Birt 21 nóv 2019
This thing has got some serious power........what else should we send it into fire n all.
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  • Pyromaniac? Or mechanic ?😂

  • ...awesomely awesomeness...😁

  • You are fucking insane! LOL

  • Whistlingdixie needs to see this hahahaha yall should collaborate with demolitionranch. You're welcome.... hahaha I loved it

  • How much for the bike

  • Great channel but it should be called “Don’t for ef sake try this at home”

  • Its like rolling a tire down a hill... with extra steps.

  • If this is how everyone is in Australia no wonder it nearly burned down lol

  • Gotta give the spike tire more room to gain momentum

  • White van: “want some candy?” Colin: “want some tire?” White van: “wait wha-“ *FIRE IN THE HOLE*

  • Is your head... okay like... um... w h a t

  • "Wasn't destructive enough" Meanwhile.. Smashes though fence with ease

    • Yep. Not destructive enough at all.

  • US: we have Railguns RU: we have hypersonic missiles UK: haha tire go brrrr

  • I bet that thing would walk on water! Make a video and try to skim it across a lake!

  • You are epic

  • 4:17 hate my mind

  • Series idea: rip tire vs _____________

  • The excitement of his face is unbelievable.

  • will the f1 halo beat this test?

  • your so bad for the envirement, but i stil freaking love ya mate

  • Since when was this a ghost rider episode

  • Very happy I subscribed

  • 2:18 the van is cut don't lie Colin

  • I beg you do this with a v8 motor

  • Only reason it went theu the van is bcuz u cut the side it went thru I can see the cuts

  • Dudes voice is beyond annoying

  • I wish he made a 2000cc version

  • Что за трек в конце каждого видео

  • Ok now I know how the forest fires started 😂

  • 1:50 TYRE GLITCH WTF????


  • imagine 2 600cc bikes on the both sides of the big tyre

  • What a waste of a perfectly good bike!

  • When the apocalypse happens, remind me NEVER to get on his bad side... I wouldn’t last a day! 🤣

  • why is he not in the fbi watch list

  • Chaotic Good

  • How has someone not sent the fun police (or Health and Safety) after this guy for the illegal amount of fun he has? Dude has more fun in an afternoon than I do in a month!

  • Majestic

  • This guy is more irresponsible than that fat girl eating ice cream dancing around her apartment

  • Him and hacksmith should do a collab

  • I knew he wouldnt use the spiked version😂

  • That kind of reminds me of that movie battleship

  • How r u still alive

  • sweet

  • Mount it in the back of a van.

  • 5:10 he makes a mini mushroom cloud with a rip-tire

  • Once again collin is officially ready for the apocalypse 😂

  • "We have a phone call for Colin Furze from Martin,.............Lockheed Martin"

  • We need this for the revolution

  • Khayven

  • why did it take so long for youtubes algorithm to recommend this to me. Great content cant stop watching.

  • What fun looks like without the second amendment.

  • 5:03 Queen: What was that spark in Stamford? Server: Oh it was just Collin torching a field with a wheel from a video game. Queen: Ask him if he would not mind sticking some shovel heads on it. I want to use it for my garden

  • This is what happens when things from games become in real life a wepon of destruction

  • 1:46, orrr, you could have just driven, but I guess that’s not as fun

  • This dude must be on every watxhlist ever right?

  • I feel like the spikes just slow it down

  • fill the tires up with sand. they’ll hit a LOT harder

  • Can we just acknowledge how lucky that camera In the van was from the first tire

  • You can tell this isn't in the US because the health insurance premium necessary would be insane for half this stuff.

  • Imagine what that thing would do if it hit you

  • him: launches a flaming tire and almost burns the entire field. tf2: *happy pyro sounds*

  • Should make a ramp and see how high it can go

  • poor kawa

  • So this is how the bush fires started...

  • So are we not gonna talk about the mushroom cloud

  • Colin furzes gender reveal party is gonna be insane

  • I’m a junkrat main and I approve this message

  • Furze, I love how you don't mind standing 3 meters aside from something that completely annihilates a van and could be put off course by let's say, a rock (which are quite common in a field). I never grow ''tyred" of watching these inventions.

  • All in the name of science

  • Should put some nail spikes on it to get more grip in the ground

  • Cocaine is a helluva drug

  • 차가 다 부서지는데 왜그렇게 좋아하시는.......

  • At 1:25 I think the guy on the screen is on crack ._.

  • yeah that's not a rip tyre, it's just a tyre

  • Den Reifen mal bei voller drezahl im hösten Gang rip

  • Furze Industries = Stark Industries

  • Put the one with the engine in on the spinner

  • damn u, im so close to getting OW :p

  • (Danny Duncan has entered the chat)

  • This video made me realize that Colin would've been a great part of mythbusters

  • 5:08 IT'S A BOY!!

  • how is this legal

  • Now for the 1100cc

  • Spin dash irl

  • 🤕🤕🤕

  • Wonder what his neighbors think of him

  • Collin his version of the wheel looks even more realistic than the one of the game lol

  • Take the aircraft wheels!!! Big airplane landing wheel! 😂😂

  • Colin ''Jamison Fawkes'' Furze presents....

  • This is realy cool!!!

  • Imagine being in a windowless white van in Canada with Colin Furze, and suddenly a rupture busts through the car and narrowly misses you. That’s terrifying to even think about.

  • Imagine invading the UK and British soldiers start shooting spikey tires at you😂

  • Not cool dude below

  • Anti riot police

  • i was gonna say someone sit in the back of the van but yeah no

  • njirrr 😅😅😅

  • shouldnt this be in a bomb testing site?

  • Huh, who would have thought, the spiked version was less destructive.

  • How is this guy still being monetized