Furze's Christmas Special

Birt 25 des 2017
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To finish of the year a small collection of Christmas themed shorts, top marks for my son Jake nailing the Home Alone sketch lol.
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Music is by "Rick Simpson" and is called "Tom Lambs Farm" thats the farm we built the Tie Fighter in and everything that goes up there basically gets eaten or F%(ked.
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  • Merry christmas from 2020

  • Xmas day should always be on a Furzeday 🥰

  • Merry Christmas 2020.... Happy new year 2021

  • We’re did you get the crow bangers

  • Happy erley crismis


  • 1:15 was from Mr Bean, when he was celebrating New Years Eve with his friends and he didn't have nothing to eat

  • Wow

  • origins of the social distance bike😂

  • ischats.info/fun/mJSYaauFoXd7nJA/v-deo

  • His son is great

  • 2019? Merry christmas!🎅🏻

  • Wait this was for 2017 a i am a bit late then

  • Zduudududsu

  • Haha

  • As I'm watching it's 2019 and he sould be saying see you in 2020 ISchats

  • ischats.info/fun/YMWGg3R3oWGBeoQ/v-deo Eurobeat.

  • Hay my friend you is crazy 😂

  • What you doing teacher stupid

  • هل من عربي هنا hhhhhhhhhh

  • The most skinniest Santa I have ever seen

  • I

  • If I need a smile, I watch this.

  • I want that guitar!!! Can't find the build video! 😢

  • Merry christmas

  • Make Jax arm from mortal Kombat

  • 2:39 that's what I need

  • You're the oldest kid I know & I'm glad I'm alive to see all of this.

  • Carving the turkey with a chainsaw... had me in bits....

  • only colin is roasting three nuts at a bonfire :-P

  • Hej

  • Not sure what I just watched, I might of dreamt it!

  • Where can i buy these firecrackers?

  • Where the hell is ur girlfriend

  • 3:50 Colin did u really just do that

  • 00:46 I realized that kid is the next coilnfurze

  • What's the bleeding song Colin

  • Colin. Can you please put a link to "Tom lamb's" farm please please please please

  • IKEA

  • Colin mate can we get a full version of the song in the background please pal 👍👍

  • Hey Furze. Where can I download Tom lambs farm song from. Merry Christmas from Fuerteventura

  • Attn Colin!: Thank you for doing what you do. My mom died last year on 12/13/17 at 63 yrs old from ALS.. Your channel gave me a healthy distraction to the horrible loss my fam and i were experienced at that time ( 2weeks before Christmas). Its now coming up on the first year since then that she passed. Im having a hard time right now. See, i developed an addiction to opiates a few years back, but was able to stop using before my mom died last year. I have been completely sober since then. With the help of you and others. I just wanted you to know that what you are doing has a big impact on peoples lives. In ways you may not see right away. So again, thank you for doing what you do. I really love your vids! You've helped me get through the hardest time of my life! God bless you and your family .. You are saving lives, doing what your doing. KEEP IT UP! YOUR AWESOME!!!

  • I feel that the wolverine claws would be fantastic for roasting sausages too

  • Ughh.. that shop carpet must be a biohazard! The smell of that poor carpet could kill a horse I bet!

  • Duckduckgo.de

  • wow your kid actually does look like kevin

  • That's a crazy Xmas 😂😂

  • Amazing and Awesome guy... Please sir.... make motorised baby car..

  • Yo how much u want for the trike? Lol

  • кто русский

  • Merry drifts

  • Can anyone help me with what the song is? My son is a big fan!

  • 1:11 you can’t have your cake and eat it too

  • You’re fucking insane....You’re my hero. Teach me your ways.

  • Oh man you are crazy

  • 1,000,000th view 🔵🔴

  • make the most powerful ebike

  • Yamaha is good

  • How much for the drift trike?

  • Is his kid a boy or a girl?

  • When you mix the best dad possible, crazy inventor, and filthy frank XD

  • Where do you test your creations

  • Half a year late, but I think dad of the year award goes to Colin Furze.

  • Make new videos!

  • Is coll

  • for colin this is the best christmas of life

  • So much for 🍰

  • 0:02 thats how a real man cooks a sausage

  • Where can I download Tom Lamb's farm?

  • ่จรกรรกกรดรเืร่าเน

  • Christmas is never boring at the furze's

  • It's easy to forget that this bloody fooker has a sweet as man cave/underground bunker in his back yard. The jealousy is real.

  • The ColinFurze channel on ISchats. Over-complicating things since 2006

  • This man is just pure gold. Warms my heart

  • Keep the change you filthy animal

  • Perfect !

  • Colin, see what you can build with two 5 or 4 speed transmissions connected end to end. Like your vids, informative and fun and sometimes crazy, keep it up

  • I didnt know u had kids colin! maybe a family introduction!

  • You should start building things from anime

  • How a engineer makes bacon 0:22

  • A fully working Iron man suit that can fly is needed

  • Lol

  • Vid was hilarious ahahaha

  • oh so you actually keep the projects

  • Crazy father - crazy son

  • Your son is very cute

  • Весело у него там

  • Colin, you should make video with this guys :) It's a snowmobile made of USSR chainsaw ischats.info/fun/dbeNlIKefIqmiq4/v-deom28s

  • The best... ISchats rewind... Ever!

  • Home Alone is a whole throw back

  • guessing a load of these clips were taken from the videos which hes making people pay for?

  • You should look at the klutz book of rediculous inventions and make some.

  • you should make a robot for robot wars

  • Y don't u post videos anymore

  • I loved viewing Colin's videos each week, even bought his book just to support him. Apparently Colin's non-paying viewers are no longer important. Where did he go? ISchats Red I guess. I unsubscribed.

  • Colin can you buolild an submarine plis

  • come on post some new

  • Hi Collin I ha e a suggestion for project my suggestion is that you should build a human sized robot possibly controlled by ardunio

  • Crazy growth spurt at 0:50