JET POWERED Vacuum Cleaner

Birt 30 jan 2020
Meet FRANK the new beast in household appliances.
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Check out Richards Jet suit.........he don't want his jet back surely!!
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  • What a house still stinks haha. Thanks to the ISchats members who sent in their pics, if you would like to be involved more in videos become a member and click join, the #furzearmy its as cheap as I could make it and you get money off merch........BOOM!

  • your mental bro!!!!!!!!1!!!11!!

  • It sounds like my vaccum cleaner, but louder.

  • with a bigger tube like huge tube

  • cann you try to make a vacuum for outside with a jet engine that will be cool

  • here in the Netherlands we got Henry's too!

  • I wonder if his neighbours would call the entire fucking army on him because of the Goddamn jet engine provided from where...

  • Reefgtr

  • How cool would be to have a jet engine driven flying pig :D

  • Collin, I can tell you that I will make me a shop just like yours with hideaway tooling. Very well done fella too. V

  • Henry was not sure what to think of these modifications...

  • Just sooooo good!!!! What a legend!!!

  • Cuba Libre Composer's: 파뿌리

  • Всасывает не лучше электрического пылесоса. Я ожидал намного большей мощности.

  • Their called 'Shop Vac' in the states, in case anyone was wondering

  • He'd fone warning

  • Merry Christmas and a happy New year

  • If he’s still using it, I’m surprised his house isn’t on fire by now. LOL

  • Where do I buy a jet engine to use as air dryers at my Car Wash?

  • Is it his BMW M3?

  • Jet Powered Vaccum Cleaner Frank is making the Smoke of Coachella-19 Virus

  • Now, if you were to use a gas turbine to power the suction fan of a vacuum cleaner mechanically, the way a jet powered helicopter does, I suspect you'd be able to tear up the floor boards like Vyvyan Bastard's V6 powered vacuum cleaner in The Young Ones. "that vacuum cleaner's a hell of a sucker...and I don't mean it's easily fooled".

  • The part I'm most shocked about is that Colin drives a Mineral Gray M3. Seems way too reasonable...

  • His wife disliked that

  • but why though why would you do that why would you wanna do that.

  • Well .. for the fall .. why not make a leaf blower from it? ;)

  • Wait a second... you're making a jet propelled (riding) vacuum cleaner. This thing needs zero point steering and a fine seat and then you're off!

  • What if... the jet was rejiggered to pick up the filth coming into the canister and then passed it into the expansion cone to burn the refuse? Would have to love the air quality standard on that set sure enough.

  • At 8:29 you can see the ending to raiders of the lost ark

  • “Jet engines definitely do not want to be vacuum cleaners.” 😂

  • The fine energy ipsilaterally annoy because custard perioperatively empty throughout a rustic transport. trashy, redundant dollar

  • just a man cleaning his house with jet vaccum nothing to see here 👀👀👀👀

  • Why doesn't it fly?

  • Dyson is better What about meh P20 Jet Vac: 7:13

  • 5:47 right when he said "I do have a solution for this" a vaccum cleaner ad started lmao

  • ah yes a ‘vacum cleaner’

  • 3:08 What a happy vacuum cleaner!

  • Cool 🤣

  • :D 3:37

  • jet=thrust and NOT SUCK. But i honestly would do the same ^^

  • I thought you would fly into the sky and suck a cloud, but this is bullshit

  • Why was that ugly girl in that ISchatsrs House

  • "Just get the jet engine out the land speeder" Colin why do you get to say all the best sentences

  • Crazy

  • is this the best video colin will ever make? probably

  • 4:07 he lobotomized that poor vacuum boii

  • i would kill to have your workshop n tools

  • 👍👍

  • You hot boxed your sons room

  • Couldn't you make it an upright? Just suck the dirt straight up and through the jet.

  • imagine waking up to your neighbors vacuuming at 3am but they're using this


  • Mate...U oNe kRazy, kRazy.. moN!! Hehe!! 😁😆🤣👌🤞🖖👊👍😚👌🤙💯!! CheeRz!!

  • Awesome!! Not only can you clean your house, you can burn the thing down 🤣

  • if it was a emmett brown in real life it would be colinfurze.

  • Jangdol Drum(장석영) 청소기 안에 말도 안되는 아이템을 장착해보았다. 브레드가 지하철을 못 탄 이유는? "지하철 에티켓_음식물 STOP!"

  • the best part is......... its cordless

  • Could be a vaccum from Fallout 4

  • we have henry in new zealand

  • did he misspell vacuum. he spelled vacum, its vacuum

  • I have a charls

  • So you could be vacuuming with your jet powered vacuum while lit up by a 2 stroke lamp all while making tea in the other room with a pulsejet kettle in preparation for when your going to grill food at a party with your jet engine powered barbeque

  • I actually thought it would of had a shitload more suction, but ultra cool


  • It's all fun and games till you don't take the covers off and it blows up

  • Omg thanks i was using a coal powered one this is much more enviornmentaly friendly

  • British people don't have any common sense

  • Is the woman who plays the cleaning lady his misses?

  • Sooooo Noisy.

  • Do you eaven use that Henry with a bag

  • Franckinstine numatic

  • va-CUM cleaner

  • If you clean a vacuum cleaner, do you become a vacuum cleaner?

  • Michael Reeves has been obsessed with Britain recently, no doubt plans are being made for a collab

  • when he coughed, I was like, SO YOU HAVE CHOOSEN DEATH

  • No no you can't have it back

  • Why?

  • Ideal for gold

  • Props for the car Colin, really nice M3🔥💪🏻

  • Frank is Henry on Cocain

  • anyone notice he has symptoms of the coronavirus

  • Exists, meet Dyson.

  • Imagine having that against your couch while cleaning

  • Dread to think how expensive Colin’s home insurance is 😂

  • Vacuum up Gasoline if you want a Jet engine.

  • Hey, it's a cordless vacuum...

  • Can you run a generator or similar with the jet engine and just have the it run free-air instead of it being the source of suction?

  • this really sucks

  • Bang give alok

  • Imagine when colin furze was your neighbor and your house near the airport

  • DIY homemade black hole

  • this is why the internet is a thing

  • honey, i turned the vacuum into a flamethrower

  • you have the miniature futurama planet express ship with wheels and turbines, or with whatever you can think of Greetings from Argentina

  • my name is cameron whittle and i am related to sir frank whittle so thanks for mentioning his name

  • Русский шнекоход? Обязательно используй реактивный двигатель!

  • There are about 5.2K comments,stop scrolling,if you've found this comment,Your a legend

  • You spelled vacuum wrong

  • Mine is hi low hetty

  • We named are old dog hoover after the cleaner i wish he was here but he has passed.