Exterior Car Sound System - Scrimp my Ride

Birt 27 júl 2017
Make a Crazy CAR SOUND SYSTEM for £100 was my challenge.
Last year i did some small builds for a BBC Worldwide show called Motorheads and thought as they were quite fun i'd swipe the tapes for your viewing lol, now I've given them a new start and end so it made sense on its own but the 2 other presenters are good friends (we all come from same town) so welcome to the colin furze channel tom ford and jonny smith.
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  • Here we have a loverly budget bodge that makes me smile, super sound systems are kinda wasted on the inside, let the world enjoy it all muhahaha. 5 million subs special will be coming soon as only just back from being in canada for 2 months (hence why last 6 videos have been smaller as had to stack them before i left) so be prepared for fireworks as thats how we ROLL hint hint.

  • scrimp?

  • I've always wanted to see someone do this

  • we need to see a version 2 of this made with better speakers so less distortion. (higher quality speakers) bigger budget. go crazy colin. love all of your videos.

  • Que alguien ponga mamare en ese coche.

  • I live in Toronto Ontario Canada yes I am a canok but also like your program I think it is spectacular and wonderful spot on lad

  • when colin just open the shed door i just saw a manikin with the upper body missing and thats where the fake hand like pointing at the computer

  • For them to give you any kind of shit shows they know nothing! Colin for king!

  • Which song does the car play?

  • Best joke i have heard for a long time..... here is my "CAR" its a renault clio... like saying. Here is my "food" its gravel.

  • 3:30 Someone pls give me the song name


  • 2:08 mouth cam, lol

  • Anyone know the tune at 4:00 ? Thanks

  • Imagine playing all star on this

  • Can you make a banger racer stripper car and make into a banger

  • at least it looks cool :p

  • anyone know the song at 3:50

  • Are you rich yet?

  • Whats the name of the song at 3:30

  • Unfunny as fuck.

  • 😂

  • 4:36 Communist car entertainment

  • “If in doubt Take it out” 😂

  • Absolute fucking shite

  • you should build car monsters with 54garage

  • 3:30 what name a music

    • @Midnightcat lol thats a rick roll i do them to twitch streamer so i know the link

    • @Akim Troksa heres the actual song ischats.info/fun/lLSwZahqiJeOlIg/v-deo

    • Akim Troksa but that’s the name of the song, look it up

    • @YesThisIsDog that meme is dead,why can't u actually be helpful and actually fucking answer him

    • Schranz or Hardstyle

  • Turboprop and Car is Awesome

  • You could add another one on the windshield


  • fail

  • I thought he was gonna play partyboy. Lol

  • you have made a open baffle spk box which the little drivers have nothing to push against at the rear.This causes over excursion and poor volume.great idea though. Next time fill the car with acoustic wading or furniture foam.this should help

  • wot song is it so good lol

  • Make a car with a bigger speker

  • 2 more days to the date on the camera is the same lol 14-10-19

  • This broke my headphones

  • Anyone in 2019?

  • Ah, I see.


  • Colin is my favorite nut job.

  • like for dance

  • Name music place 3:59

  • Dumbest video you have ever posted bro.

  • LOL these videos are sooo funny

  • Them 6 by 9es were cool

  • Why doesn’t he just build his own car? It’s not like it would be challenging for him

  • Now i know who is the guy that have the bass at full volume at 3 am when i try ro sleep

  • When some boi gets his hands on this, he will be blastin shitty songs at 3 AM

  • Please take that car and make it go boom...

  • how are you I am Bangladesh

  • That would be so funny driving down the road

  • Excelente 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🌎

  • I have a challenge for you Colin. See how many cheap speakers you can fit to the inside of a small car like the Renault Clio, the Furze and Furious turning it up

  • Such a vehicle is why second amendment rights are so important and necessary. Such BS is intended to indiscriminately assault everyone within a couple of blocks. Nothing a few rounds from a .308 couldn't fix. or if the owner is a neighbour, it might be fun to rig the chav's car to explode when the speakers are flipped on.

  • What genre of music is this😂

    • distortion and clipping

  • Fucking Brit

  • The louder the car, the faster it is.

  • 10/10 cause of the techno!!

  • but why...

  • Look maa we have neighbours 😬

  • Put some Orion HCCA 12's in there


  • Nuda ako nuda nuda

  • I wonder if they knew anything about car audio im a sound guy and i mess with a car audio i wonder if even matched ohm rating or watts lol you could buy a cheap kicker from walmart but for you its called wally world lol and some used speakers online and or buy a sub amp combo and he could of just used the head reciever to amplify the speakers you could build a decent system for that

  • Friend

  • Song?

  • Need a new scrimp my ride

  • That would be amazing if they were good speakers. I understand you were on a budget

  • Should put something to cover them so they don't get wet or dirty

  • #epilepsy

  • *this is true surround sound*

  • For a country that uses the metric system..I just don't know anymore.

  • I like your creative ideas, much different from the conventional things around. 👍I wonder tho if you can drive that car in the neighborhood with its loud music playing.

  • что

  • Previously on Ricers Uk....

  • Auch deutsche finden dich gut colin ich heiße auch colin (#GER)

  • The real question is home much horse power does each speaker add lol

  • The orange truck is from my state iam from Puerto rico Beyma power💪

  • 1:02 this should be a meme

  • Vhat`s the song name?

  • Colin dancing while opening the garage is hilarious

  • You can hear them clearly talking over it lol.

  • Right where can I buy one ☝️

  • Song out car?

  • Squatting Slavs favorite car!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have a car like that

  • It's vryyy nice djjjjj

  • When you make that as an alarm right next to you your instantly awaked and pissed😂

  • this should be in need for speed xDDDD

  • Next level of Rice

  • The sunroof could have been a nice bassport

  • 0:45 Let me tell you why thats bullshit. Speakers are louder in small spaces

  • You can't skrimp on audio unfortunately

  • What do you do with all your cars

  • He's a real ricer

  • Are you wearing Fox racing glasses ?

  • I haven't seen a belt worn like that since I was at school.

  • Poniżenie i porażka

  • Được