Homemade Screw Tank Test Drive

Birt 12 mar 2020
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00.00 Jazz Shots
00.33 Telling you what yo
00.51 Driving yeah
02.06 Steep hill
02.38 Down a hill I say
03.18 Tech Talk
04.19 Water Test
05.19 Random Bush carnage
06.23 Hilux Tug-o-War
07.23 Me telling you what's next
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    • Ь

    • Some sort of cannon that has the tank source its own ammo from the screws? Mudgun?

    • Once you have the balance worked out better with Hydraulics you have so many options, you can run a pump for a water cannon or "rams" with screw drive expanders. You can add all sorts of toys you can dream up but stay with the hydraulic theme for your tank the fireworks or tater guns can just be add ons.

    • Flame thrower obviously.

    • Rail gun

  • yes after this i want to make this and go to school

  • basically keep a cannon

  • He looks like the last person to make something like this. But he has

  • Crossout in real life

  • he crazy

  • Loved that Tesla part lmao

  • new video idea: put v12/v8 in it

  • I’m world woe tow the British developed flame thrower tanks so ima go with that

  • Turn it into a boat

  • But absolutely badass

  • Would definitely benefit from a roll cage

  • Colin I would watch you make a cheese sandwich , you are that good and that entertaining. What a multi-leg vehicle? line a walking spider . ?

  • reminds me a lot of chimera tank from fallout 3

  • So u r one of those guys who people call mad genius ❤️

  • For how much this tank sells

  • Hello I am korean. 안녕하세요 저는 한국인 입니다. I accidentally saw you in another ISchatsr video 우연히 다른 유튜버 영상에 당신이 나온걸 보고 It was really amazing to see it. 정말 신기해서 보게 되었습니다. Then I am. 그럼 전 이만.

  • just waiting for this mad lad to get old he will be a tru mad scientist, i can see future mars expeditions being like so who is the techie for this exploration ? colin who ?

  • I wonder how it would do on snow

  • He’s like the Walmart Version of Elon Musk but a genius

  • add a flamethrower

  • I didn't even had that idea

  • Its "homemade"

  • The main advantage I see in this design is the ability to move sideways. Speed is the major downside. That said, I want one.

  • I wanna see this guys garage

  • at the time stamp 4.39 there’s a monster in the water

  • The military would love to have him working for them I bet

  • This man is the living embodiment of why the fuck not

  • I can appreciate the fact that he always wears a tie...

  • This is the guy that makes the cars from MAD MAX

  • I would like to see it go faster

  • o my gosh this is so cool

  • This guy never ceases to amaze me

  • a flamethrower would be sick on it

  • انت عبقري مشاء الله

  • Farmer : IM want it!!!!

  • Looks kinds stupid to me why? slow dull

  • Now make a jet powered version.

  • Please make a motorized bicycle that runs off atmospheric water generator to hho gas engine

  • This is how Crop Circles are made

  • It dose not float yet

  • this could make farming so much easier or getting started with digging a hole

  • This is brilliant cant wait to see it with the potato canon he will be busting out a mini warship next😂

  • if you run over someone with it that would be the ultimate screw you

  • Colin you're a friggin genius

  • Put a flamethrower on it

  • @colinfurze the semiautomatic potata Canon would be nice on the tank

  • Real title of this video "Driving My Giant Weed Wacker."

  • You need a soft, mushy country to make that work

  • You were dragging the Toyota Hilux

  • You should put a sheet metal cab on it

  • Yep he's on a government watch list

  • fire nation drill v.2

  • Not a new concept. Henry Ford had a unit like this designed for his tractor designs. And so did the Russians. Timeline around 1920.

  • Imagine Colin gets one week to live and just go absolute nuts on the world

  • This dude is going to make the first functional Metal Gear.

  • That Hilux is around 30 years old... it’s a trooper Toyota is always a good investment, as their cars are ‘forever cars’

  • I think it doesn't need a weapon......IT NEEDS TWO! A compressed air turret on the front And a multi launcher on the top! Go big or go home!

  • *assault vehicle acquired*


  • Your neighbors will hate you after destroying their grass

  • Love his videos but still waiting for the day for him to lose and eye or broken neck/brain damage - he’s always been too good for Protective equipment.

  • The British Adam Savage

  • Just barely found out about this dude today and i hear his laughing and i immediately go to thinking this fucker would make a great villain as much as a hero he is

  • Put a turret mounted firework rocket array on the top. With buttons to fire single rockets, half the array, and a big red button to fire full payload.

  • If I were you I would add some side screens

  • i mean its cool and al l but why is your lastname "fart"

  • Ideal for golf greens.

  • C u n extuesday

  • Fully automatic massive steel arrow crossbow

  • Am I the only one that thinks this will make a neat plough?

  • the whole channel can be described as: "A brilliant man with the imagination of a 5 year old and makes his dreams come true"

  • The best thing from this video was discovering the song See You Next Tuesday. Which is now a key part of my Spotify playlists.

  • I WANT ONE !!!!! Colin you need to set up and manufacture the Furzedriver Screw Tank !!!!!!!!

  • Potato cannon


  • Good way to reck a lawn

  • If u want even powered lawn mower.

  • Man heres an idea, make an offroad bed.

  • Ah the the shagohod

  • Minigun

  • Hi Colin have you seen them skateboards where you pull a trigger and it goes ( an electric skateboard) could you make one but instead of a skateboard use heelys😂 the shoes with wheels on the back. I really wanna see electric heelys 😂. I don’t want any credit for this idea (even though I know it’s amazing😂) but I beg you to make a pair . Thanks -Alfie White

  • ischats.info/fun/ncebeXmhZH6dm6o/v-deo Go

  • You are genius.

  • The military: ...interesting...

  • I think that the perfect weapon for the tank would be like the Thermite Launcher but specialized to work with this war machine!

  • I can’t wait for him to lost his fingers one of these days

  • So you can tell right off the bat that this guy is not screwy he is indeed very much the opposite

  • Some giant chainsaws would be awesome that way u can go there heavy denced areas

  • It's a official the biggest nut ball of the year, looks extremely fun

  • Man you're real life Mandark 😂

  • Imagine if people like him and the hacksmith had the budget of the military (US)

  • Amazing tank, I'd say cannon

  • Imagine this thing on a golf course

  • I want to see that in the snow

  • Insanity

  • Лучше были бы гусеницы

  • I feel bad for the grass

  • hi I'm from Indonesia 🇮🇩. just watched this channel immediately subscribe hehe.

  • BRUH He should put the potato cannon on the front