Gas Heated Umbrella - Because British Weather

Birt 25 okt 2018
With winter coming me thinks you need a heated umbrella which even in the sun has tricks up it's sleeve.
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  • Just one of those furze inventions that is kinda stupid but actually maybe not that stupid????. Subscribe for more furze ideas and different ways to burn yourself or remove hair Muhahaha.

    • This is brilliant but doesnt seem the most practical lol.

    • I wonder if this would be doable with a high temperature resistant tempered rubber. Might need a smaller burner, but that's not very Furze I guess hahaha.

    • Every one neeeds! Invention like these

    • A perfect solution to South Australian Magpies. An armored umbrella to protect your head from bird strikes. It is a thing and due to covid and the world being a bit more quiet now the birds are getting more agro...

    • You do realise Colin that your umbrella creates precipitation eventually if everyone had this we'd have constant cloud cover over the planet, less rain more fertile deserts, morning dew everywhere and less skin cancer,, can I put an order in for 7 billion of the machine's just let me know cost per unit to manufacture and if you have time to make them😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍Brilliant video's, I worry about you sometimes tho,, people like you end up gone to soon and you remind me of Steve Irwin,, same zany personality and will attempt anything with very little fear,, so stay safe and stick around ❤️👍

  • I love your taste in music sweet invention too

  • You should make another one using insulating safety blanket material

  • Love the builds

  • So British

  • Is this guy sponsored by BP or something?

  • I'm waiting for the day when he shows how to pluck fruits off the wallpaper on kitchen walls.

  • Cuando llueve piedras y queres mover el auto.

  • If we were all you there wouldnt be any time for racism..

  • Mary Poppins would like to know your location

  • You’re going to get struck by lightning with that thing!

  • Why is the metal from your plasma cutter in water?

  • I like how the outro is a reference to the mockumentary spinal tap.

  • Not sure what materials you have access to, but you could make one out of Kevlar, attached to an exoskeleton.

  • نجم

  • Meet the pyro

  • 😂 awesome!

  • Saya dari Indonesia., coba buat balon udara..!!!

  • Not the inventor we deserved but the inventor we needed...

  • If I had half the engineering intelligence of this guy I would be beyond satisfied

  • Colin I love your videos and your background music but I think your mix needs some tweaking. Turn you way up and the music way down I don't like having to change my volume every time the scene changes

  • 3:25 Samurai be like

  • I gotta say Mr. Call and I can't remember your loss name just some nice rum with me don't worry about that Mr. Collins benine how did find this to be one I are tasty home cooking sells well done and splendid fully tasty

  • G had the same ideas I had

  • I can also use the top the cook off of someone I walk home I have actually what I would like to cook on the top I haven't got a clue but I bake it would cook anything even steak or amberger

  • 😃

  • Something about a grown man throwing bacon into a boiling umbrella makes me want to do it too

  • Anyone else think he is just Einstein with too much caffeine?

  • Whaaat 😂😂😂

  • Are you Scotish or English?

  • Hey Colin you should make a big big umbrella and then attach a heater in it and put it on the table so it’ keeps you warm please try it and I liked you video and subscribed

  • He should be a superhuman to lift that freaky umbrella

  • everything this guy does is a world Furze(t).

  • why does your shed have a carpet??

  • I’m just watching all of his videos in quarantine and it’s amazing

  • класс

  • Есть руские

  • Honestly how many ryobi drills do you need?

  • This is completely useless and unsafe and yet I want it in my life

  • we need gordon ramsay!!!!!

  • Sorry but.. Ones again you ate not the inventor of that

  • Had to go back & watch that spark hit you in the face lol

  • But does it stop the rain?

  • Just don’t go out in lightning 😂

  • What if you get struck by lightning 🌩 🤣

  • The sound level on this video is really low and I’m even wearing earphones

  • You should make a hot air ballon umbrella so you can fly

  • I've heard that it rains a lot in britain, but just how much it really rains there?

  • I'd be making missiles if I had resources like he's got

  • You, will Osman, Michael Reeves, hacksmith, mark Rober, and stuff made here are personal heros/role models. Thanks for helping encourage me to start engineering stuff even if it's garbage

  • Lookin’ for some feed welders, my budget is $150 USD

  • This guy is going to end up getting a real fortnite and he builds the umbrellas

  • I just have to wonder. How many songs do you get submitted a year?


