PulseJet, BMX, Rope, Crane = ColinFurze Jet-Swing

Birt 25 júl 2019
Pulse Jet hanging from a rope can only mean things are going to get hot n burnt and I wasn't wrong.
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  • Ha so about there with the heat sheild and gas cut off, just going to add a we bit of steering and see if I can get this really swinging. So what would you ride swinging of toms JCB.

    • Dude check out Madagascar Institutes' Jet Ponies. ischats.info/fun/mbiSnXRednOJZIw/v-deo My mentors were part of their crew back in the day. You would've loved the work they put out!

    • Man love your builds. You should put that jet motor on the hover bike

    • Skim board

    • Watch please ischats.info/fun/pJd8eKOlaGNtf3w/v-deo

    • Watch please ischats.info/fun/pJd8eKOlaGNtf3w/v-deo

  • Heck of an idea > spring on a manual ball valve for safety interlock. cheap.

  • classic colin putting the gas above the fire

  • Two words . Wyllie Coyote

  • Well that's just a swing making fart noises now isn't it Colin.

  • GTA V players are literally shaking right now

  • Everyone else: This is too crazy/dangerous, I'd better not. Colin: This? Crazy? Dangerous? NOT ENOUGH!

  • Do you need a permission for doing these kind of things?

  • I bet his insurance company that watch every ISchats video he creates & posts. & think we'll have tell him one day we can't afford to pay out he's going to cost us far too much. 😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😃😆 ...........He'll totally bankrupt us 😳😳😳😳

  • Opressor MKII

  • Not at all like watching the first ten minutes of casualty

  • Was there ever a part 2 to this??

  • I'd class that as a fail mate.

  • Makes potentially life ending device: it’s all just guess work.

  • I don't think anyone actually watchs him build but if he didn't add that in the videos ppl wouldn't believe he built it

  • Oppressor mk2 in real life.

  • This man is insane and I love it

  • One day Colin......somethings gonna go Ka bluey.

  • 5:38 OMG that was extremely dangerous...

  • Believe it or not colin still uses the same blower from his first ever pulse jet 😂

  • Colin:Plays gta online! Colin:My favorite vehicle is the oppressor

  • If you mount a large ski on the back and a smaller ski on the front under the handle bars with a short blade for traction, would that be strong enough to push you on the ground? 🤔

  • No need for a safety latch on that boom hook, I’ve got zip ties! 😂

  • Awesome

  • colin, make one of those playground items where multiple kids can sit on it and can spin around, and then add a jet to that and see how fast you can spin. or even something like those spin swing rides

  • Where is the next video?

  • Colin, you are crazy, but genious. 👍✌️😁

  • More fun with the pants on fire version..

  • 8:40 This is what your parents feared! 😂 The day was coming. 🤘😎

  • what you made?

  • Same engine he used for the slow mo guys it has that window on it's side.

  • Wheres the second part of this?

    • I guess he hasn’t made it yet.I was going to ask the same question too

  • Wouldn't a shield in the back affect your propulsion forward cause of the push of the force backwards that the shield would make??

  • Вот ты отмарозок конечно😂😅

  • imagine a furze theme park 360 swings walls of death rocket bike swings electric/jet powered drift trike courses firework machines going of every where firing ranges with thermite launchers and firework launchers crazy bmx tracks land speeder races and a few of his big builds as decoration itd be nuts can anyone with the talent draw that please?

  • Can u build a jet powered mini coaster for ur kids?

  • I came onto this video thinking he took one of those 360 swings and strapped a jet engine to it

  • The tank being put on the front probably would have helped, me from getting anxiety.

  • That was my bmx give it back stole it from my back garden shed 🤣

  • Add some homing launcher in front, some wings and *boom* Oppressor

  • Combine this with a grappling hook... and wheels... and you have an untold amount of fun

  • Ma man just build a mk2 oppresor in rl

  • هههههههه

  • This guy is the shit! Can’t stop watching these videos

  • If certain people tried what you do they would lock them up forever in the US. I kind of remember what fun and enjoyment was. Your videos rock and I am a bit envious.

  • That bike is BMX!

  • You need a tail fin.

  • This is a bad idea. But i love it

  • If this doesn't scream furze idk what will

  • How you you get insurance? Lol

  • Just where’s a suit, no safety googles

  • Jesus Christ fire

  • how do you still own eyebrows? don't they get burned off everytime you work with pulsejets?

  • Why did you blur the calor fuel

  • good, but if something bad had happen to this vid.... it'll be an epic ball of colinfurz fire

  • News headline: English Man Rides A Rocket Tuba With Help From Construction Equipment.

  • Colin can you please build a twin jet engine to my ford ranger and built a mud jug??? Pleeeaasssseeee you are the only one who can 👍🏻🤩🤞

  • The oppressor mkll in GTA


  • the oppressor mkII looks great!

  • You can tell this ain't in the U.S.A besides the accent no helmet or fire suit, no emergence medical personnel or fire chief or fun killing lawyers around.

  • Insurance companies must love you 🤣🤣🤣

  • MAKE A VTOL / JET machine

  • So this is were the oppressor mk2 came from.

  • I'm getting oppressor vibes

  • If harry potter was about Collin

  • It's impossible to build a "wrong" prototype

  • Colin is like a high version of me

  • Sssssoooo...part 2?

  • 4:26 What was that that was such an unenthusiastic yeaah.

  • Haven't watched Colin for about a year.boy I've missed him..

  • this one was soo sketch...

  • Imagine living next to you.... that'd be awesome! lol

  • Who needs leg hair anyway

  • He is like those jackass with smart inventions to have fun with

  • I love watching these videos and I hear the music and I’m like,, “when did this come out this is a vibe, oh it was a year ago lol”

  • Mk2

  • Imagine having him as your neighbor 😂 all you see is “hello” in the air on the Swing lol

  • Where's the 2nd video?

  • The colinfurze Chanel “ no awareness for Colin safety since 2011”

  • 00:00 is that the swing at that place in Stamford?

  • Dude you are the coolest dude on earth 🚗🚘

  • i like how colin has the stones to test his own death traps

  • Ese Tipo esta Loco, y si Ese Cilindro de Gas Esplota😆☝🏽👉🏽👍🏽 🇩🇴

  • I swear this guy is protected by god. Grant frm TKOR does smthn normal: dies Colin: sits of a fuckn jet engine that lights up, stays alive

  • Mk2 oppressor in it first stages

  • Death has NOTHING on colin, been juked too many times by him.

  • Opresser mk II I. Development

  • Nobody: Colinfurze: brake lever =accelorator

  • Can I borrow your bike? Yeah, but it'll only take you a few metres. Why? Well, the brake acts a bit strangely for a start…

  • Hey, colin do you still have your swing in your back garden and if so what do your neighbor's think

  • yeah lets just strap the propan tank right above the where the fire is coming out, good idea lol

  • The oppressor mk 2 in development in a nutshell

  • Can we all just take a minute to realize how much time and pain he goes through to make us entertained. He almost got caught on fire...

  • Right...on

  • n

  • Colin accidentally recreates the end scene from ET

  • Never gets old

  • Oppressor mk. II irl xD

  • Omg you scare me, but that rocks dude 😎