Homemade Machine Gun Briefcase from The Kingsman

Birt 2 maí 2019
Never mind Eggsy its Furzey. Fine job I made of this I say.
See other film and Video game gadgets in this amazing playlist, hidden blades, wolverine claws grapple hooks n shields.
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  • Just a quick project I put together but turned out neat.......Notsure James Bond has to worry about his job though lol. See you all at Makers Central next weekend.

    • *Only 18* 👇👇👇 285980.loveisreal.ru

    • um hacksmith(canada) vs colinfurze(british)

    • A electric bb uzi cost like 25 $ on amazon ... that would have been way faster

    • @Radragonb I was wondering about that too

    • This is already an epic creation, but you know what would make it even better a laser pointer so your shots could be nore accurate

  • First off how is he gonna be able to reload it? Also colinfurze can you please give me feedback on my comment I think your awesome I’ve watching your videos for quite awhile now

  • ATF be like, hol up

  • This is nothing new. Firearm manufacturers even make them.

  • Colin should be the next Q in james bond

  • Music wayyyy louder than voice. Thanks for waking up the kids

  • What holds the metal plate in the case?

  • How do you reload it?

  • 😂

  • Kannst du mich bitte grüßen

  • Excuse me sir, do you have a license for that?

  • I swear Colin looks like he's on Ecstacy half of the time.

  • Aw man i hope my classmates will like my new suitcase

  • Your Surname means Fart in German

  • You are so good at this

  • How do u reload it

  • It's also a riot shield

  • Please build a railgun with a ton of super capacitors 😋😋

  • Make a video of you using it in a game of air soft

  • Wow 🤯🤯🤯 very cool

  • You do realize that if you lived in America and made these for real guns you would be a millionaire in a year, right?

  • The better option would be to have the weapon bespoke to the purpose and make it belt fed. Cloth belts are more flexible. Your UZI goes off like a high school boy in the backseat of a car. A Brit with a sense of humor and an extensive knowledge of hardware stores made the infamous Lutey Submachinegun. He did it in protest to Downing Street initiating more draconian gun laws.

  • How do you reload?

  • Suzano ta em outro nivél

  • You got 10.7m subscribers and Mr beast got 47.7m subscribers see how similarities.

  • Does the wife ever suggest a project?

  • How did you make this without being surrounded by armed police?

  • How are you going to reload

  • what happens when you run out of amo

  • Very Jewish colours for the old woman, speaking to a German window sales man🤔

  • howe to relode

  • This could actually be a military weapon!

  • he's at it again with the airsoft

  • He forgot to add a mag ejection slot

  • Now every time I see someone with a briefcase I'll scream Watch out he's carrying an automatic submachine gun!

  • How do you reload the thing?

  • E

  • How do you reload?

  • The new James Bond? He's only been playing the role for 14 years Colin!

  • this is uzi😂 like if there is any pubg player❤️

  • You got a license for that, Mate?

  • Come to america, specifically texas. You could make one with a real machine gun instead

  • What kind of spy would be walking around selling windows...

  • Wait he has 10mil now????

  • The quiet employee: don't come to the office tomorrow.

  • I though you were going to an airsoft game with it :(


  • Tim Dodge 🤔 Smaller hole. You don't need the barrel sticking through. • vs ●

  • Hacksmith made the umbrella we got every thing we need

  • Foda foda kkkkkkkk

  • Exactly 10 mins long

  • Is there a safety?

  • Should add a laser pointer 🤣

  • how do you recharge the case?

  • Colin is basically me when I grow up

  • He’s British he needs to build a dalek

  • does this mean there is going to be another movie ?

  • What about the umbrella?

  • Imagine if its a real sub machime gun😂😂😂

  • Now later in the movie it transforms into a Sheild , how are you gonna do that

  • Colin is like the person you would see in a weapons reasearch and development department in a secret spy base

  • This is Michael reeves if he was British

  • WOW, :)

  • Armchair drive by shooting! You are a Legend, mate! Got me in stitches🤣🤣🤣

  • Kingsman? MY A **! This suitcase was already present in the first Ghost in the Shell anime!

  • The question is how you going to reload it?

  • America: "I have an Army" Britain: "We have a Furze"

  • How do you reload it

  • Si no actuará como un demente me caería mejor , pero bueno , es lo que hay , sus inventos son de los mejor , saludos desde chile

  • Here in America, the ATF considers the "briefcase"(also known as an "operational briefcase" ) to be part of a weapons system...a class 2 device...like making a silencer for a cap gun, it still works right? HK makes a cool one...

  • Lame! Make that work with 9mm Para and we are talking.

  • I had one of these back in the late 1960's. It was a Joe 90 Secret Agent Briefcase. So Kingsman just stole the idea :D

  • seria ele o ibere 2.0 ?

  • This is the guy I want to live with if there is a zombie apocalypse.

  • Petition to add this on COD warzone

  • The Bond franchise NEEDS to cast you as the new Q! That would be Great.

  • Alrite colin. I'm currently watching robocop and was wondering have u ever made the suit from the 2014 movie. I would love to see being made.

  • I don’t know about you being Bond Mr Furze but you’d make a hell of a Q

  • 4:07 when she put it in her mouth

  • Please reply big fan❣️❣️❣️

  • Are you in the bunker Collin?

  • hey colin make a mini locomotive that can pull 5-10 people

  • What a guy

  • This guy is both Pinky and The Brain

  • Nobody: Rich American schools:

  • love the rock music you us in the vid

  • I love how people with British accents say bbs like bBs

  • Next Gadget is James Bond's Ghettoblaster.


  • 10:00 n o i c e

  • How do you reload?

  • Have you thought about selling some of your inventions? I'm sure you could make a lot of money.

  • 9:00 that shield man


  • that's cool bro

  • Now why would you want to give people these kinds of ideas? Not very smart dude.

  • You and the hacksmith NEED to team up!!!

  • How much would you sell it for to an airsofter

  • Now make the shield part of brief case

  • I was hoping that it was a real firearm then I realized he doesn't live in freedom land :c