Pulls Levers in Bedroom, Makes Tea in Kitchen

Birt 16 maí 2019
The FURZE TEA 500C.........Can I make a cup of tea in the kitchen from my Bedside.
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Thanks to Yorkshire Tea for supporting this project even though I'm putting the milk in first, there tea really is the best, check out there biscuit Tea to it tastes like biscuits.
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1st Track is called "Just a Trim" and is from a band called "VFA" but unfortunately there have dissolved and don't have any internet presence at all.
2nd Track is called "AW" and is by "Black Holes"
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  • This is why its cable operated, just thought this would be a fun thing to do haha. So 8million subs special coming up but what will I do eh.............Get your Furze Mugs here btw www.colinfurzeshop.com

    • Hello

    • Set a camera live streaming to your tv to see where the mug is

    • I can’t fit that in my house probably if I tried to make it

    • @Kai Newham Tea is the love in England. He might make a cool 2.5 billion from that house.

    • colinfurze your never going to be able to sell this house. Haha

  • tea is better without milk. believe it.

  • What about coffee

  • Why not just put the machine in your bedroom?

  • Hehe

  • Missus divorced you yet mate? 🤣

  • This guy has the most patient wife in the history of humanity 😂

  • 👔

  • But you didn't put sugar in so how can you feel sugar

  • this is as advanced as redstone engineering

  • I guess im happy for him that he gets some income from being mad

  • Why don’t you have your tea come in the bed side cubde

  • I love the fact he said he likes sugar in it and doesn't even add sugar and calls it lovely

  • You make a rollercoaster in your backyard

  • Look messy all wire !

  • The Spiffing Brit wants to know your location.

  • you can do green light when it is on station example milk

  • Or you could get a coffee machine and link it with alexa...

  • But brilliant

  • This man is the pinnacle of crazy

  • You should add a camera there and a iPad Tv or ur phone up there and connect to the camera then when you make a coffee you can see it

  • This is something Graeme from The Goodies would make....

  • Re-visited this video, now we’re ready for version 2.0, it needs to be wireless.

  • This is so Wallace and Gromit

  • heath Robinson eat your heart out!!


  • The most British invention ever!

  • Colinfurze needs to make a Playlist with all his music from the clips.. I love the tracks!

  • Great videos. The music is hit and miss, so I often have to mute it and then can't hear what you are saying. Other than that great job! Sounds good but if the lyrics aren't so good, its not so good.

  • ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

  • 🤜🤛🤘👍👍

  • He just took tea bagging from COD to a whole new level lmao

  • *anytime Colin walks in the house with a tool* His family: “oh no what’s he doing now”

  • It would have been better if I had a motor

  • Some say Albert Einstein was crazy. Colin: Hold my beer

  • Wait, was that tea with milk?

  • Invest

  • They called him a mad man

  • who else would love to have him as a dad

  • Hes the grinch

  • Cant believe you beat spiffing brit to a yorkshire tea sponsor

  • His wife must be chill asf.

  • Hi colin how about a porridge or jam cannon like Wallace has in close shave

  • hahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • colinfurze: *i am four parallel universes ahead of you*

  • me: does your dog hurt? friend: no but he can hurt you in other ways dog: colinfurze doesn't even use his own inventions me: (>﹏

  • this is too big brain. but i like it

  • Wife comes home from work ....."So what have you done today?" Colin: ........Not much

  • Can you please make bobooiboy Galaxy supra soward

  • @2:45 Does anyone know what the song is called?

  • t

  • you should put a bell in front so that everytime you need to stop, the bell will ring. Or you can put tags on the different parts of the wire as it gets pulled in so you know how much to wind before pulling a lever

  • You should do this again but with little buttons under the levers that drop a bit of metal that stops it in the correct area to limit spillage

  • i need it now you need the sell that to ppl XD

  • I assume he just tells his wife "hey I would just leave for the weekend, go see your mum or something."

  • If this was any other tea rather than Yorkshire tea I would of turned off 🤣🤣🤣

  • What a British drink owaay Colin

  • water, milk.... sugar..... but I'm sweet enough already Colin!

  • "When I wake up the first thing I think is " oooo I want a cup of tea"" is the most British thing I have ever heard

  • 2:10 Jon Tron flashbacks

  • enjoy because this man is doing all of this for your amusement

  • That's rubbish. Why not just buy a teasmade?

  • You’re pretty smart😱😂

  • Mrs Hudson!...Mrs Hudson!!! cAp oaff teea please!

  • My man drinks Yorkshire tea and got sponsored by them... hell yeah

  • He only needs a 'Ferb'

  • You could have used an arduino to send a wireless signal to another arduino and have that one activate a mortor.

  • Reminds me of Wallace and Gromit and I'm so happy that you did

  • Wife: were is my tea Colin Colin: I have a idea

  • How has he not died yet like lol

  • All the creative useless enjeniers (I can't spell) would come and help us with the zombies we defeat

  • Is he married

  • Dunia rasa minecraft

  • i tryed your way to make tea mate MMMMMMMMMMMm

  • Maybe you should put a camera infrount of the machine so you know when to stop

  • Imagine living with this guy...

  • Infact, I think all British people love tea ;-;

  • Ze British man love tea!

  • i dont think mrs furze is impressed.why didnt you buy a tea machine it sits just beside your bed.0r stick a vending machine on the landing.good fun to watch though

  • I'd love to see a more automated version 2 of this! A few suggestions I have are: (1) Put kettle switch at the beginning of the line so when the mug is pulled off of it the water starts heating up, and you don't have to wait as long at the final step. (2) A smoother track system for the tray, maybe rollers or just waxing the hell out of the current track. Spilling tea is a sin! (3) Electric switches at each stage of the process and an electric winch with the appropriate delays at each stage, so that you can have a wireless one button operation from your bedroom. Keep up the amazing work, Colin!

  • Thanks for idea

  • eeewwww tea with milk?!

  • I had a search online in you can just buy a teas made and all you haft to do is paw the shugr in and done it doesn't I'ven cost much

  • Colin is the most stereo typical British , with cups of tea and crisps but there's a genius inside

  • Colin furze is a good inventor, wait.. what if co,in made the animatronics in FNAF??

  • I just watched the episode of the furze treadmill

  • This is the most British video I’ve ever seen

  • Where... where do you keep all the inventions?

    • his bunker

  • Everybody gangsta til this guy has to move house

  • Like walis and gromit

  • Reminds me of Wallace and gromet

  • Tea machine do be some Wallace and gromit level stuff ngl

  • Make it with Arduino and make it wire less

  • What's with the sugar in your tea?

  • Colin is a proper English stereotype and Wallis and gromit

  • I like how he makes separate videos and doesn’t lump it together so he gets to ten minutes

  • Enjoy your shitty southern hard water lol

  • awful

  • This is the most British thing I have ever seen

  • Anyone else get a Wallace and Gromit vibe with this?