BMW Hot Tub

Birt 21 sep 2017
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The Spa Car, BMBubbleU Jacruzii or Convertapool what ever name you give it this thing is 2 ton of fun on wheels.
The E30 has done itself proud in taking the extra weight and abuse thats been thrown at it but why, well its all for Googles new ad as with most things everything starts with a search.
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Part 2
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  • Deserves 12M views I can tell ya colinfurze

  • 1:19

  • you are crazy man

  • FUCK this channel👍👍so Huge

  • For that bmw am do sad fhe history of cars. Stupid to do stuff like to this

  • we didnt need it but we got it

  • You dumbass... People like you don't deserve even a bullock cart. Chutiya

  • Now that's british.

  • the *boomermobile*

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  • This is soo gay

  • taking carpooling to another level. maybe 2 levels.

  • "John! That weird guy is driving his BMW hot tub again!"

  • Top Gear: British Leyland cars full of water around the track Colin: BMW hot tub Colin wins!

  • millonarios aburridos

  • Confetti car!

  • it's a submarine for fish

  • How much does the car cost I WANT IT

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  • it is a bmw e30

  • Thats my dream car its a E30i bmw

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  • Poor car

  • Let's imagine that he was going quickly and to stop behind a car that was also a convertible, he brakes abruptly and the water creates a kind of wave that hits the car in front of him.

  • Why?

  • Not sure if this Boat is Sea Legal :)

  • I aspire to be as cool as this man

  • You are the ultimate mad lad

  • Cool car


  • not as good as yours but you inspired me

  • why is his water blue?

  • Türkiyed'e olsa jakuzi vergisi alırlar.

  • A old bmw, what a legend.

  • i like that the car is a manual to lol

  • Cop: What are you doing? Colin: carpooling

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  • Hayata bak amk XD Türkler olarak yine ekonomiden üzgünüz :D

  • 1989 GREY BMW 325I CABRIOLET getting rare those cars and he used it for a bath tub

  • It is a very funny and cool

  • Grass may die because of the strong liquid soap.

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  • Well he's having fun

  • 1:12 あーもう冷たい‼︎

  • Everybody: BMWS ARE UNRELIABLE Colinfurze: *Allow me to show you what this unreliable car can do*

  • e30 325i

  • It would suck if when he was driving the water would get in his eyes

  • it hurts me to look at it

  • fake

  • My dad was wondering what car the pedals came from originally. He noticed they aren’t from the BMW

  • But this is weird

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  • Why you so ugly

  • When the radio automatically turns on... BOOM

  • How is this only 2 years old

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  • I wish you would sell these

  • Amazing

  • E30 rip

  • This is a whole party and a half

  • 2020: Guys, Pool time! 2030: Guys, BMW time!

  • I like the idea really much! The car is so cool! But it's kinda sad that it's a BMW E30 and it's kind of a rare and expensive car

  • Aren’t those the Heating coil going to burn you

  • What if you made a SUBMARINE car? Could you do that?

  • Jggg

  • 2:52 Cameraman be like: *i am speed*

  • you are crazy my dude

  • What car pools should be like

  • r/cursedimages

  • Be careful when ur driving....its dangerous please be serious abt tht

  • There was a buy one link when he was testing the car. I want to buy one of these

  • Ruined the whole car

  • When you ask why a kid is soaking wet when he’s dropped at school by his dad. This is the awnser not rain.

  • this guy is a literal madlad

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    • fuck off and let us enjoy this video

  • Is this thing street legal?

  • This would be so much better if he had the Bluetooth hose

  • That's dumb

  • Wow. A literal carpool...

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  • Your like inches away from an amphibious car. KEEP GOING!!

  • This is so gloriously silly. I can’t help but smile watching it

  • Imagine just one cop could ruin this fun in one light switch so British this video is it is unbelievable

  • 命がけの運転

  • How does it still drive

  • Kids in Africa

  • This is the best thing I have ever seen.

  • Is this stuff legal??

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