Scooter Flamethrowers-Scooter Pimp #3

Birt 16 ágú 2018
Extending Under Seat Flamethrowers......tick
So phase one of my scooter pimp is done with better wheels,60mm lift,stero,Hydraulic 10ft elevating seat and now undersea auto flame-throwers. So subscribe so you don't miss Phase 2 after a few other crazy builds
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  • Phase 1 complete and looking strong, I'll dive into a few other crazy builds then return with phase 2 but what do you wanna see in phase 2 and have you enjoy'd this series and want more like it. also subscribe if you haven't as loads of watchers are not subscribers and its only a click

    • phase 2*

    • where is part 2?

    • I'd like some pads or legs to go down to stabilise the thing. And for the raising is there a way to optimise it so it lifts you perfectly without adjusting?

    • OK, so I replied to the wrong thread! Sue me or get the flamethrowers out! Still think the bookcase is a cool project though!!

    • You need a secret room in the bunker that's behind an automatic bookcase to store all your 'weapons'! Obviously, it will need a cleverly disguised lever to open it and maybe a booby trap too!! The names Furze, Colin Furze, license to thrill!

  • 6:25 Almost forgot the safety tie!

  • Watching this guy makes me need to snort a big fat line of adderall

  • outriggers? wheelie bar?

  • Home alone

  • I'm preatty sure that was the oppisit of what your mom said.

  • 0:50 How you made this clip and managing not to burst out laughing is beyond me.

  • Front Page News....: "Scooter With Flamethrower Attachment Lands Local Man [Colin Furze] In Jail"

  • hahahaha How many people didn't notice that fake hand? Took me a while

  • Well!... Guess you're ready to do your groceries now.

  • I like your toy hand

  • I always imagine calling a plumber to my house and then someone with Colin’s energy and personality shows up, trying to repair stuff using a fake hand instead of his own. 😂

  • I'm Mobility Challenged. If you still have that, can I have it❓. 😁👍

  • Right on!!!

  • 1:34 Are you.... Are you using a fucking latex hand to show what you're doing?!

  • Fake hand lol

  • That was from back to the future

  • Imagine a rocket powered roller coaster

  • The South African minority had flame throwers oriented sideways in their cars to discourage attacks when stopping in traffic. Maybe you didn't that linear thingy for a sideways defence. Possibly even a choked exit?

  • Using plastic in a flamethrower seems very advisable

  • Where’s the next video

  • pretty sure that one of those hands are p l a s t i c

  • Where’s the next video??

  • You missed the guided missile system my guy

  • NR.1 :)

  • Mobility Mary has entered the chat

  • You are a super hero but turning a bolt in the lathe and grinding it with a disc grinder is risky. Wear your peeper protectors mister. 🙏🏻

  • awesome! Love your work. Always looking so neat and tidy. Where can we see your proper field test? Phase 2? keep up the good work!!

  • maybe put like a plate or something between the flamethrower so you don't burn your leg hair just a idea

  • Flaming spitball cannon/machine gun?

  • I would like to see someone try to rob old Colin with is thing

  • Back to the future

  • Back to the future!

  • Why don't you turn them the other way to make out you have a rocket

  • Pleasant good day to you, been watching your Videos for quite a while, would like to see you make a Hang Glider using basic tools

  • What was the fake hand for 0:55

  • "Back to the future" on the cereal gag

  • Truman show??

  • 7:37 ugh! ugh! ugh!

  • imagine a nasa engineer walking into colins workshop and seeing the things he made

  • *ELON MUSK* is requesting your location

  • Mme tie

  • I bet Colin can’t wait for when he becomes immobile

    • He'll be picking-up the hottest babes in the bingo hall.

    • Cai Watson lol

  • I shit my pants laughing!!!

  • 5:38 Back to the future one!!

  • the guy she tell you not to worry about and his car

  • It's been nearly 2 years, Colin. I'd wager that you broke the scooter, didn't ya?

  • This led to his eventual arrest for creating prohibited weapons

  • Ceriak & funny laught.... Martys dad in Back to the future

  • turbo charge it

  • Also what happened to scooter building 4 ?

  • That was FUNNY 😄😄

  • Back to the future

  • The cerial part is flash away

  • Any updates on this?

  • Next up, a 300cc engine.

  • Take it all apart raise the chair like a fork lift!

  • Super scienziato pazzo!!!!!!!!! Ciao.

  • Just when I think "Can I like this Dude anymore" ? He mentions "This old Tony" ! Colinfurze: Hero status achieved ! EDIT: I am officially useless, had to look in the comments for the movie scene answer (BTTF). You win.

  • That fake hand never fails to make me laugh 😂😂

  • Looks like you could do with a little skin graft on your hand Colin 🤣

  • I am American I have no clue what the cereal is from someone please tell me

  • Prepare for old people to over though the young

  • Mark my words Colin , you'll burn your legs off.

  • Public enemy N1

  • At 0:48 was anyone else thinking "Timmy"!!

  • I don't remember what name is of sing

  • Ace Ventura when Jim Carrey laghs

  • Ok so my project is gonna be a minimal tool drift kart with a glam thrower!

  • You will survive a zombie apocalypse

  • random man: *silly man o ur scooter! Colin: You dare question the elevated one? *extends hydraulic seat and flames ignite* random man: *RUN*

  • So cool ! You should build the chair so it synchronize Horizontal ! maybe with a gyro :-)

  • He has the mind of a nine year old but the resources of a nasa worker

  • Pls come out with part 4

  • 4:53 He's *not* about to fire a flamethrower at a gas cylinder, is he? No! No way! He's going to move it for sure. Right? Wait. He didn't. He actually fired it right over a gas cylinder.

  • Sooner or later you'll go to the moon. I'm sure.

  • Did he ever do a part 4?

  • Terrific channel Colin, thank you very much. Excellent skills and talent with nice attitude. If I had to say a constructive critics about your videos, can you please use some smoother, calmer music, so I don’t have to watch your videos on mute. Thank you sir, keep up the good work!

  • Where is #4?

  • Why the plastic hand🖐️

  • 哈哈,哥们历害!

  • I can watch your videos all day.. please remember your Eye protection 🙏

  • Am i the only one to notice that at 0:50 he's using a fake hand

  • back to the future laugh

  • You should make a james bond car

  • You’re crazy... and I love it

  • that impression was from back to the future, it was marty’s dad laughing

  • I gotta say, that machinist´s third hand comes in...handy, I guess

  • Haha no one is robbing the grandad driving this wheel chair loool

  • Back to the future

  • And this is why I’m subscribed to you to awesome stuff like this

  • From the wooden bicycle Wall of Death to year 2020, it's been a pleasure to see the world recognize and reward such Brilliance. Thank You, Mr. Furze !!

  • I think it needs a cpl hydraulic outriggers ,coming down and rearward at a 45° angle, that would be stable at hieght, and maybe slip a V8 under the bonnet. Cuz that thing must be getting pretty heavy. Lol

  • the movie that laugh was from was back to the future martys dad

  • I wonder how much of this is illegal. Also, please make a submarine.

  • What is the reason behind the fake hand

  • Love Colin’s Stephen Hawking impression at 0:48

  • Just gotta day one thing I thought was really cool, (other than the freaking flamethrowers on the scooter) was the video of you welding with the camera behind the mask. That looked really cool and I’d love to see more of that.

  • When will number 4 come out Colin?

  • Vision this, elon musk and colin furze project