Ultimate Hiding Hacks #3 Auto Fold Out TV Safe

Birt 22 ágú 2019
To round of my snack hiding challenge set by Walkers Crisps I’ve made this beautiful electronic Flip out TV safe.
To make your own Secret Snack Stasher get the destructions here: www.colinfurze.com/walkers-snack-hiding-hacks.html
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  • There we have 3 brilliant devices to hide stuff in but which is your favourite......

  • They will no because it’s on yutube

  • one tinny flaw , should you get robbed thay will steal the tv.

  • Collins favourite word is butifull

  • Should have built it in the wall

  • I just saw the music said my name

  • MI-6 should use this house as a safe house 🤣🤣

  • hi

  • Your snacks are secret until someone is fumbling with your tv trying to plug in an HDMI cable

  • I think in the future he’s gonna hurt him self and give up on ISchats videos like this .......... Haha haha that’s never gonna happen I don’t know what I’m saying

  • Idea: grind it into a powder

  • Great collab

  • Yet I am hiding my drugs here now

  • Do more please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frost diamond!

  • wow u could use that as the most secret safe in the world

  • are walkers just a nock off brand of lays

  • 2:04 HAHAHA

  • This guy is nuts I love hello from the us.

  • skip ad

  • Lets hope your kids don’t watch your channel

  • All three of these would be a great way to hide money

  • Now this packet from the detective looks realistic (look on top of packet)

  • Yayy! My meth stock is in my lamp, my compact lab is in my door and my earned cash is in my telly


  • 2:8 realy super cool guy

  • I like the Spider-Man helmet please may you make a flying shit of birth that you can give to me for £100

  • For 20 RS snacks you use 1000$ machines.

  • Dude this is perfect just to work on tv cables let alone snack box/safe

  • Imagine moving into his house if he sold it. The house let alone the yard and sheds

  • can you make a video with the hacksmith

  • You could've also made the floor below the fire place a safe with the fire place being hydraulically motorized and there could be hydraulic pumps that lift it up to reveal a secret floor panel puzzle safe below it

  • I think you have exposed your hiding spot

  • Nice place to hide your... food... yes food ofc...

  • I comed from 2020

  • Walkers musta given you a helluva lot of money

  • i just realized he has a 1.5 litre spray bottle with the orange handle and grey tip are there any other British people who know what i mean

  • No one will know except the 2 million people watching this right now

  • Colin furze shouting where the monster munch are 😂

  • He can make anything useful and he is hiding crispy

  • I feel like this is a lot of effort to hide crisps 😂

  • i like you lego

  • Lmao 😂 looks and sounds like it should

  • They will find the chips when they watch the video?

  • Amazing job!

  • If this man WAS el chapo he wouldnt have been caught

  • i wonder how much he paid the ex detective

  • what if you need to restock the snacks??? where r you gonna hide the package before you restock them???

  • What if ur kids see this?

  • They stole the lays logo

  • Who did the electronics Colin? Who did the electronics?... 🙄 🤔

  • he should of made it so you have to input a special code into the remote

  • he's basically teached us the best ways to side stash

  • HUGE FAN HERE, i can smell some lazy, but cut the wall put the box in the wall, but the mount on the box.

  • Munsta munnch

  • Your like the best inventer in the world

  • Tv

  • What about in the prison wallet?

  • Utterly brilliant

  • Mate u a genius

  • OMG thats THE peter bleksley

  • Who are these people, why are they all eating crisps? And why do I want some quavers?

  • who came here just to see Peter eat the monster munch

  • Who needs the tv.. Just watch the walkers behind bullet proof glass.

  • Until they steal the tv...

  • When this guys under the suspicion of drug dealing all the agents be like :take his doors, tvs and lamps he hides things in them

    • @VK's ASDgaming yes that will happen XD

    • And they do not find the stuff just hastily shoved behind framed photos.

  • These snacks seem like they are straight out of Harry Potter

  • ischats.info/fun/ncebeXmhZH6dm6o/v-deo Go

  • Why does he put so much effort for something that simple

  • I think we all have to enjoy the effort he puts into his intros because he has a new one every video

  • You are complete G E N I U S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your videos are perfect ❤❤❤

  • Who else thought the build was part of the intro until the end?...

  • Walkers = Lay's???

  • The way he does the opening scene is on one side there is a photo of the work shop

  • After watching these three videos I can now I can find all the hidden places in escape rooms.

  • tv

  • All of these are great secret hiding spots until 1 million people on ISchats see it

  • walkers in poland is lay's

  • Colinfurze would wake an amazing avenger

  • Doesn’t your family watch your videos??? So they know where they are?????

  • Had to say...... your a fucking legend!!!! Love your stuff man!

  • You could hide weapons in that

  • I wonder what his family thinks of what he does to their house

  • tv

  • Legit teaching us how to hide drugs

  • I wonder if he actually uses these

  • Now he has to find new spots and not record them cuz now his friends and family will see the spots

  • 3:31 sounds like a firetruck

  • Who else because of the thumbnail thought he would hide the items inside of the tv screen

  • Colin, your videos are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colin, your mates can just watch your videos once they r sent out and then know where your crisps r and come and steal them. Love your videos!

  • this man has the best job

  • But his son watches this video and find it

  • Why have sooooo many people dis like it

  • I've seen the detective on Hunted the TV show.

  • Monster Munchers. How come the Uk gets all the fun sounding snacks? They can even pretend they're eating biscuits when they're eating cookies!

  • colin's house is starting to turn into a 007 house

  • Oi FURZE ME OLE BOY ... I have a challenge for you ... make the “weapon oven” from mr and mrs smith (angelina jolie version) !!!

  • How much did walkers pay you to do that ? I wonder is that your actual house or is that your experiemental play house?

  • Burglar: so I was knicking this bloke's telly when all of a sudden the wall pops off and I find a safe full of crisps. Bloody good find that was. I'm American, sue me.