Birt 21 nóv 2019
This thing has got some serious power........what else should we send it into fire n all.
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  • Kick me When I'm Down Composer's: 파뿌리

  • This makes me go tired...

  • Would it not have been better to add a hard steel ring inside the tyre to mount the spikes on to? Add more weight and structure.

  • if you could've found a way to keep the tyre pumped up with the spikes it probably would have done more damage because it would absorb less impact

  • Pointless yet brilliant; keep ‘em coming Furze (:

  • please use a set of truck dual wheels

  • Mate, you are an ass-hat!!! I love it!

  • Your a feckin nut case

  • Right on

  • If he had a chance to destroy this world he'll plan and he'll destroy for sure 😂😂😂 it seems😂

  • At the end is like a scene from back to the future.

  • Imagine letting that bitch rip down the highway!!!!!

  • This channel has mythbusters energy.

  • With fire it looks like 2020 version of ghost rider

  • Interesting that the spiked version is far less damaging than the tire by itself.

    • I notice that too, but it looks like it actually has TOO much traction, as the ground slows it's spin when the spikes dig in, whereas the other tire is allowed to spin and take off.

  • I love this. For two reasons primary. One being the unpredictable, sheer potential of destruction, second being the sound it produces when making contact with the ground. You are an absolut maniac and I love it!

  • Crazy...Mad...Nuts...

  • Wuuuuhohohohohohooho

  • Only went through the side of the van because you cut it with a grinder 🙄🙄

  • 4:43 did anyone think back to the future

  • I think you should wear an helmet and a toothpick. Just for safety.

  • I have one important question. How fast did you spin it?

  • Dude.... why don't you document building any of this?

  • Change the gearing on the bike so you can get the speed up way more

  • Pac-man tire from HELL! 😆😁😊

  • Ok, so now you need to go bigger. Something in the 59/80R63 range ought to do it. No idea how you'd get it up to speed though

  • that's a hot weel.

  • What would happen if you filled the tire with water? Would the spinning of the fluid help the transition from rotating motion to linear motion? Gyroscope's momentum effect to keep the wheel spinning faster after impact with ground and travel faster in a straight line.

  • worse neighbour in history

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Colin Furze: *Runs up to maniuplate a flaming tractor tire that just exploded with his BARE HANDS*

  • You should put a go pro in it

  • The big tire on its own without the spikes and fire was best. It's called 'less is more'.

  • Why was the tire on that white van spinning as if the car was moving forward when Furze was towing it backwards?

  • 2nd best thing to happen to a pondo van! Great vid bro!!

  • 4:53 This man just picked up a flaming tire with his bare hands and is still alive


  • It’s like the wheel has so much power it’s like a burning out dragster while going forward. Rip tire #rip tire

  • My mom: help me load the snow tires into the car Me:

  • Colin shouldn't be allowed to buy any flammable or explosive material, as well as borrowing vehicles from scrapyards

  • I could see these being a thing in a Max Max chase scene

  • And thats how i load my van

  • What did the van ever do to you

  • what if you put an antislip mat in front of that thing instead of the dirt its slipping out on

  • Why? But then again, why not? My favorite t-shirt says, “ I’m currently unsupervised. I know, it freaks me out too. But the possibilities are endless!” :D

  • id love to see a video of colin goin to people in his area thinkin what they think of his crazy ideas and see which ones they like the most, that would be good to watch

  • Yeah that’s his job 😂😂 love it

  • Colin is just one "hold my beer " away from death I think

  • JFC put on some ppe lmao

  • "Now that's a lotta damage!"

  • this guy is sprinting torwards a nuke, just sayin

  • was toms dads freelander

  • How is this legal

  • Us a ramp

  • There's nothing quite so iconic as Colin Furze standing in a field surrounded by incinerated carnage, arms in the air, jumping up and down, screaming FIRE EXTINGUISHER FIRE EXTINGUISHER!! But... I think we need to have a talk with Colin, as screaming FIRE EXTINGUISHER at a field full of incinerated wreckage is no replacement for, you know, an ACTUAL fire extinguisher. #justsayin

  • 👍👍👏

  • 2:10 Amazon loading the truck when there is a same day delivery at 11:59

  • Everyone is you in a different cubic dimension of space time

  • Kick Me When Im Down Music By: Jangdol Drum, CoolestCatMeow

  • One day his kids will watch this these videos and see how much of a legend their dad is.

  • Gost tire

  • Carbid tips on the spikes please, maybe more of them too, and smaller, or tiny carbid tips/inserts

  • Hes ready for ww3

  • Gracias por ponerle subtitulos 😁😁😁

  • and i only want a car

  • Once the zombie apocalypse comes im going to coilins bunker

  • Thqts how to load your van fast

  • safe to say toms dad was not amused

  • 4:53 does he really lift that tire full of flames with his bare hands?!

  • Why don't you try getting a cyber truck and see how strong it is

  • Pyromaniac? Or mechanic ?😂

  • ...awesomely awesomeness...😁

  • You are fucking insane! LOL

  • Whistlingdixie needs to see this hahahaha yall should collaborate with demolitionranch. You're welcome.... hahaha I loved it

  • How much for the bike

  • Great channel but it should be called “Don’t for ef sake try this at home”

  • Its like rolling a tire down a hill... with extra steps.

  • If this is how everyone is in Australia no wonder it nearly burned down lol

  • Gotta give the spike tire more room to gain momentum

  • White van: “want some candy?” Colin: “want some tire?” White van: “wait wha-“ *FIRE IN THE HOLE*

  • Is your head... okay like... um... w h a t

  • "Wasn't destructive enough" Meanwhile.. Smashes though fence with ease

    • Yep. Not destructive enough at all.

  • US: we have Railguns RU: we have hypersonic missiles UK: haha tire go brrrr

    • NO , ...UK : We have COLIN !

  • I bet that thing would walk on water! Make a video and try to skim it across a lake!

  • You are epic

  • 4:17 hate my mind

  • Series idea: rip tire vs _____________

  • The excitement of his face is unbelievable.

  • will the f1 halo beat this test?

  • your so bad for the envirement, but i stil freaking love ya mate

  • Since when was this a ghost rider episode

  • Very happy I subscribed

  • 2:18 the van is cut don't lie Colin

  • I beg you do this with a v8 motor

  • Only reason it went theu the van is bcuz u cut the side it went thru I can see the cuts

  • Dudes voice is beyond annoying

  • I wish he made a 2000cc version

  • Что за трек в конце каждого видео

  • Ok now I know how the forest fires started 😂

  • 1:50 TYRE GLITCH WTF????