Making a Sekiro Wrist Mounted Fold Out Shield

Birt 21 mar 2019
Full Stainless Steel Fold out arm mounted shield BOOM.
See me face a FLAMETROWER with the shield here.
This Video was made in association Activision and From software.
Check out the Loaded Axe Here
This Loaded Umbrella is inspired from the Game Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
which is out on 22nd of march, next week I Test out the shield so subscribe.
Check out the game here
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  • See me face a FLAMETROWER with this shield here

  • Why do you not sell this


  • Hey do you have an email , i have a cool idea you might want to try making it.

  • Not only does he actually make them they work. My favorite is the Assasin's creed grappling hook

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  • this guy just burnt his hand in an project

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  • Noobs: OMG sekiro shield Legends: *BOI!!!!*

  • Make the axe on the prosthetic

  • Like Thalia's shield, Aegis, in the Percy Jackson series.

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  • 3:50 pause and look at his left hand

  • Colin Furze is a real Genius !!!

  • 0:40 xD

  • This model solar panels

  • umbrella

    • have the slot to lock the closest two to open or close state

  • “Lighter version required” As his arm is turning purple

  • I made one out of cardboard!!

  • If you were to use aluminum instead it would be a few pounds lighter

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  • This guy is seriously set for the zombie apocalypse

  • You should've used titanium or aluminum and it would weigh 6 kilos

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  • Little bit of carbon fiber and Radar graphene bonded with borophene should make it sword, axe, bulllet proof

  • This guy will survive not just the zombie apocalypse, but the skynet apocalypse.

  • That was a fail

  • your work make me inspire but this thing is too heavy if you use spring type thine sheet then wight may be two KG

  • Continuously press L1 for parries

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  • Thats look sake with kratos shield

  • It must fold out.

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  • dude you're the real deal take wayy lighter material and try making the open and closing faster. the lightest you can find cause you'll not gonna go war with it and it won't even work so for flashiness.

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