Homemade Machine Gun Briefcase from The Kingsman

Birt 2 maí 2019
Never mind Eggsy its Furzey. Fine job I made of this I say.
See other film and Video game gadgets in this amazing playlist, hidden blades, wolverine claws grapple hooks n shields.
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  • Just a quick project I put together but turned out neat.......Notsure James Bond has to worry about his job though lol. See you all at Makers Central next weekend.

    • A electric bb uzi cost like 25 $ on amazon ... that would have been way faster

    • @Radragonb I was wondering about that too

    • This is already an epic creation, but you know what would make it even better a laser pointer so your shots could be nore accurate

    • colin, what did you study/ do to be able to make all this stuff?

    • keep up the good work Q! ;)

  • 10:00 n o i c e

  • How do you reload?

  • Have you thought about selling some of your inventions? I'm sure you could make a lot of money.

  • 9:00 that shield man


  • that's cool bro

  • Now why would you want to give people these kinds of ideas? Not very smart dude.

  • You and the hacksmith NEED to team up!!!

  • How much would you sell it for to an airsofter

  • Now make the shield part of brief case

  • I was hoping that it was a real firearm then I realized he doesn't live in freedom land :c

  • Funfact: This wideo is exactly 10 minutes long

  • Colin Furze is Amey-freaking-zing/king

  • i swear, colin drinks at least 5 cups of coffee before each video

  • Hey you should putting the song title on your videos

  • Damn... even with all the crazy weapons and shit he made. He only uses a bb gun instead of a real one lol.

  • ابن حرام

  • What's the gun he used? What brand?

  • Soviet KGB agent: Interesting....

  • Imagine this in an airsoft battle Map: Airport

  • He’s that one neighbor that everybody ignores but interesting at the same time

  • Make videos with the hacksmith

  • Yay

  • What were you doing with a miniuzy and speaking alone??

  • Obiwan kenobi

  • 8:03 I'll see ur a muser too ayeee

  • Your a lot like mr bean

  • But ya only have one mag :)))

  • 0:00 What you see as a fly

  • God man i want your shoes 🤩🤩🤩

  • My only question is how will you reload it. Cus I see no space to take the mag out right ?

  • Plot Twist: All this work for the gun not to work and gets thrown into jail because he brought the wrong brief case

  • U wouldn’t be James Bond but u would be the guy who made the gajets

  • This and the hacksmith made the umbrella gun. The future is now boys


  • Killing with style

  • But how to reload it?

  • Colin is blonde, has a jawline like no other, has absurd gadgets, and wears fancy attire at all times? You could absolutely be a James Bond.

  • This is great and all, but how do you reload it?

  • Crazy guy

  • Holy shit I have that exact briefcase I use it for magic the gathering

  • I really wish if this dude works in cinema...👌👏🏻👏🏻🌟

  • Israeli briefcase gun hit that ctrl c

  • Love the music

  • Engineers: “I’ve been OSHA certified” Also engineers: 1:40 (This is a joke, I’m dying of laughter)

  • What if colinfurze canonically made all the gear the the Kingsmen

  • I wonder what his neighbors think...LOL

  • UK: briefcase BB gun America: hey guys thanks for tuning in for another video on forgottenweapons.com and today we have a concealed automatic MG36 suitcase that you can get at your local walmart

  • Luv the fun u have in your videos enjoy what u luv !

  • Well this guy is ready for the eventual economic crash ushering in the downfall of society leading to an apocalyptic world of survival of the fittest

  • OOORRRR u can just take the gun run to the target and spray ur gun

  • I love how he always takes u through the problem solving process and shows you his trial n error in all his vids....not on his dick...I'm jus sayin

  • Loving the music Colin!

  • this is real gun uzi ?

    • its a bb gun

  • What song at 6.00??

  • Iat first you are cool for me... Now... I just have to say... Start behaving like an adult and don't run away from your responsibilities

  • How u reload

  • Sir it is amazing

  • 6200crazy Guy i want to try🤤

  • How u reload it

  • 007 weapons

  • This guy's amazing

  • How do you reload it?

  • He is the most dangerous human being on the planet

  • Can I but this XD

  • he must have been hired by MI5 by now

  • That's f...g cool man☺

  • Wow amazing

  • You should keep all the meatl the comes off and melt it down so u dont have to buy a much

  • Plot twist : colin is actually a spy.

  • Hahaha,cock it funny word 0:53

  • guy literally made the HK briefcase that secret service in the U.S still *actively* use

  • All the air soft guns I have are ass and can’t break glass wonder if his is co2

  • Wait, how do you reload??

  • Why am I one year late???

  • How do you lode

  • Who brings a brief case to school!?!?

  • Hi

  • cool! i would just add a almost unlimited amunition megazine in it since you have lots of space in the briefcase.

  • How do you reload it

  • If you lived in America, you could make a real one.

  • Everybody gangsta till he Literally Freaking puts actual guns and bullets in it

    • H&K did it in the 80s for the secret service. Kingsman took the idea

  • Also from black lagoon which was made way earlier 🤔

  • That’s why i be sayin British ppl are smart af

  • FBI needs to hire this guys

  • How do u reload the gun?

  • I try to think it's more of a black lagoon thing.

  • You may not be a james bond but your definately a Q

  • Colin walking like a thug is my favorite cup of tea

  • Oooooh that’s why the quiet kid took a briefcase to school.....

  • They make fully automatic airsoft guns, but he made his own instead

  • My wife said working with a tie on is very dangerous.... Dont let it eat you.... Namaste!!

  • I'm getting some *Desperado* vibes out of this thing.

  • Nice work mate love it

  • Hi colin

  • I like how this can easily this can be translated over with a real gun...hint hint

  • How can i reload? The weapons magazine is stuck between the gun and the briefcase

  • The teacher: hey guys don’t use the scissor for cutting the desk The boy in the last desk of the class:

  • _Item: Briefcase Machine Gun_ _Description: The quiet kid’s best friend_