Walking Stick Tazer

Birt 24 maí 2018
Someone chucked out some walking sticks' got a 3D Printer and I read in the paper that old people were getting mugged so I thought this is the perfect 1st 3D Printing project.
Tazers themselves in the uk are not for public use, this has been made for entertainment purposes only and is less powerful but gives same spark effect, please do not ask me for plans or a component list. The stick was disassembled after the video was finished.
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  • where do you get that spark generator?

  • Shakiro. New prosthetic tools in real life please please please please please please please

  • Do a video of Build a robotic rubix cube solve

  • i like how he mentions a old person on this video!

  • 1:16 : *sad 3d printer noises*

  • Delecate piese of equipment he sais and still throws it down 3 meters

  • 1:15 UPS delivery man

  • Was that your Nan?

  • When you suddenly realize that the bunker full of toilet rolls may be quite handy in this pandemic...

    • true ... but where i am our stores are stocked with it

  • I could do with one of these for my walking stick. Are they for sale?

  • “This is a delicate piece of equipment, so it wont go in the shed” two seconds later throws in down a 12 foot hole into a metal box.

  • Collin not as power full as taser Michel reeves Tesla coil

  • You need a hollow aluminum adjustable cane.... 🤔

  • damn what have you done to those calipers

    • they all look like that

  • Next time add a flame thrower or gun

  • Ah yes, the social distancing enforcer.

  • Everyday, we steer closer to Combine weaponry.

  • The toilet roll reference was 2 years early...

  • Isn't that a short circuit?

  • Not very subtle is it?

  • It’s delicate then throws it down the bunker stairs and steps on it

  • Colin:it's a delicate piece of equipment Also colin:processes to drop it down the ladders

  • I've been wanting a cane shotgun! I have back issues and need a cane to walk, it makes an ok weapon if needed but I want firepower... All I want in a single fire 12 gauge shot for when facing and armed attacker! I have a 7 shot 32. cal revolver but I keep it in my car due to my job (dentist don't like armed men making deliveries) and a can of mace ins't as effective as advertised! I know i'm an easy target, I can't run away so I don't have any choice but to fight back... and having a 12 gauge cane would even the odds!

  • In an alternate universe, Colin is American and turned a cane into a shotgun

  • Try and 3d print a 3d printer

  • What about people with arthritis who cant pull the trigger

  • @michealreeves

  • did you use inventor autodeskb ?

  • 1:29, that`s what I call foresight

  • "This is a delicate piece of equipment" *Proceeds to chuck it down a hole*

  • Turn it into a cane sword, and have pepper spray at the front

  • Give it to an old man so if he gets robbed he can zap

  • How has the army not hired Colin Furze yet?

  • Had you installed it inside the cane I would have been impressed.

  • Old people need to protect themselves as well!!

  • take the taser walking stick as an example

  • If this was me my gaff would have been spun and done for the production of firearms SMH 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Is t this illegal

  • The real question is. Is this legal?

  • 5:41 thumbnail

  • 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Scrooge is that you?

  • Michael is very proud of you

  • is he american

  • i saw this video of an old man tried to get robbed(set up)so this could be useful

  • When I'm old I hope to build a walking stick that shoots 1 12 gauge shot gun shell as well as a tazer on the end if the shotgun blast didn't deter them

  • You should off tunnel that cane out and then put all the stuff in there

  • *when a boomer sees a child on his phone*

  • should've teamed with michael reeves on this one, tazers are basically his obsession.


  • So this is a delicate piece of equipment so we will need to move it to the bunker 1 second later *shoves it down a ladder*

  • You should've tazed someone to prove it works. Also would've been hilarious and added to the video quite nicely.

  • Hey colinfruze make some hover shoes that actually hover please thanks mate

  • Also u should of tried it on urself

  • Is it waterproof

  • I cant believe no one has said in this comment section ur goanna be a gang grandad

  • -

  • You should make a tracker to conoet the house to the bunker

  • Literally the ark taser stick....thing ....i forgot what it is called

  • Where did you get the spark generator colin furze please respond

  • He predicted the hoarders

  • Hmmm. If you used an aluminum cane instead of a wood one, you could probably fit most of the hardware inside the hollow shaft and come pretty close to making the final product look like a normal cane. Juice it up with rechargeable lithium cells and you could really lay the electric smack down on those pesky whippersnappers!

  • Who would have thought a year ago that storing loo role in a bunke rwould be a necesity.

  • My aunt has a walking stick that has a big sword inside it

  • Deploy it on your neighbours cat

  • This is a delicate piece of equipment. 25 seconds later: Yeet's it down the hole of the bunker to step on it straight after. Me: Roflmao

  • A hidden blade but it’s a tazzer

  • I wonder if the old lady in Watch Dogs Legion will have sth like that...

  • little did he know how much that toilet paper would become. especially in a bunker.

  • 1:29 hehe not me

  • That taser seems to be a bit wimpy. Maybe for V2.0 Colin could slap on a jet engine or the like to crank it up a notch.

  • Wow you have many social distancing aids. Why haven’t you shown us your crystal ball!!! When is your grocery shopping video gonna come out where you ride your tall bike to the store with your Belt-O-knives and your tazer Kane!

  • I could see him doing a more intense version of this project, with the cane hollowed out and holding a fuel system so that if the sparks don't scare the attacker, the bottom flips open and the spark ignites some fuel and it shoots flames out the bottom!

  • This is delicate piece of equipment Him :throws it down 10 ft

  • Perfect for social distancing tho.

  • Most of the Time I just come here for the music

  • Colin Don’t buy plastic It always ends up in the sea But Fxxg brilliant

  • “The shed is not the place for delicate equipment...... “jet barbecue... “sheds on fireeee”

  • You do Crazy is just fine, but the question is where do you get you Are you so much time and money?

  • I cannot believe he is building all his stuff in UK! Everyone is scared of doing anything dangerous here and what he is building for most of people would be classed way far above dangerous. His neighbours cannot sleep :D

  • If there was an apocalypse, Colin would definitely survive until the end!

  • It's a stick , just beat him

  • Be ready for old people to overthrow the young

  • На мой взгляд самый адекватный DIYщик, которого действительно интересно смотреть.

  • A co-op with styropyro would’ve made for a better stun gun on this thing

  • Michael Reeves would be proud

  • toilet paper joke hit a lot different now that people are hoardin the stuff like a buncha nitwits lol

  • Ur the only u tuber i wouldnt be mad if u put ads on a 10 min vid cuz u make awesome content

  • During the apocalypse due to corona virus toilet paper will be the currency and he will be rich.

  • Don’t rob this guy

  • common, Colin step it up, you could hidden all of it in a hallow pvc/s.steal pipe, giving it much more stealth

  • Id be a little worried about giving an old, possibly racist person a weapon.

  • He predicted corona with all that toilet paper

  • what's next, the walking stick gun?

  • Look at all that toilet paper...

  • Colin knew about the TP 2 years before he needed it.

  • In the thumbnail I thought he had a sonic screwdriver

  • He was flexing his toilet paper a whole 2 years before the shortage. Absolute mad man.

  • Colin: shows the world a lifetime supply of toilet paper. Me: bad move, buddy.