We Built a Snowman on the car and went for drive haha.

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England has had some snow (first in 4 years for my town) so now I own a hot tub car it seemed wrong not to fill it with snow, then it would be wrong not to build a massive 10ft snow man on/in it.
See the Hot tub car in action ischats.info/fun/e9Kxq6tofXSjdnw/v-deo
See it built here ischats.info/fun/oJaNgYF4k2GOaXg/v-deo
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  • UK?

  • Whoa how strange was that car too carry all that load

  • Imagine snowman falls on him😂😂

  • Scince when in the uk it it snow this much

  • Proper winter shenanigans 👌🏻👍🏻

  • Nice Massey Ferguson

  • I wonder if anyone looked at that hedge that day and thaught he saw a running snowman.

  • With all this global warming stuff, im not sure you'll be able to do that again😔😔😔

  • hey thats cool hei hair

  • Craziest youtuber I have seen , what a fun to watch your video

  • Well at least Colin didn’t need an ice pack

  • Quality content

  • It's Dumb & Dumber!

  • I'm just smilling while watching them. The happiest kiddo on earth.

  • Clinically certifiable in an astro turf hot tub car. Can't get better than this!

  • I feel like they're pretending this was a lot more fun than it actually was...

  • typo in outro

  • Pobre BMW 💔

  • Obviously the snowman didn't make it, he wasn't wearing a safety tie.

  • I died when the snowmans head fell off

  • It’s a miracle it didn’t fall on his head

  • haha.

  • 1o mmillion

  • Oh no, you forgot to put a safety tie on the snowman before driving!

  • 0:23 Wait a minute, isn't that the farmer Tom from "Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car" who gets a DeLorean? Link: ischats.info/fun/eNaMgl55kl2EnXw/v-deo

  • Wow

  • Fuck you hard!!!!!!

  • I can’t help but wonder what his town thinks of this guy.

  • I also want a spoiler like that!

  • It missed me I’m fine and he just keeps driving mean while his buddy over there with a broken shoulder

  • Any one else wonder if the bbq still works

  • Absolute Mad Lad

  • Colin: accidentally slams on brakes. Officer: now tell me how he died again. A snowman fell on him while he was driving.

    • he should have been wearing his safety tie

    • Aidan Crow that’s what I was thinking

  • You can call it a snowmobile * wink * * wink*

  • no is shout be ho ho ho

  • Super

  • Haha

  • This dude can get rolled over by 25 monster trucks and still be alive like nothing happened

  • Ай красавчик!! Ай молодец!!!

  • It would be great if you drove this to a highway!

  • hottub bmw in the snow.. like for real.. going to the store in winter time in a steaming tub

  • Zombi...?

  • Americans go Call 911... Brittish Lads just laugh it off

  • Every time he laughs about something i laugh to

  • This was the best winter I live next to London in Birmingham

  • Only Crazy man alive on earth.... I am loving it🤙🤣🤣🤣

  • Как же скучно я живц

  • бедная бмв

  • Uve got to bring this car to jay lenos garage, although its pretty far...

  • Life lessons I've learned from this channel: Fuck growing up.

  • I remember when furze just wanted to fill a car with water

  • It’s all fun and games until you slam on the brakes

  • Woman: How did your son die Edna? Woman2:He was killed by a snowman, whilst he was driving. Woman: No Really, how did he die? Woman2:...

  • Why? Cause i can

  • Me “okay just one more video. Me, 10 videos by Colin later, seeing this- “okay just one more video

  • This guy is a leggend

  • haha

  • everytime i watch one of your videos i'm like i love this guy i should subscribe then i scroll down and i'm like oh i already am subscribed loooooool

  • You Can do Snow in the car and drive

  • “Somewhere in England” as a caption

  • Главное резко не тормозить :)

  • nice mod

  • What I want to know is who sold Collin furze a tractor

  • r/madlads

  • Only in England

  • What Coolin does for views hahahahaha brilliant!!!

  • GO,GO,GO hahahaha

  • Meanwhile in Russia:

  • Darling the car is full of snow

  • I'm loving his British rock

  • I feel bad for that suspension

  • i wish you were my uncle. like if agree

  • كءةس4صاف ثدنءتيغثغثكتثا

  • when mom says go play outside

  • At least your passenger had warm feet!

  • nothing special people do this all the time in canada

  • 1:23 de cierta forma el muñeco de nieve se párese a ti

  • 1:43 That you have Colin

  • r/madlads

  • r/madlads

  • I hate that music.

  • MY GOD.

  • I love him

  • Bob looks so amazing

  • That BMW is fucking amazing. You should use your videos as a car advertisement.

  • How do you get snow like that

  • 1:43. I lost me head!

  • Dad: I just set some grass on fire on my car, am i crazy son? Shows this video. Dad: That's dangerous! Me: You don't say? Dad: Old meme son. Me: So? Snowman is better than setting your car on fire. Mom: WHAT HE DID?! *Continue the story yourself, i'm too lazy*

  • You have broken the world record for largest snowman built on a hot tub car!

  • That's snow regular car

  • Fill it with water ans let it freez

  • At the end, there is "TheY colinfurze..." there is a mistake...

  • Slam the breaks

  • Неубиваемая Бэха!!!! Immortebal Bimmer!!!))

  • I wish colin was my best freind we would just create really wACKY stuff and laugh till our smiles hurt, and we get a side ache. maybe colin could do a traveling gizmo building show. plus he could feature a audience member to help out on each stop of the tour.

  • just imagine living in the same town as colin

  • Imagine the insurance form on this 😂😂😂😂😂

  • This chanell is fucking amazing

  • your mate only got hurt 'cause he didnt have his safety shirt and tie on

  • I was just looking at the head moving and thinking, argh if that rolls onto Colin it'll snap his neck no problem, must weight quarter of a ton easy.