Handheld Potato Launcher also does Pineapple/cake n yogurt haha

Birt 15 mar 2018
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Although my intended purpose was not to fire stuff over field it seemed to much fun to not try it, so this device has many applications that I can use for testing air systems and firing yogurt at tom.
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  • Colin you are what I like to call controlled insanity....you're absolutely Mad. LOL

  • I am not a treasdman,. therefore, you have to teach in a way that a person like me can benefit from, follow and make it. can you help me to build it?

  • I am sorry, but you did not expaon it properly step-by step how to make it. Now that you didn't teach properly, can I buy it from you then?

  • WHYYYY do you never wear eye protection?

  • Lol somewhere in the world a small kid on an isolated island got hit with potatoes hahaha 😂😎

  • Ugliest potatoes ever grown, I literally searched Colin Furze potato to look at these things again. Is where he is cursed or something those don't look edible.

  • The Real Scrap Mechanic Gun xD

  • In step of a patato it should be a mortar


  • Can you make Mellon launcher?

  • Batshit Crazy .... your beautifully fucked in da head Colin .... 🤘❤🤘

  • hi

  • @colinfurze How many meters do you think you could push out of that thing?

  • Coming back after the screw tank potato canon video

  • We just gonna ignore how big the potato was.

  • *The british army would like to know your location*

  • try to made something usefull, asshole

  • The reverse cowmangler

  • Your tie is so great. Shoot them away too 😃

  • Wow the title.

  • I need one of these, just to blast potatoes across the field behind my house.

  • The title kills me 😂😂

  • Can you elaborate on how it is used for special effects?

  • Why u didn't try to shoot a gopro 🤣

  • looks like tükish samovar

  • Cool

  • What about shooting the nerf missile

  • 3:23 When Colin looks at you in shock, you know you've gone to far lmao Joking, love the video

  • Tech***

  • I don't know if you will see this but I did diesel tack that means semi engines and my teachers most favorite potato launcher he decided to put them together you should give it a try and check it out mind you you need a big field

  • Gotta get myself one of these to shoot my sisters

  • With a flatter nozzle you could use it to put tires on the bead too

  • I want one but would it be legal in the uk?

  • Punkin Chunkin’?

  • What about pound cake?! :-P

  • 4:06 every H protagonist dumbs a load

  • He might’ve hurt his hand HAHA you brits and your lamb wollen hands lol jk

  • 2.02 god comes crashing down from the sky

  • 01:46 "We got blue sky now.." he says, then the camera shows chemclouds all over the fucking place, what a blind nutter.

  • Onions, onions are great in potato launches. Just put the point of it in the barrel and shove down with the tear drop pointing outward. Being layered they fit perfectly and fire even better! Great stuff Colin, always loads of fun!

  • Do you sell any of your inventions

  • If nothing ever proves that you are dedicated, it's definitely the air pump that does.

  • When Colin shoots potatoes: *Anti Tank rifle* Whrn Colin shoots pineapples: *British Grenadiers* When Colin shoots cakes: *minefield* When Colin shoots Yogurt: *shotgun*

  • Facet ma wyobraźnię

  • Its to much ADHD in this video

  • haha

  • This would be a great way to start a good food fight. In school for you young one's out there

  • PLEASE CONVERT IT TO A CONFETTI BOMB LAUNCHER OR A T- SHIRT Launcher. I'll buy your patents or design build instructions for good money. If your interested in selling youDesignBuild plans please respond to my comment. There has to be thousands of people the want a high velocity far T-Shirt launcher for their Bands on Tours.

  • Sorry just watched this now. Fill the big barrel with orbeez. Then shot something or someone... I wonder if itd be like a bazooka in a paintball game

  • Launch a Go Pro

  • Long distance chips? Put a grid of blades down-range with boiling oil behind it?

  • I can see this being used to launch mortar shells and grenades in the middle east

  • That yogurt though 😂🍻

  • 0:05 I thought he said Ladies Furze 🤣

  • u should put gopro inside potato and shoot it. Please like this comment if u like the idea, so he can see :D

  • no not spongebob

  • just shoot something bigger... MASTERMIND :D

  • The spud gun

  • if laughter is the best medicine, this guy will never get sick.

  • cloudy with a chance of potato

  • 2:33 I laugh in this

  • Whenever I see a new post I think how is Colin still alive? Lol

  • Colinfurze is amazing

  • Shotguns in movies and video games be like: 4:05

  • The forbidden nerf gun

  • Make a booster for your car

  • Looks just like scrap mechanic's spud gun, is this the universal design for all Irish weaponry?

  • 1:29 Sounds like an AUG from CS-GO.

  • Colinfurze top 10 ingeniero inventos infinitos que divertido eres funny funny jajaja

  • Блин, хрена ты кревляешся. Аж противно

  • how about launching some baseballs, then have someone try to hit them back

  • Hey colin, but were you in Panzerstorm of Battlefield 5?

  • Go pro+this canon ????

  • The most entertaining comical Ingenuity I've ever seen on the planet

  • Прикольная хрень🎃

  • У дани крастера было круче

  • 4:06 me on 1st of December

  • Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that the potato was giant!

  • The Irish salute you

  • I prefer to you use pcp hand pump

  • "HOW COULD YOU MISS? IT WAS THREE FEET IN FRONT OF YOU!!!" Like if you get the reference.

  • Now put nails in it

  • looked like a giant skeeted 😂

  • "Pineapple inserted" are two words I generally don't want to hear next to each other...

  • Punk rock is amazing......

  • I know it’s an older video and Colin won’t see this comment but I think you should attack a camera to whatever you launch. It has already been said in the comments about the camera but if you could add some sort of parachute that will open up on descent so it keeps the camera intact and also gives us a rough indication of how high it went. Would love to see that 😀

  • Come on furze your the man..... I made a PVC one which worked best with hair spray... that would blow off fence pailings.....but u I'm thinking lpg..... btw use a sparkler and night time

  • *Jacksepticeye wants to know your location*

  • please make a coconut cannon please :D

  • shoot a rocket that squeels through the air the small foam ones like frisbees

  • Colin Furze meets Dude Perfect.

  • This is Military grade Irish technology!

  • Colin fire's potatoes in air 100 jears later a farmer thinks where came that potatoes from?

  • Придурки 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I love your crazy job

  • The aperture science handheld potatoe launcher With it , you can launch your own potatoes

  • Where's Katya?

  • What happened with the big dude, hes funny and hes not in any new videos

  • This man casually made an air cannon that can most likely make humans flies like plastic bags, and still isn't employed by major weapon companies.

  • You could use it to paint