BMW Hot Tub First Tests and Issues

Birt 5 okt 2017
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So the first test wasn't was smooth as I'd like and I like to show you all these bits so here we have the first tests and a few extra bits.
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  • You should make a video with comic Peter Kay as a traffic cop who pulls over you green swimming pool BMW for a road safety check

  • Imagine peoples faces when you drive into a carwash.

  • do a plane next

  • Awesome

  • All these years later and WHO ON EARTH IS MARY 🤣

  • I am concerned about this car's power-to-weight ratio.


  • He made an inverted boat

  • Only Brits... Only Brits could do this

  • Remember kids, *STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!*

  • Crazy guy

  • Please sub to me 🥺🥺😭

  • Wow I cant believe u filled up a BMW like that that's what she said according to penut (Big Mexican Woman) 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Liked because of his awesome laugh made me laugh. not to mention his hard work.

  • Whose watching it in 2020

  • inverted boat

  • This is top gear on a low budget

  • At least it doesn't need a fire extinguisher.

  • would it work as a boat?

  • bet there's never a boring day working for this dude XD

  • He could audition for Joker, 2:11

  • Is this road legal

  • Where's the grass?

  • this man is craaaaazy and i just fucking looooovvvvveee it

  • I feel bad for anybody who moves in next to him because they’re going to move away right away

  • let me say just this, fish boat

  • 0:36 oh that's how my car looks like spilling all over the place but I haven't made it a bath tub

  • Sloshed while driving

  • Mum: can you water the plants Me: 6:34

  • Haha my goodness 😂

  • Is this 318i or 320i or 325i?

  • @2:00 It's a reverse boat!

  • Colin: brakes Water: splashes a little Colin: *dies *

  • Awwwe me biscuits!!!!!😂😂😂

  • Der TÜV lässt grüßen

  • I guess you can say they took *CarPooling* to a another level

  • 2.10 it's shows the street name Lonsdale road

  • I once drove a Jaguar out of a flood in York, sitting down into cold water was unpleasant. It started, as the water was only up to the exhaust pipe at the time, so driving it out was easy, what was astounding was pushing a small Fiat which was flooded up to the windscreen. We got it out and onto dry ground, did a Risky Business, opening the door and letting all the water out, removing the rubber grommets in the floor pan (the drain holes) so we could get most of the water out. To ensure the engine was not flooded I looked into the rocker and dipstick which looked o so decided to start it, it did, first time and blew water out of the exhaust, Amazing.

  • balls chiller 2000

  • i love your german accent

    • @Mr.Guigo Gameplays Can happen to anyone.. But he dose use a german accent every once in a while.

    • @Frozen Horse bruh, sometimes I question my own intelligence

    • @Mr.Guigo Gameplays I thing he knows that. But maybe you havn´t been paying attantion.

    • He's British tough

  • Talk about a car pool

  • All fun and games till the Bobby pulls him over and has Collin admitted to a nut house cause they think he’s lost his bloody mind... am I right

  • 2:13 how about another joke Murray?

  • Every petrolheads nightmare

  • Someone show this video to BMW


  • When you think your shifting is smooth but then you fill your car with water

  • I want a compilation of Colin laughing like the mad genius he is.

  • the wrod "carpool" has a different meaning in UK I guess~

  • Are u mad or

  • Police be like :- sorry sir that's illegal Collin be like:- is driving a pool illegal??

  • Such a waste of water! 😔🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • And now find a way to keep the water in the Car

  • Мужик, у тебя с коробкой все нормально?

  • プリファー

  • Neighbours be like.. Colin is at it again !

  • But it is a nice car

  • Don’t wast water 💦

  • Waste 2 much of water

  • I think your cars a bit leaky

  • was very lucky not to lose the engine due to hydrolock

  • you made russia in england

  • Now fill a non convertible car with water and drive around with oxygen tanks and masks

  • He is totaly crazy

  • This guy should play the joker, he will get an oscar for sure

  • This is Tsunami On the go

  • What a moron!

    • And you watching this makes you a??

  • colin you forgot to blur your street sign (2:12)

    • His address is on google anyway

  • No more stopping to pee

  • Fill the car with beer, throw a pile of weed on the grill, and see how the cops react

  • Drive it to a mechanic and tell him your car feels a little slow

  • I think he might be uses laughing gas in his experiments 🤣lol

  • 타보고싶네 ㅋㅋ

  • Should of taken the carpool lane.

  • So does that mean the car would float?

  • This guy is a disaster

  • Now fill it with alcohol 🍹😎👊

  • What a privilege it would be to be a neighbor to this man.

  • If u did this now everyone would go mental because wasting water and tbh score them who cares

  • I really don't like the punk music you put on the videos. But great videos. This seems like alot of work but a lot of fun as well.

  • you need to do a handbreak turn

  • Should have put an antislosh barrier between the front and rear seats

  • What's the word for genius and insanity? Colin or Furze? Haha

  • you need to put some kinda of water purification system in there

  • 2:12 joker laugh

  • Can’t imagine a break check. Well don’t need to worry about a fire. Someone peed in the pool

  • Very good question by the young lad

  • The fastest bath you’ll ever take

  • You need that flex seal

  • This gives carpooling a whole new meaning 👍

  • 10 million Colin

  • The feckin shirt and tie while you were driving was brilliant lmao XXXDDD


  • "Every time I put my foot on the break." ppppfpfpfgpl

  • but can he use the carpool lane

  • maniac

  • 2:13 should have auditioned for the joker

  • Water in the engine... nah...who wodda thunk...!🙄😏😂😂😂

  • That one looked fun

  • Its like driving the land under the sea