Birt 31 maí 2018
You know when you have an idea, buy some stuff, start putting it all together then stand back and think WTF am I doing, well thats "The Bicycle of Springs" haha. This has just been a laugh as with no purpose or real understanding of what I was trying to achieve everyone who has witnessed this has just laughed.
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  • @3:45 - The exact moment I internally said "I told you so" and then laughed right along with you because I've made that mistake 100 times. Those springs are basically strings. Beef up the tension. Dunno why you are using 2 springs though. A lighter spring on either axis would have done the job more efficiently. But I get that the pint was to do something engaging. You nailed that. EDIT: I should really wait until the end before I comment.

  • Why Colin give me Jim Carrey vibes?

  • stee-you-pid.

  • What language is this y'all?

  • LOL! Jolly good job mate. How many times has your tie gone up in flames? Welding skills, an intelligent guy and some crazy ideas makes for really enjoyable vids. I don't know why but I am going to subscribe.

  • oh.. i'm here again.. after more than a year.. (with a new acct😅) i would call that _delta springs_

  • Unsprung Hero!

  • Wow that's such a inspirational video

  • What about leaf springs?

  • Clearly this guy is nucking futs, having said that, he's also kind of awesome.

  • Mountain biker: “Yeah my bike frame is fully carbon, how about you?” Colin:”Yeeeeeeeah... It’s sorta complicated.”

  • Please show this to @SamPilgrim

  • i wish the colin puzzle wasnt that easy check my review

  • Springtrap would love this

  • I think we can all agree that Colin is enjoyably crazy. And yes, that's a compliment.

  • 9:10 ABS

  • The third type of bike -Front Suspention -Rear Suspention -Suspention: Yes

  • All your weight is held up by the one joint all the way at the rear wheel, but it can't give. Good job my man

  • *the fullest suspension*

  • I would love to leave that bike unlocked in NYC

  • This is shocking

  • Make somthing that flies.

  • Qué flaco insoportable

  • to all the kids out there that red thing he was talking into is a telephone next time perhaps he will show you how to dial out

  • One of those rarest english man i get in love. Cause are real men of culture not of looting

  • "This fing is absolutely useless, but I love it! " Don't care if it's a character personality, it's hella entertaining!

  • "This bike makes no sense, quite possibly the stupidest thing I've built... you're not suppose to be able to do this, but w/e! An absolute waste of money, but eff it! Now, let us pray!" Oh good God.

  • benny original motorworks

  • You're giving me anxiety, wear a helmet pleeease. Would be such a shame if you got a bad concussion and couldn't make videos

  • Make a lightsaber

  • Collin watching park tool's tech tuesdays at 2 am HOW TO REMOVE CHAIN and HOW TO USE A CRANK PULLER

  • How much for each of your aderall?

  • " 'Ello inte'net shplplplpllpshpömountnbaikss9lplsks "

  • I think the lord of bicycles is saying, "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT, SEND IT TO BICYCLE HELL!

  • Guy's listen this and if you like share and subscribe

  • Jesus Christ loves you God bless family

  • After a certain point, they're less like springs and more like coiled leaky pipes.

  • This looks exhausting to ride

  • This is for you

  • 2 words........ Willy Pinch

  • 50 years later this vid will be in everyones recomended

  • He looks like the weird teacher that everyone likes

  • you made me laugh! thank you

  • Subscribe my channel please

  • 🤦‍♂️ “ do you think that will help if I do That “ funniest thing I have seen on the tube ( love it Collin ✌️ )

  • hahaha - if it's even remotely rideable in an hour, you'll be 'shocked!'

  • He only did this so he could have all the stiff springs jokes

  • Ah yes...the floppy bike...for more kinetic energy

  • Put a 50cc 2 stroke on it

  • Wow it atuly works😀

  • It's silly. It's gimmicky. But that is something that would make a killing for parties. "Oi. 20 quid if you can ride this to the store and back with beers, yeah?"

  • The springs helped the crash tho

  • Love the hoodie!

  • "I have top and bottom suspention'

  • He knows he gonna probly fail but still tries. Thats a mad scientist for you people. Fuckin awesome!

  • Now thats a full suspention bike

  • love from india

  • i haven't read all the comments but have you considered using coilovers instead?

  • try riding it down hill, we have mountains near by.. this would be interesting having suspension is helpful idk about this level of flex but maybe.

  • 0:25: susupuspension😅😅

  • Can you lend this to Sam Pilgrim please? That would be epic!

  • Hey

  • This man had the quarantine crazies before quarantine ever happened

  • Sprimg

  • They should call it....THE VASECTOMY

  • I was yelling “DOUBLE SPRINGS COLIN!” The whole time

  • The tasteless digestion etiologically stuff because dugout usually march a a lewd entrance. sick, earsplitting servant

  • When you did the 90 degrees (top and side) it was genius. By adding the 45 degree spring, it went downhill fast (pun intended).

  • Get it over to Sam Pilgrim, I'm sure he'd send it!

  • Dam man I was born in 2006

  • The tie is perfection.

  • Am I wrong to assume that this bike can only be ridden 3 months a year ?

  • I’d like to see someone shred red bull rampage on this bike😆

  • I like how Colin never wears a helmet

  • This was kinda stupid 😂

  • This is the most American non-American thing I’ve ever seen.

  • I like coming bck to this

  • Alright who's gonna be the one to tell Colin that the metal tube that the bike was originally made of is essentially already a spring,

  • Take it to whistler bike park in Canada

  • Everybody:Do you have a Suspension on your fork? Colin:Who needs a Front fork suspension

  • touch the link to play pubg

  • U should make a nother one of these and sent it to ryan Taylor

  • Reeeeeally wanted to see some Simpsons 'Springy' clips throughout 😅

  • can i have one????

  • 9:10 I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to do that 😂

  • Pop a weely

  • It does stupid things because it is bicycle of springs 😂😂

  • this would be the ultimate trail bike

  • If this bike would been in a championship of experiments this would the winner

  • bruh its so funny the way he makes face expression

  • Now this is how to upgrade your bike

  • I've come to understand that he likes his tie more than the helmet

  • I think it would have been better if you didn’t do the top tube

  • Well thats a ultra full suspension

  • What kind of tea does Colin drink? Or maybe his mum drank to much tea when she was pregnant.

  • Don't get your manhood caught in the spring

  • What am i doing here... Its 12pm atm and i have 3 tests tomorrow......anyone have an idea why i am here

  • WOW!

  • Yeah fair play that's actually funny! I applaud your determination not to give up, regardless of the price.

  • Amazing