BMW Hot Tub

Birt 21 sep 2017
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The Spa Car, BMBubbleU Jacruzii or Convertapool what ever name you give it this thing is 2 ton of fun on wheels.
The E30 has done itself proud in taking the extra weight and abuse thats been thrown at it but why, well its all for Googles new ad as with most things everything starts with a search.
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Part 2
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  • I hate uou

  • Подпишитесь на канал Данила про

  • ruined a fucking E30

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  • 2021

  • The soap is more like snow Soap car:

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  • ахаахааа, это прекрасно 🤘🏿

  • Anna please do petrol rc car

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  • how is this legal

  • fantastic; that's brilliant

  • Well this is not were BMW is build for

  • I would want to give that to google

  • WTF

  • Kmy2

  • This was already insane at "car covered in fake grass".

  • Hello

  • H

  • 3:06 note to self, don’t open your mouth in a bubbly hot tub car

  • So unsafe ☹️

  • All is well until he hits a speed bump.

  • You’re crazy

  • Granny is right

  • poor e30

  • J

  • Colin is the only one who can make a patently bad idea work.

  • "The grass, the leafblowers, the BBQ" In other words, everything I wish he'd not put in there... I would've loved it if he'd just had the car looking like a normal one, and then you get closer and it's filled with water.

  • Wu'o= water?

  • I invite you to me

  • WOC

  • Your videos always bring a smile to my face.

  • He's just crazy

  • This so cool

  • I wonder if it's illegal to turn your car into a bathtub & hit the road with it plump full of water. I doubt they've ever made laws against it anywhere, cuz nobody ever has done it nor thought it to be even possible..!! Imagine driving by a convertible and seeing it just overflowing with water while the driver just chills in his bubble bath‐hot tub, waiting for the light to change.

  • I love your excitement toward completely childish things lmao

  • You Son of a Bitch, You did it!

  • Keep clean and dry👍

  • I can't believe this guy didn't electrocute himself or this one LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO.

  • wow nice

  • #only Briton

  • this guy should have a job on topgear

  • this guy is crazy

  • Excellent lock stock reference there at the end 😍

  • That’s-amazing

  • I feel like the brakes might light on fire on a downhill.

  • Stopped by the police lol

  • Как единственный русский человек среди этих комментариев. Могу сказать словами Михаила Задорнова. Ну тупые! Такой авто ушатать. У нас люди ебашат месяцами, чтобы на такую машину собрать. Если и глумяться, то только на отечественным автопромом.

  • that is so cool !!! i have never seen anything like that. LOL

  • Hi

  • imagine being a police officer having to pull someone over for driving this

  • Imagine driving past and seeing this 🤣

  • The Top Gear Masterpiece

  • ты безумец но круто

  • Imagine colin using this car as uber driver

  • That is one way to clean the inside of a car

  • put on nitro type please -_-

  • A new meaning to the word car pool

  • Imagine this as a Tesla you could just relax and let the car drive for you

  • Fak you

  • KmFM? JhhUh! ANT

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  • Nobody literally nobody: can I have a bath in my car Colin ferz ya you can

  • How it taste?

  • Odd car

  • Brilliant


  • My mom: ok were getting a new car *gets new car* me: turns my car into a drivable hottub

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  • Delicious soggy burgers :D

  • 0:06 wello

  • How do you come up with ideas

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  • it crasy

  • is it weird that i wanna drive this car?? XD

  • man this guy is living his life

  • Deserves 12M views I can tell ya colinfurze

  • 1:19

  • you are crazy man

  • FUCK this channel👍👍so Huge

  • For that bmw am do sad fhe history of cars. Stupid to do stuff like to this

  • You dumbass... People like you don't deserve even a bullock cart. Chutiya

  • Now that's british.

  • the *boomermobile*

  • This is soo fuckin stupide baybe😎😎😎

  • This is soo gay

  • taking carpooling to another level. maybe 2 levels.

  • "John! That weird guy is driving his BMW hot tub again!"

  • Top Gear: British Leyland cars full of water around the track Colin: BMW hot tub Colin wins!

  • millonarios aburridos

  • Confetti car!

  • it's a submarine for fish

  • How much does the car cost I WANT IT

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  • it is a bmw e30

  • Thats my dream car its a E30i bmw

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