The Briefcase Fireplace

Birt 26 okt 2017
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Hell yeah, people get cold, people have a case's n stuff so why not stick a fire in one......Boom Briefcase Fireplace.
Thanks to who ever put this down as a comment in a FISH video but i smashed my phone and not all was saved and the note with the idea and channel name was gone.
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  • Great idea now the winter is coming, this worked so well i got worried i'd actually made something that works and some people might want. Got an idea stick it in the comments.

    • @tergy pPp

    • Can you make an accordion that plays itself please

    • Just found who it was that came up with the idea, It was @Earl of Destruction in the 'tea 2 me' vid

    • Where can i buy this? Amazon?

    • colinfurze vending machine suitcase or brief case pls read :) Have a good day Collin

  • Dude, your the best! Lol

  • The briefcase fireplace take your fireplace on the go!

  • you arent winning at life, only because your tea is weak.

  • You should make a ottamatic burger flipper (and it should put katsup and mustered

  • I want one

  • Can you make a video of how you made this genius!

  • Make a go cart with the flames coming out of it but it’s all like a car and put bubbles in it and then fit and it will fill up with water that’s in that be quiet and put the flowers on it and then and then it’ll blow the bubbles out in front of your

  • who takes a fire place in a tractor if u got a heater in a tractor all ready

  • The only thing I’m not impressed by is that tea wtf furze......WTF

  • Electric kneepad rollerskates

  • I ... need this!

  • How about a wood burning brief case

  • I want one

  • Why does furze ALWAYS use the rubber hand!!!!!!

  • I've been thinking I need some sort of portable heater because my radiator is completely blocked by DVD's I have neatly liked up on the floor, I need a new shelf. this would actually be the perfect lack of heat solution......until it blew up


  • Just found who it was that came up with the idea, It was @Earl of Destruction in the 'tea 2 me' vid

  • It doubles as a bomb if you leave the gas valve open

  • Your toast smells like socks.

  • Amazing! Got an awesome idea for an ultimate pie making machine type system thing that I need help with, it's been a major part of a dream thing I've planning to do for the past nearly ten years but keep getting some set backs. Saw yet again another awesome video and what you said in it, so thought I'll give this a shot 🤷😎💡

  • feeling sleepy from carbon-monoxide

  • It’s winter. What do you do? Well the obvious of course, make a portable briefcase fireplace

  • How the HELL did you make it? I wane make it to. :-O

  • pizzy

  • office, paper, open fire mmmmm combination of incongruous

  • I'm jealous of your bank account

  • Fuckin' love this guy

  • What are the 2 tools hanging on the wall? Are they used for curves?

  • 4:02 -- the cookie is back in :-D

  • Add a mini refillable butane torch to keep the bottle from freezing

  • Can u build the future safe bed were noone can wake u up till u complet rested has hearth monitor has healling frequencys has healling lights n has weather control n has inside screen tv n has self defense sensors if some one coming to hurht you wakes you up n alarm go off calls police n released dron protection this 2050 bed why not build know senses we not alive in 2050.

  • I have the exact same butter pot thing as mim except mine is red

  • alright im making one of these

  • хорошая штуковина

  • 0:53 Do you want any tea with that milk?

  • Batman utility belt can you make it

  • What else do you need? Fire extinguisher?

  • Can I buy one of there please

  • personal air conditioning unit to cool you or a small room down for hot summer days.

  • Safety that's what I'm all about. Hmmmm maybe you should not set a flame thrower at you when you only have a foldout shield for protection

  • It's best what I see in my life))

  • diesel drift trike

  • i like how he put his feet up while a burning suitcase with a full jar of gas is just sitting on the edge

  • Breifcase toaster (without the extremly dangerous fire/explosive aspect)

  • Now all we need is the Briefcase Air Conditioner for these American summers.

  • Osim

  • I am waiting for his socks to burn

  • Lalaloopsy production music

  • Or or or, a evidenced destroyer

  • OMG you are a f*cking genius

  • Oliver is helping me have a bunker

  • i ♥️ ir

  • I would buy this

  • make a robot

  • My Subscription for your channel "magically downgraded" all on its own. Why does ISchats do this?

  • Electric heelies, a heelies shoe that’s electric 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Why not a phone

  • You are strange person just like me sitting top of the world and relax

  • 100% Win ! LOVE IT !!!!!

  • Build a mini chopper motorbike

  • I need that in my life

  • Where's the link to the kickstarter?

  • why not a brefcase toster

  • 0:57 colin has turned into an evil sounding parrot

  • How do you build one of those?

  • Colin: what else do we need now? Me: stronger tea

  • Would you like some tea with your milk ?

  • S2O ed bread


  • That toast cooked surprisingly well

  • If the fire heated the gas canister, you’d have a perpetual motion machine, which would win you the Darwin’s award a thousand times over, and earn you the highest ranking of the noble prize.

  • You can make it better by using more space for gas and a rack for actual cooking

  • this should have a fold down grillage

  • “safety .. that is what i am all about” 🙈🧟‍♀️💕

    • At Burning Man events, it's called 'safety third'. 😉 Has Colin been to Burning Man? 🤔

  • definitely one of the most Colin Furze things ever made

  • the most Lincolnshire invention ive ever seen, make me proud of my crazy county :D

  • You need an tent extension to cover dry from the rain

  • Should make a home made exoskeleton, perhaps powered by a back mounted generator. If you need a use for it you could stick your hydraulic arm claw on it and use the strength of the exoskeleton to do... Something crazy, which is something you're better at coming up with than me

  • Build a barbecue briefcase and cook some eggs on it @colinfurze

  • Love this one, but what about a machine to make face masks, you may need a doctor friend to help you

  • You should make a gun that shoots plungers.

  • Briefcase wanker😂😂

  • 0:39, you're great, but dude, you're also an idiot lol

  • What do we do with a highly explosive tank of gas? Heat it up with a torch!

    • That is colin furze in a nutshell.

    • Don't worry, he has a safety tie.

  • That briefcase is fire man!

  • How wasteful, those are mighty scarce these days! (0:42)

  • No how to?

  • ***portable briefcase fireplace, comes with a blow torch, each sold seperately(must be 18 years or older)***

  • make a centrifugal washing machine that spins all the time and you feed the clothes in one end and it spins out the other end when washed

  • Hey Colin Furze I dare you to make Han solo’s flacon form Star Wars please

  • I'm a chimney sweep and I want this but better to use outside so it's well vented

  • This. Is. Brilliant

  • I have a idea if you haven’t made it you should make a atomic toilet paper 🧻 dispenser thing 🦠

  • Make the balistic knife of call off duty.

  • How do you carry tea

  • self toasting bread

  • What if you were to have a car that can change into a boat and go in the water

  • Accidently you close it, gas can meets fire & boom💥 Thats a Briefcase bomb more than a Portable Fireplace!

  • This man is literally the definition of the crazy scientist next door who’s always testing out his hover bikes and rocket scooters and it’s amazing