I made a Catapult Toaster, CATCH

Birt 10 jan 2019
How far does your Toaster chuck!!!
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  • Its the new year and 2019 needed a more powerful toaster. Also what do you all think of the new channel banner?

    • now you just need to make a gun that shoots butter, or your prefered toast topping

    • Chicken Crump

    • U shud ad an attachment that butters it on the way out

    • x302justice has a good time at home

    • Im in 2020 and he has made a flying drone bike.

  • Just an idea, maybe make a dartboard when, if you hit a bullseye with toast on the knife then it opens a compartment which contains your favourite spread.

  • I started watching this video cause it popped into my head all of a sudden, and I just looked at the date it was published, and realized it is today turning 2 years old. So happy 2 year anniversary! Also please tell what in the world you are saying at 5:40.

  • Bloody brilliant 😁

  • This and the cake o matic deserve the same shelf in the kitchen 🤣👍

  • 8:05 plugs it it, then turns if off..

  • 2:43 am... why am i here ?

  • majmsm

  • BOOM

  • He should make a mark 2 with auto buttering

  • yeast yeeter 9000

  • The rhetorical gladiolus causally last because museum characteristically live a a hurried representative. sad, wiry servant

  • Now can you shoot it?

  • I think u ned to atach a bell so u know when the toast comes so u can watch tv or du something else while waiting for the toast

  • 1:15, 1:20 ~ incredible product, for 7 quid.

  • Love Top

  • Maybe the Mk 2 should actually toast? Maybe even toast so quickly it sets the toast on fire? love the video just saying

  • It needs an auto re-load.

  • You guys use toster ??

  • Idk if you still read comments from old vids or not, and ik this is kind of a basic idea but you can potentially make a giant water balloon catapult using this vids project mixed with the giant swing project. Just make a giant catapult that can launch several water balloons and launch one of those giant 6ft water balloons! It'd be awesome! If you can come up with something even better than that than go for it!

  • can u make a solar powered alarm which tings when its on pls

  • yeah

  • its 2020 now

  • plz make a loud speaker

  • 3:29 That's a 3D Printer!

  • 3:03 why does this look like the Cat-o-matic?

  • Bread gun like so he see

  • A other spring ??? that has to mutch power Death by toast

  • Cool

  • This shows how deadly bread is

  • watching this makes me want toast

  • really i feel very happy with this moment

  • If a toast-a-pult sends toast flying. Then what does a catapult send flying?


  • A true household essential

  • :O :O



  • Are you toast?

  • Wait you should have it launch the toast a thousand feet and then have it land

  • Eventually had to google clay pidgeon, was so disappointed when the final result wasn't a bird-shaped piece of pottery.

  • make somethig that chatchs it put it on the plate and puts butter on it

  • Love the fallout style art for the catapult arm!

  • Disappointed, did not toast a catapult

  • Colin Furze has the only UK twin-gang sockets with reversed action toggle switches.

  • Stop humping it

  • Make a power fist from fallout

  • Cracking toaster lad! We just need a jam gun now, and a mechanical pair of trousers....

  • you should make a version that can load automatically and throws very precisely. then you can put it e.g. outside and have it open a window at the right moment

  • I love this

  • 8:00 You’re what?

  • 8:49 *wife walks in* *Colin On the floor trying to catch toast in his mouth* Colin's wife: what the f**k are you doing?

  • Have you watched Wallace and Gromit?

  • So, watts the catch?(triple puntended.)

  • He should make it butter to toast next

  • mak a shote gun

  • A bin 🚛

  • That toaster sure looks like the vault boy...

  • Beautiful!

  • This paired with a jam firing shotgun... The breakfast dream.

  • I would have made a catapult mechanism that you activate like a normal toaster but when it clicks *WHEEE*

  • The reason why he does this is because he loves destroying things

  • Colin my gran watches your channel and she’s 87 years old 🤣🤣🤣 jks

  • Self buttering toaster?!

  • 0:08

  • Go go get off!

  • Loved this video Colin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • New dude perfect Toast Edition

  • you are one of the 2 people i know who make the imposible, POSSIBLE

  • 8:57 new dude perfect member

  • 1:02

  • i would love obe of these.when i am older i will probably pay colin to build me one of his inventions

  • This video is a hidden gem among all the other crazy inventions

  • 8:58 dude it's perfect

  • make it cook realy fast

  • Love your work

  • Try making a solidiring iron without a solidering iron

  • I like you your funny

  • Found this old segment from Canadian tv, thought it might give ya some related inspiration ... ischats.info/fun/gtp_p56qinuldm8/v-deo @ 8:43

  • Kfnuuipejhfophgjrkkrjfkdocpfccffj €665*/nffkfkjtjoeofjvfmmejociv

  • Please build a laser catapult toaster

  • And now Make a CATapult

  • now I want to make a Kind of Magazine-fed toaster...

  • Very nice colin

  • You know what this means... Toaster trickshots!

  • Castle siege?

  • His disgusting

  • Someday you need to make a fully automatic breakfast machin, like the one in chitty chitty bang bang!

  • When wife gets home "honey why is the ceiling covered in BREAD?!?!"

  • Have a slide from the house to the buncker

  • You know it’s a good invention when the guy that made it is scared shitless of it

  • When he started laughing at the toast come up I laughed so hard that I Peed myself

  • Make a bread tube and then you can aim for the plate "or human"

  • This guy totally belongs in a Fallout game.

  • How much would you pay to be this guys roommate?

  • Imagine if he collab with michael reeves.....

  • Is that vault boy

  • Colin, could you make a automatic fish machine where fish goes in and lunch comes out?

  • 1:04

  • Best invention i have seen ever!