The Washing Machine that would not Die

Birt 2 nóv 2017
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So fireworks night is coming and haven't destroyed anything for a laugh in ages so as i'm working on a massive project in a barn i thought i'd take the opportunity to go outside and send some rockets in a washing machine but the fun was mostly found in fixing it only to take more abuse........Rock On Washing Machine.
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  • They don’t make them like they used to.

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  • Colin, Can you take a washing machine with the industrial size drum and do some welding to secure the motor and metal chain on one. Then get some lituim batteries on the side and let it spin up and so that when you toss a large stone inside it it will hop off the ground 6 feet until it breaks into peaces?

  • thanks for the music ✌️🤣

  • :( Your washing machine ran into a problem. Please end the washing machine with fireworks.

  • Why are you fixing it to break it to fix it again?!?!

  • Europeans: the usa is violent Colin furze: let's just abuse these kitchen appliances with explosives for FUN! Europeans: we lied

  • And my washing machine died after 3 years of cleaning usual clothes... *Where the f*ck can I buy a machine like that???*

  • This got recommended to me

  • Mad question about that 😆. Great video!

  • This man is amanzig

  • 🤣👍🔥

  • .

  • 세탁기:살려줘..

  • просто ору!!!!

  • 1January 2021

  • ah hahahaha omg i was killing myself laughing mostly at the blond mans antics. Shocked he got that thing running again a few times very entertaining!

  • There is hope for humanity.

  • AMAZING jajajajajaja yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa


  • George Washington during.. like.. half of the Revolutionary War when disease and the cold killed many of his troops.

  • i'd hate to see this guy was doing in college

  • Aussie50 would be proud

  • Colin normally testing if friendly fire is on 👏

  • Very useful, definitely isn’t a waste, always being used when the casual nuke hits

  • wait... if i buy a tie, can i do it? ▓▓▓ ▓▓▓ ▓▓▓ ▓ ▓ ▓ ▓ ▓ ▓▓▓ ▓ ▓ ▓ ▓ ▓▓▓ ▓▓▓

  • This is entertaining yet saddening for me as I have neither a washing machine nor a dishwasher in my house.

  • Even Nokia is scared


  • Appliance must have been made from the same stuff they make Nokia phones outta.

  • it's not that it wouldn't just didn't let it die :D

  • This is america

  • So if anyone needs to wash some bricks.......

  • This must be the appliance proving grounds.

  • Someone needs to share this washing machine technology with us Americans. This makes the whirlpool man look like a freaking looser.


  • These guys are two business men who have gone insane

  • You were only supposed to blow the bloody door off 🤣🤣🤣

  • I need that washing machine

  • I want more of this

  • He should of thrown some in and shut the door

  • this is just me fighting the ender dragon in creative

  • This is my brain during a math test 🤣

  • I’ve watched this about ten times and I still love it

  • This becomes dark if you think of the washer with as a puppy 🐶 🤣🤪

  • Crazy spin

  • Colin, what was the small Rocket what killed the dishwasher??? Please tell me!!

  • Yeah why would you want a solar panel washing machine??

  • Tell me what brand is that machine. I just want one.

  • Ace!

  • What brand and model is it I need it

  • (1) This is what happens when you hire a total lunatic to do you washing machine ad. (2) This washing machine eats rockets for breakfast. My washing machine shrieks and dies if you add one too many towels. (3) Please tell us where to buy this washing machine, and whether the warranty covers rocket launchers.

  • I'm happy I watched this video

  • Health and safety:We don't condone this Lol

  • Never return once the tumble drier is lit, kids. And was anyone else really nervous watching Tom's unrestrained safety tie flop worryingly close to being shut in a primed dishwasher?

  • Me: Don't worry its non-alcoholic *Two shots later*

  • I take it back

  • Indestructible

  • The border border border border border border border border border border border wall hello welcome to my family

  • Wow nice video and cool

  • The Music made this clip, and I am no fan of music

  • i like how they literally just started throwing improvised explosives into it

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • This washing machine is on coacine

  • his has 10 point 7m subscribers thats #$&@ amazing

  • Is it cuz I’m American that I’ve never heard of this account... like ever? I just found it by chance

  • To this day, this remains my favorite Furze video. It's so awesome and ridiculous ...precisely what I like on youtube!

  • hmmm... just the local madmen blowing things up. Nothing out of the ordinary

  • It’s amazing how a washing machine can survive almost anything...except regular clothes washing

  • I dont know how,but colinfurze just makes everithing go back alive😂😂😂

  • 2:18 Furzenstein: *"IT LIVESSSSSSS!!!"*

  • Bone chilling story: A couple days ago I was eating mac n cheese, it had too much cheese and I put milk in it and mixed it. it turned cold. I went to the microwave and put the bowl of mac n cheese in the microwave and forgot to take the spoon out. Everyone knows you can’t put metal into the microwave!! So I hear this crackling sound, and realise what I had done after microwaving it 2 times. I instantly stopped the cycle and took the bowl out, no harm was done. *but it could have been worse right?*

  • This reminds me of a song from sabaton

  • 1:51 my mom coming to whoop my ass with a belt.

  • remove the outer shell and it'd become sonic lol

  • throw a brick in it... you'll see what happens >:-)

  • Thank God I'm not your neighbor

  • Brilliant 🕯☕️🚬🎥

  • its satisfying

  • Thumbs up for straight into the point. Didn't even use fast forward once, already seeing rockets hitting the washing machine.

  • Just put a brick in it

  • I'll have to keep that in mind. Rattle can+firework=explosives

  • Could you tell where to get such a machine? :)

  • What to do in a nuclear war? sit inside a big washing machine

  • One day this machine come together with his brothers colin :) 1.50

  • "They're not heavy enough, them fireworks... BRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!" That was the first time I had to pause a video and give myself time to laugh something off in a long time lmao


  • tf did i just watch?

  • 0:23 They Sounds Like Plane Engine

  • Jus use a damn brick

  • This dude just gave me loads of ideas and ima do em all hehe

  • The inside is 2020 in a protective shell

  • Turns out the brick made more damage than the fireworks

  • When the DARPA staff is on lunch break

  • Colin: As Robocar POLI TV Army Washing Machine/Dishwasher: As VittorioTheVyonder2003 Army

  • The washing machine is strong

  • I can only imagine fuze cameraman dressed in full juggernaut armor just to he safe

  • It would be cool to see him and slo mo guys make a video around this time.