Motorised Retractable Roof Project (super villain style)

Birt 28 jún 2018
I live in England so rain is the norm but I like the open air too, so I've built a Roof which covers my yard and at the flick of a toggle switch retracts back over the garage. I should have done this ages ago as its fantastic and with the addition of the rain sensor I can leave it open knowing if it rains it will shut itself.
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  • You are like: "F*ck the safety! Let's burn it AAALLL!"

  • If you ever watch Limitless, you're the same person as Brian


  • You're insane

  • shoulda used a fishing wreel for the string holder thing

  • Hi im from Brazil

  • Step 1: remove asbestos roofing Step 2: *cough*

  • Probably a good idea to get rid of that Asbestos roof 😳

  • Person: Whats your electric bill Colin? Colin: yes

  • What is this material used?

  • What kind of car does this windscreen wiper motor come off. I a looking to replicate this on a shed roof observatory but I am having difficulty in finding a motor that will run in forward and reverse

  • Imagine if colin have a large amount of money for his videos

  • 😀👍😃

  • 😫 if anyone sells / craftsmen tools in Indonesia .. maybe I will immediately buy it for my house.. 😁 present watching in 2020

  • What’s with the fake hand bit lol?

  • Mannnnnnn you are a Profi !!!!!!! i liked you ... Good luck

  • وحش

  • What an accent

  • Restaurant I used work for spent 1 million dollars to get a retractable roof built in Germany to go over a new expansion they bought next door. And this bloke could have done it for them for a couple hundred quid. Which would have helped them not go broke 10 months after opening the expansion.

  • Wonder what that cost

  • No leeks? Great, I hate leeks

  • I think this might be one of the most reasonable things I've seen this genius make. I think thos may inspire me to make something for my future house in the far future.

  • I love everything about this channel except for the super loud punk rock background music. I have nothing against punk rock but I often get jolted and have to turn down my headphones while I watch/listen to these vids. Can you please just keep it as "background" music so I don't have to protect my ears whenever you go into a montage????

  • lol rick loves to admire his painting

  • Right pommy git!…just sayin……………love your work Colin your bunker is fab lots of greetings from Australia 🇦🇺 Mate👍

  • Sure that roof was asbestos?

  • Council-“take it down” Colin-Nah

  • Him: just like this Metal: *goes up* Me: umm he picked it up in air with his elbow

  • Tea, crumpets, and a shed

  • Colin, I want you to bring a realtor to your house and evaluate how much of what you have done will be considered improvements and how much will be insurance liabilities.

  • have you solved the rainny season?

  • OMG wasn't the garage roof in asbestos 😳 !

  • The only problem i find is what if you have something tall like the hulk buster out there and the auto door closes on it

  • Hes going to drill a laser onto the moon I swear

  • Title: "Super villain style" People who joked about Colin becoming a super villain: _P A N I C_

  • Sliding roof 👇

  • Love it. I was looking for a design for my house... that I haven't bulit yet but planning to... And I said I want a roof that can be close and open. Am sure someone else has thought of it. And I look it up in ISchats and here I am. Love it. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Esto está que arde!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Travesuras

  • Where is the waterproofing ? How are you stopping rainwater from downpouring inside ?

  • Asbestos roof removal?

  • 11:49 What on earth is that sticky liquid? Wait... don't answer that...

  • 0:45 your shed roof is tilted so you could have to collect rain water and run it through a tube into reservoir a and run it through a filter and have like a soft drink dispenser so you can have to run back inside to get some water

  • You know when he says don’t like it he is serious...

  • Did he say "goin all bo squeah"?

  • What's the music about that money when they were constructing

  • Good to se you guys wearing some of the time.

  • Does this dome let in air and water?

  • You could of put a wheel on the end of the motor and when the motor spins the wheel moves the roof

  • The rare species of the box monster has been revealed! 2:40

  • how did I misread as moisturized?

  • He’s invented better trains...

  • Pizza man: alright where are you? Furze: oh just hanging inside my AT-ACT

  • 11:19 Two fighter jets just flew by 😂

  • The Black Bird call :D That's brilliant! I love your videos!

  • Whats the song in 9:22?

  • This roof looks like it was made out of asbestos - was it ?

  • 3:02 when you've been bent over your workbench welding and you finally finish and get to take off the sweaty gear

  • Dude his property value most be a lot

  • how many watts is the ac to dc converter you're using?

  • Wow spettacolare!!!... 😍😍😍😍

  • That blackbird is my spirit animal. I love AC/DC and I'm only 15.

  • i might do this bec i dont think i will have space for a bunker

  • If this comment get 1k likes and a like from colin himself then I will do a funny dare

  • Colinfurze is literally my favorite youtuber and he is British that's even better cause them British people are smart!!!

  • Not many comments about asbestos safe removal no ppe naghty naughty

  • This needs an update

  • I don't wanna be that guy but.... *their

  • You are the greatest youtuber ever

  • The song that the bird is songing is actually thunderstruck by acdc

  • 11:27 that hand haha

  • 5:06 why am i doing this with him

  • Oi mate, you got a loicance for that roof?

  • You should put solar panels on it

  • Acha kia hai bro

  • from the thumbnail, I thought you had a rolling tennis court up there hehe

  • That’s got to be the most calm “oh I’ve seem to have started a fire” I have ever heard

    • Reminds me of the Chieftains "Oh bugger the tank is on fire"

  • How the hell can anyone live that close to their neighbors..... Goood godd...

  • you love that box section.

  • 11:49 what might that be

  • I wonder if it can be manual?

  • Look Collins plan to upgrade his roof interconnected rail way transit tren in the entire neighbours! !!

  • I’d make a thing that could raid Area 51 if that’s possible

  • U should try to add solar panels to the shed it would power ur shed and ur house

  • As much money he's spent on these projects, he could have built an indoor invention stadium with a super duper mega awesome 1000ft x 1000 ft shed.

  • 9:21 usually by 13 years old you know everything about life so he's dumb

  • 6:00 ???

  • Imagine if this guy ever sells his house, he has this awesome garage, a stair treadmill, and a FREAKING BUNKER

  • I wonder how much his property is worth with all the features it’s got 😂 it’s got a lot of character that’s for sure

  • This video like just a garage door video it’s also a Full auzie music video

  • Does anyone else just come back and watch his old videos again

  • Legend said this guy wears his safety tiewhile taking a shower.

  • just love all the smaller English bands I have gotten into because of you thanks haha

  • He worries about the cost of bearings but puts all that steel up without a thought!

  • 10:12 *loves a bitch*

  • I wish Colin was my neighbor

  • What kind of Taxes did you have to pay to build that?

  • Great Construction... Only thing with the Rain Detector, in Blighty it could well be going back and forwards for a pastime...

  • I just can’t say how much I love your videos

  • ur name means "farts" in german

  • it's not waterproof