CAT-O-MATIC auto cat feeder/terrifier YTMakers Secret Santa

Birt 22 des 2019
Fear not your cat feeding issues are sorted...........Furzestyle
No cat was harmed in making of this but it did run off..........but came back and is fine.
Thanks to the Kids Invent Stuff channel for organising this Secret Santa check them out here
And the other channels involved
Estefannie Explains
Sufficiently Advanced
Look Mum No Computer
The Hacksmiths
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  • I can confirm the cat is fine and begging for more, hope you all enjoy going on the trail to see what everyone made. have a good break everyone and see you in 2020...........the hydraulics have arrived for next years first build muhahaha

    • 2020 sucks

    • did you get the hacksmiths "hackphone"

    • Little did he know the coronavirus was going to hit days later...

    • Collin you made a machine gun purposely made to kill cats

    • "shes from Texas , I'm gonna get me a cat-o-matic for Christmas boy" LMAO

  • I am scared of him...

  • i think i would ask for the receipt if i got this :|

  • 6:25 cat oh hell no!

  • t-th-thh-t-the p-p-po-poor k-ki-kitty :o

  • Steve Aoki wants to buy your cake-o-matic

  • This man is definitely insane.... In a good way I'm not sure

  • I've managed to find myself to last years secret santa hehe... You guys are so fun to watch and I figured I'd say here that to "Kids invent stuff" since their comments were off. But their gift and invention was awesome too ^.^

    • OMG I'm in TEARS at the real cat reactions lmaooooo

  • Alternative title: deranged man assults felions with cat food

  • Thumbs up for deployable swing. Thumbs down for cat-o-matic. Better success next time.

  • You invented a cat food weapon system and expect it not to jump and run?! XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Suppose thats why you're the mad engineer! Lol. Nice job on the invention btw. That cats reaction on the first try was the best, and your reaction to the cat jumping was pretty amazing too. XD

  • are you sure this ins't an automatic cat euthanizer?

  • Those poor cats.

  • Colin. Stop buying plastic rubish Me. Stop 3D printing then

  • Just the sound of this video scared my cat away and out of the room... I cannot imagine how terrified he would be if this machine ended up within anywhere near 15 feet of him lol. What if he tried sticking his head inside there to eat the food (which he would) then accidentally hits the button with his back paw?? Bye-bye kitty head & upper body...!!!! LoL

  • This could actually be potentially usable. If you filled the entire spoon area from an open hatch in the top, entirely full with dry food. Then when the cat hit the button it just made a single rotation and dumps like a perfect cup of food down a small funnel into a bowl sitting at the end. Could loose the way too powerful electric motor, for a more simple one that makes a single rotation, once every 3-4 hours (depending on the human/cat owner variable settings)................. Now that's something that's marketable. Not quite as hilarious bout I bet you could make millions selling something like that off amazon...

  • 1:40 Just imagine walking down the street and hearing something sounding like that coming from a small shed in a strangers back yard... hearing that wonderfully terrifying singing..!! hahahahha

  • I remember the hacksmith doing this That's wild

  • Nevermind the washing machines, how many sets of cutlery have you gone through in 10 years?


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  • Your the funniest and best invented keep it up buddy

  • 9:52 "See you in 2020?" Yeah. I'd like to have a con-call about that. This. Was not. the 2020. I expected, yeah?

  • ---(DESCLAMER: Just so EVRYBODY knows this is JUST A JOKE!!!)--- so basically even tho im only 2 min in the vid plan to watch till the end collin: lets force feed cats at a insane mph my mind: fuck "curiosity killed the cat: its COLLIN THAT KILLED THE DAMN CAT ---(DESCLAMER: Just so EVRYBODY knows this is JUST A JOKE!!!)---

  • I'll get one of those for my cat

  • Nothing funnier than a car losing its absolute shit

  • Not to seem meen but his personality seems like he's drunk 247 or is that just me

  • your absolutely insane dude :D

  • Colin: stop buying plastic rubbish Me: Ok "buys plastic toy" Colin: WHY Me: you said no plastic rubbish not no plastic toys

  • Colin's voice and mind: MAN This is AWESOME Colin's voice and mind after: Uh maybe that was not a great idea

  • Furse:and then the cats guna be like AHHHHHHAHHAAHHHAHH me:what the Lol

  • No one: Attack on Titan: 08:45

  • 1:55 wish this would stop doing the voice. I feel so I uncomfortable

  • I don't know if Callen has ever met a cat, or even seen one, because cat's don't really eat that much

  • 1:14 watch Colin gradually go insane.