  • Who else thinks this looks fortnite build a brella especially with the gas canister

  • "This is actually a good idea!" - Colin Furze, 2018


  • such cool videos this guy makes , the music breaks it all , live you just change the music !

  • Need this shit for me...i live in quebec canada


  • Umbrellas in the Umbrella Academy

  • Would be nice to do it with electricity with just a small shield to project the heat then have aerogel or some other non flammable flexible material maybe a fire blanket? Into an umbrella so it's then lighter can fold it down and yeah might work XD

  • Ahh perfect always wanted to make one of these when walking through the stupid heavy rain lol

  • How to fold this umbrella

  • Colin: Safety laws don't apply to me because I can't read

  • the first umbrella was original umbrella corporation from resident evil

  • How are you not dead yet with ell these dangerous contraptions you’re building? XD

  • It’s not something that you can take to the tube or bus with you

  • Colin be like we should just put fire on everything yeah that will do it

  • Dad: "what are you watching son?" Me: a british man cooking bacon on an umbrella

    • @As it Should Be bruhh....

    • America makes practical things we make silly things!

    • if only i still have my dad..

  • Umbrellas are usually vegan

  • Flamethrower shield not umbrella)

  • Of _course_ ColinFurze would be the one to have a gas-heated hand warmer from the Magical Forest just lying around his shed.

  • 7:59 is the best bit out of the whole video

  • Colin furze the guy who creates the most amazing machines but cannot correctly manage the volume of his videos

  • Your hand: *slips* Your hair: adios

  • me watching this in 2020 colin: i need a hair cut. me: Bruh, you dont even know

  • damn with this freezing weather down here in victoria I could use one of these

  • Good your channel☺☺

  • Why didn't you make this out of mostly aluminum? It would of been a lot lighter

  • bloak litrally getting hid fotnite brella' out hear

  • That is not bacon

    • You guys just pump all your food with loads of chemicals and bleach your chicken.

    • Violet Costello ah yes because we all eat eels. 🙄🙄🙄 Nobody eats eels anymore it’s just the old people that like the nostalgia of war rationing. Bacon has real meat on it, your bacon is practically just fat

    • United Kingdom of Great Britain that fatty greasy stuff is where all the flavors that is the meaning of bacon 🥓 You Britt’s 🇬🇧 don’t know how to eat that’s why you guy’s eat nasty stuff like eel’s🤮

    • That is bacon, real bacon not that fatty greasy chemical shit you get in the US

  • collin can i make a suggestion for a video. take all the past builds and put them all in one video together. id love to see a warhouse full of your builds

  • Colin likes to challenge nature, natures sends rain down, he makes an umbrella that sends it back up.

  • this guy is lit

  • Its really awesome of you to give your platform to smaller artists and viewers. The fact that you let your viewers send you their music makes this channel super special. You really are a gift Colin

  • You are awesome

  • 7:58 Oh my god. Dude.

  • Absolutely love your videos, your my kinda guy lol! Keep up the great work, your so funny and your inventions are just out of this world but some are so useful lol! You have a new subscriber 👌💪😉

  • Me: not paying attention Colin: “I need a haircut.” My last brain cell: “And, ladies and gentlemen, that is episode one of random sentences with Colin Furze.”

  • Oh dear, just when I thought he couldn't get any more Loony.

  • Hybrid umbrella ❤️

  • Mate, if you connect this to a some sort of platform with an engine on it you can do an "Umbrella Mobile"

  • Just flashed on something you said. What about a cooled (a/c) stainless steel parasol?

  • Literalmente es la forma más random que he visto de cocinar

  • He would not even have to jump from what he doing right away. He could see if the plan works and only then jump into something far more productive and profitable.

  • Colin could be a Dyson if he wanted to. A very small percentage of something is better than 100% of nothing

  • Im always trying to do what he do cuz i have many metal plate and many things that i can use This guys can make your problem be gone And i see your cying or not i see in other vids of yours or maybe you didnt sleep aswell just sleep aswell

  • I get it was just for fun and all, but I wonder if he's ever actually used it. I think it would be quite nice despite the weight to have a torch keep me warm in the rain.

  • During summer in Australia we can fry bacon and eggs on the roof of the car when its been in the sun all day no brolly is needed

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    • @Derek Thompson No, you haven't done it and it just doesn't happen. Stop ya bullshit mate!

    • @2359Rob try it son and see if you think you know all