Birt 7 feb 2019
War of the firework........but what will it look like.
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  • Thanks for your support, spread the word so we can reach 8 million.

    • @3zooz dipshit

    • Idiot at his best . Just lay it down and lite it. Use your Brian dude .

    • The most important thing is not to forget to clean up after yourself! I always clean up after me!

    • I have to ask. How long did it take to clean that up 🤯

    • I have subscibed your channel

  • Looks like 7 cluster strikes or 13 precision strikes

  • The ultimate vietnam flashback

  • Soldiers in world war 3 5:30

  • Lets create a million account

  • ozone layer:🚬🗿

  • Wow super

  • Mr.beast still did it way better

  • Which is better? Firing 1000 rockets at 1000 rockets? Or Mrbeast 600,000$ mega fireworks show?

  • this is how california start burning?......

  • cool fireworks

  • How much pollution spread they are😞😞

  • Can you not get a scrap car and fill it with rockets and set them off 😂😂

  • "That sounds like a good idea yeah" 🤣🤣 that was very unsure sounding

  • As you do...

  • It was great and I injoy

  • Seeing pick up trucks outside of the U.S and Middle East is weird

  • Lebanon on a Nutshell

  • At first start of video , he sounded like Stampylongnose

  • Russia's new missiles : fireworks lol

  • 5:06 Thank me later

  • Looks like white phosphorus lol

  • Enemy white phosphorus inbound

  • Who would win Ivan's milk truck (katyusha) Or Hanz's six shot revolver (nebelwerfer)

  • This litteraly is vietnam

  • Don't play with fireworks they say. Stand well back they say. Well I should be okay to stand 10ft away from 2000 rockets colliding as they fly off in all different directions. This guy is awesome lol!

  • 2 guys get together, 1 says hey you want to fire off 2000 rockets, the other 1 says hell yeah but don't you think we should tie them down. The 1st one says Nah lets scare the crap out of everything for 7K.................

  • Crazy maderfakier

  • How to waste your money quickly

  • Wow crazy guys , I like tomuch...

  • Alternative title: Why Australia agreed that most people cannot have fireworks

  • Tsar

  • Someone forgot to secure the load.

  • Oh no! 10 million, that mean there is more insanity to look for.

  • Mom can we buy BM-21 Grad? No we have BM-21 Grad at home BM-21 Grad at home : 5:20

  • WWII:

  • Gensokyo in 2020:

  • 5:07

  • for 8000000 you should pot 1000 rockets on a plane

  • Good Lord put on some safety goggles!

  • Greta Thunfishberg doesnt like this 🤮🤢

  • "Nutter!".............( I approve!)

  • I liked the celebration but the poor car is dead

  • How is this guy so smart!? And it looks like one of those tanks that shoot out a lot of missiles at the same time.


  • Hello everyone, I have a new video on how to make a bomb 👉

  • that was "EPIC"

  • হুট বাল পাগলা গুলো


  • bro I love ur videos

  • 5:30 🎬 💥🏃💥🤸💥🏃💥🕺 🎥😂👌

  • What fourth of July is supposed to look like

  • Круто!!!!

  • Who else is here from reddit

  • 5:41 american s400

  • My dream 1k suscbriber my channel 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭🙏😭

  • Mr. Beast, but slightly more extreme

  • I think this guy is nuts, I love him, lol

  • Colin started a world war 3. BUT WITH FIREWORKS!!! 5:55

  • Due the vehicle could have blown.

  • It also looks like a bomber did a strafing run on that run way

  • Just imagine all the health critics But to be fair Colinfurz probably gets pellted by health critics every time he uses fire works

  • Who Saw The Word EPIC If you see 👇

  • When you go to buy fireworks Shopkeeper be like : mân ....he's alive.

  • Woooooo

  • You couls literally use this in war


  • lakas ng trip bwhaha 😂 who's next. 😂

  • 😮😮

  • I didn’t see any rockets smh clickbait af

  • Pollution!! You think that I am a negative man. but I am writing this to know other people that fire works can make more pollution than plastic. Save this earth for future also. Don't be selfish!!!!

    • @toriless burning makes pollution

    • Actually all the toxin burn up, all that is left is cardboard, clay and wood.

  • You don't shoot fireworks around vehicles your an idiot

  • Please change the caption to "950 rockets vs 950 rockets" :P

  • Explodes

  • This somehow reminds me of attack on titan

  • Meanwhile the army’s radar: WE’RE UNDER ATTACK

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  • And out of the light a wild Colin appears

  • 5:24 : explosion madness going on random box: EPIC!

  • Great videos

  • I love how this man is wearing a tie while shooting 1000 rockets at eachother

  • Oooooo nice

  • This just makes Bonfire night and New Years even better

  • It was so cool!!!

  • Lol


  • That was awesome

  • Two things; First, the fireworks boxes need to be secured to the truck and to themselves. Having half filled, ignited boxes flying in the air is dangerous and reckless. Second, haven't any of you guys thought of electronic ignition? One switch, multiple fuses get lit. From a safe distance away.

    • Where's the fun in that?

  • Sos un loco son mas feo los video que haces

  • wall of light 💡

  • 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Very good brother I'm from India

  • This is something we as a world war 3

  • That truck like a missile truck

  • Normal youtubers- fill my bath tub with sprinkles. Collin- Hmmm, let's do fireworks with no safety what so ever and shoot them at each other

  • Hello You can give me some dollars to buy some rockets of those I have never burned them I am of limited resources I live in a house with a sheet roof and wooden walls


  • I am a new subscriber and I do enjoy this channel. Because you do the crazy things that work. I like have 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • you are the best youtuber

  • ww3 has started?