  • You made machine gun

  • All that noise and pelted with high speed cat-biscuits, I'd run away too. LOL.

  • 1:28 - 1:31 This had me DYING! XD

  • A machine that feeds you cats faster than you can eat them!

  • “See you in 2020” if we only knew

  • That was funny

  • Cat-o-matic is when you put cats into the feeder and enjoy your cat ribs

  • If you're lucky you can see colinfurze calm

  • Ironically I am watching with my cat

  • cilon has officially lost it

  • that's no cat feeder! that's a bloody BB machinegun!

  • "has to be able to be shipped to the US" ok so that rules out the majority of my options here...

  • Should probably get started on this year and shipped off soon if you guys still want to do it

  • RIP cat

  • How many neighbours have you had over the years?

  • Actually this guy is a rather talented engineer. He should be working for NASA.

  • she looks like Zooey Deschanel

  • She didn't make a video trying it :/

  • I'm not 100% sure but I think this may be animal abuse/ cat torture

  • Дай ему коту Slivki snoy

  • That's perfect for Garfield....

  • Hey

  • LOL I was wondering when he was going to notice the spoon direction ROFLOL

  • A cat being fed into a motorised wheel of spoons? OOOOOOOH THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOOOD!!! Please don't use this on dogs. Goggies wuv you.

  • Plastic see through for the kitty food.because they love visual appearance.

  • If Colin didn’t have kids, I would think he did LINES of coke

  • Flashbacks to Vietnam

  • Please skip to 1:16

  • how on earth do you get the swing set down of the tree???👁👄👁

  • a few seconds in into this i thought it would be like the cake-o-matic lol

  • I'm glad that they did it in 2019 if they did it this year all of the post office would be closed lol

  • Pretty pretty please make a tornado siren

  • Why not make something realistic and useful that does not throw and make a mess of everything?

  • You are what you have done in your life. Your a role model to your child and to others as well..your very big here in the US...if u could find the time you would be gr8 in the pictures and or Network TV...especially here !! Dont ever stop !!

  • News headline: cat dies from cat food projectiles

  • 1:20 me explaining to the teacher i left the school in the most best way

  • Nobody: Colin: **An engineer version of FilthyFrank**

  • you've done it. you made a machine gun that fires cat food.

  • 1:16 wtf I couldn't believe you done this

  • Your gf exposed

  • He’s just a young doc brown.

  • It sounds like a damn pochinco machine

  • It’s a kibble cannon

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  • He is going to regret all the weird stuff he did in these videos when his kids are old enough to watch ISchats

  • I think Collin was either plastered or he’s finally lost it

  • Curious. What is the difference between pounds and quid?

    • Kyle Collins Nothing, a quid is slang for a pounds

  • This is me every day

  • He made an airsoft gun with the dry food XD!

  • I have a cat too!!

  • I watched the video of her opening the cat o matic you sent her and it was funny.

  • He had a stroke

  • immagine what ppl walking past think when hearing colin? 😂

  • He is pokoloko

  • I imagine this is what Sid Vicious sounded like....

  • Yea I really don't like cats but my mom did so we have 2 but I would like a dog since you can play with them.

  • The cat-fanatic-o-matic

  • That’s not a swing set, that’s omnidirectional mobility gear!

  • Furz means Fart in german

  • I need a cat o matick my cat is so fat but cute please help me so my cat can lose weight

  • i want you to build me a shed.... shedstore... still hasnt delivered my replacement front panel... and i only watched your shed build vid after i shelled out and 8 weeks later still dont have a damn shed! help!

  • nah.... only vid worth a palms down... (:-)),wait....... you are honestly a bloody genius CF, but DFWC! ha! serious bru..... don't.....! but do F with metal, wood, plastics, science and the universe you legend!

  • are you sure that you needed such a big motor, i have that motor on my go cart........... just kidding use a bigger one:):):):) !!!!!!!!!!!!