I Dropped my Book from Space

Birt 7 sep 2017
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The Colin Furze book has landed.....Literally. This Book Isn't Safe is now available in shops and online so if you want to start making things,love what i do and just want to do what i do this is the place to start with 10 projects to get you going on your way to being a mad creator like me.
Order your Copy Here smarturl.it/C-Furze
#1 Project from the book made here ischats.info/fun/ZNObaoCplXR9l6I/v-deo
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  • It's Arrived you can now get a copy so if you have kids or want to get into building this book is for you.....start making here smarturl.it/C-Furze


    • wut? the earth is flat

    • Just ordered it from Amazon.

    • colinfurze maybe give those books to the aliens!

    • colinfurze could you make a book that teaches us how to make your more insane inventions or go more in depth with your vids

  • send me the book

  • Wow

  • 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😯😯😯😲😲

  • Give me a longer book ser

  • I have your book it's amazing and fun to read and build stuff

  • You literally just launched your book 😂

  • Hey Furze, do you play Cricket 🏏?? You’re from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and the national game of England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 is Cricket 🏏

  • Brilliant ad an entertainment in one. I got your book. My son and I are having a blast with it. Your face on the cover was perfect pic for the fall back to earth lol.

  • We like the book. Our child is far too young, but his parents are not too young...

  • What if it went into NASA’s radar

  • What if Struck a plane and caused it to crashed..

  • Notice the lack of curvature!

  • Woohoo my life sucks

  • 2:30 hey flat earthers what are you thoughts

  • Imagine if it was hit by a plane...

  • Collin, start build and selling the whole build kits

  • That's the Furze way of releasing a book!

  • no doubt abt it, the book is safe

  • "This book is really not safe"

  • I'de read it in Colin's voice if I got it.

  • This guy is a freaking legend!

  • I'm watching this video from prison because I launched this book out the window at my annoying neighbour and took her eye out. Highly recommend this book.

  • I want to you to make vids more in 2019

  • dropped from space... death note style.

  • 2:30 you can see saturn On the right top

  • Is there an audiobook of this? I am visually impaired and have difficulties reading a lot of text... o.o

  • Imagine a sushi maker television

  • I thought he will send it one way out ,flying around earth maybe an astronaut 👩‍🚀 will pick it up 😂😂

  • ХЕИ шмешник

  • I feel like an idiot asking this but... couldn't that have killed someone if it hit them? How does one get approval of such things? I'm an aviator in the US and find this interesting in terms of regulations and stuff. And the video of course too

  • Imagine this book dropping from the sky just like Mr. Bean in his series intro. 😃

  • This proves the earth is round

  • I wan't that dangers book!!!😭

  • 2:54 Thisbookisntsafe fell from a high place. Read this comment = main menu Like = respawn


  • Better than lego

  • But literally i have no money to buy this book i want this book.

  • 1:21 - is a boat made of pennies in your book?

  • Veiws - 999,913

  • Anyone else at 999k views

  • It landed in a completely different place where he picked it up from

  • Wow ur book is out of this world

  • I thought you were gonna make a rocket to launch the book...... Well how's that for your next project.

  • Unsuspecting person out for a stroll: **Gets hit on the head and killed by a falling contraption including a book that is self proclaimed to be unsafe**

  • *book falls and hits someone* "This Book Isn't Safe!"

  • Can you prove the earth is round or flat regardless to what nasa says

  • Oh just Colin dropping a new book.

  • True to its name

  • Next video: launching myself into space

  • Why is he tracking it on foot when he has a hover bike


  • "Hey guys my new book just dropped... ...from space"

  • You're not actually in space, you were in the stratosphere not space

  • 30km altitude is not space.... space starts from 100km....

  • wow

  • Didnt Milo Yiannopolous do this a few years back? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Nice... Now you should deliver those book to your coustomer from space.....

  • why

  • a weather ballon? i was expecting rockets and reentry heating.

  • Not anywhere near space

  • I buy it

  • Colin kinda looks like Gordon Ramsay on the cover

  • When you drop a book from space and is doesn’t even have a scratch

  • #Amaconhaeobixo

  • thumbs up if noticed that it fell in a dirt field but was picked up on a grass field

  • And the earth is FLAT

  • ha ha, a sneeky edit to disguise how close it got to the road.

  • There’s supposed to be a glass dome around earth And you didn’t hit it.

  • I have the book

  • Erth not flat

  • This book isn't safe! *literally*

  • Me : Ima throw my school books from space. Mom: Son, get your school books and study now. Me: Ehmmm.. I lost them. Mom: THEN WHAT ARE YOUR SCHOOL BOOKS DOING ON THE FLOOR BROKEN!? what happens when you get naughty. ^

  • U could strap colin to this and he would still be alive when it came back down

  • Please can you let me have a buck for free

  • each individule projec

  • Dude your book is awesome!

  • "Each individual projecc" Noice...

  • That is real space

  • I saw the edge of the Disc...

  • The book really isnt save. Could have killed someone on the way down ;)

  • I hoped for a rocket and leaving the atmosphere

  • Colin I’m 10 years old and I like making stuff. Where do I start?

  • Um, the stratosphere isn’t space There’s still the Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and the Exosphere

  • Awesome book

  • where can I get your book from?

  • Spacebook i imagine a new social media

  • Why tracker did u use?

  • Proper advertisement that's why I like to see

  • Can you imagine it hit a plane on the way up or down

  • 1:03 its fly ufo??? left book

  • Watch out for traffic

  • Just imagine if the weather balloon went too high. The balloon pops and the book isn't affected by gravity and stays in space forever.

  • Why don’t you make it All your projects

  • 2:27 the earth is not flat accidentally proven by colin furze

  • What if someone saw the book drop

  • COOL

  • I expected a missile instead of a balloon lol

  • 1:50 You are still a kid, and also, 2:10 not all kids are young because you're a kid

  • Nice one, 11/10 definitely would do again, also, btw, the stratosphere isnt space