • But rust

  • Him welds Me my eyes

  • BMG Bayrische Motoren Grille

  • how much for it

  • Another good way to drain the car would be a water cannon

  • What a waste.

  • That car is best you like about garden moving

  • BMW e30 is the best car

  • Furzeday lol

  • TÜV sagt Nein

  • Wait if you put a propane tank in the back doesn't that me your gonna explode if someone rear-ends you? Ya know, just sayin.

  • Me watching this video at two AM •-•

  • The backyard car

  • You should have put the roof on

  • It is good but I don’t know if it is street legal

  • You are very amazing Sir. Great Work

  • imagine being his neighbor

    • I would join him in his made projects

  • I hope that this is street legal because that would be awesome!

  • is this even legal to drive in the streets

  • 4:14 - Don't get hit from behind.

  • I want that car.

  • You forgot to install p_trap drain🙆‍♂️😹😹😹

  • All that work and he could have just used Flex Seal !

  • This is a fire hazard on wheels

  • Where can I get this rap tho? Kinda digging it.

  • lol what if somone accidentslly rams the back of the car with that big gas can thing that,s dangerous

  • Familia peluche car 😂😂😅

  • 4:20 where can i get such shirt?

  • perfect corona car...

  • u r Amazing

  • Damn you can Tig stainless good.....

  • Nobody: Colin: Now we need to add grass😂😂

  • Colin makes the safest death machines mankind has ever e seen

  • Colins freind: Can you help me fix my car? Colin: Sure! Later that week: This...

  • I wonder what laws this breaks if any although surely it's gotta break some law

  • "your ass is grass" no my car is

  • Colin imagine getting pulled over cuz of a garden on wheels

  • A cunning idea, or a cunning plan?

  • man i feel bad for the e30

  • You should have called this “Making my car into a backyard”

  • It's all fun and games until someone decides to piss in the car

  • Wonderful

  • I think the grass ruined it

  • Looks like pimp mobile only carpet is outside car and shaggy carpet is not pink, but green.

  • Warping a car to a whole new level

  • Yianni....are you watching?????

  • I know this is old now but it’s a miracle that thing didn’t get rear ended and pull a ford pinto.

  • this is the kind of thing tht i would expect to see at a 4th of July Parade

  • Dude i am crying :'( It's my dream car, a BMW 325i e30

  • If the car was a Volkswagen, it would bring a new definition to the word Kübelwagen

  • This man is one of the coolest people I’ve ever seen

  • When your listening to Collin furz and you have to deal with the brrittish rock n the background

  • He forgot to cut a hole for the gas pump

  • The music is so bad, it makes this video so cringe

  • 'Doesn't believe in waste' hey? What about every time he filled up that car and then drained it on the road?

  • Ghillie suit for cars

  • You didn’t purge the stainless steel 😖😖

  • This thing even still legal to drive?

  • In my opinion it was really cool until he put the grass on

  • He covered the gas cap to refuel

  • Bill Nye anyone?

  • Better than the m3

  • cops: “pulls you over” him: *sir, well see, it’s complicated*

  • Remember when bill nye made the grass car 😂 this is what brought back that memory

  • This background music is causing me a brain tumor

  • B-M-Griddle-U hahahahaha. Superb project

  • Anyone else watching this in quarantine?

  • I think the park wouldn't mind if u just put a checkerd carpet on top of it

  • he got that nam grasss dudee

  • Pimp my ride: we heard you liked BBQs and Garden parties.

  • is there anything else dis car can do Colin: Yes

    • It can _drive_

  • Colin: came Rick: what kind Colin:40 kg fake grass Rick: 0_o

  • Next add a 3RD exhaust pipe that blows bubbles!

  • Friends: do you have a man cave? Me an intellectual: Man Cave Mobile M.C.M

  • This is the man cave mobile