The Washing Machine that would not Die

Birt 2 nóv 2017
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So fireworks night is coming and haven't destroyed anything for a laugh in ages so as i'm working on a massive project in a barn i thought i'd take the opportunity to go outside and send some rockets in a washing machine but the fun was mostly found in fixing it only to take more abuse........Rock On Washing Machine.
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  • Thank God I'm not your neighbor

  • Brilliant 🕯☕️🚬🎥

  • its satisfying

  • Thumbs up for straight into the point. Didn't even use fast forward once, already seeing rockets hitting the washing machine.

  • Just put a brick in it

  • I'll have to keep that in mind. Rattle can+firework=explosives

  • Could you tell where to get such a machine? :)

  • What to do in a nuclear war? sit inside a big washing machine

  • One day this machine come together with his brothers colin :) 1.50

  • "They're not heavy enough, them fireworks... BRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!" That was the first time I had to pause a video and give myself time to laugh something off in a long time lmao


  • tf did i just watch?

  • 0:23 They Sounds Like Plane Engine

  • Jus use a damn brick

  • This dude just gave me loads of ideas and ima do em all hehe

  • The inside is 2020 in a protective shell

  • Turns out the brick made more damage than the fireworks

  • When the DARPA staff is on lunch break

  • Colin: As Robocar POLI TV Army Washing Machine/Dishwasher: As VittorioTheVyonder2003 Army

  • The washing machine is strong

  • I can only imagine fuze cameraman dressed in full juggernaut armor just to he safe

  • It would be cool to see him and slo mo guys make a video around this time.

  • Hi

  • Who all wants to be a rage monster like him ☠️☠️

  • 3:57 “you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”

  • This is the most american video I have ever watched even tho they sound like they're british edit: weirdly enough I find this funny

  • That baby rocket packs a punch

  • It is basically a cement mixer now!

  • My washing machine when i first started doing laundry

  • Imagine being this guy’s neighbor

  • UK government: No Guns UK citizens: dont need em m8

  • I'm doing my laundry by buckets

  • Colin is trans. Hes an American trapped in a Brits body.

  • I love how you jump right into your videos instead of talking for 8 mins about sponsorships and how you build it

  • it finally went into survival

  • Well this is quite disturbing.

  • Make a motorised surf board

  • Rest in Peace 🖲

  • 세탁기 : 죽여줘......

  • It was a AEG Colin it's a German made machine so pretty good

  • Build a tank out of one 🤔

  • Nokia after watching: Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!

  • My washing machine is making a lot of noise oh it’s because I didn’t get it indestructible dammit me

  • This is how all product testing for durability should work.

  • The company who mafe that first washer should use that as a promotional video

  • Woman: I think my husband is cheating one me... In reality: This

  • uhh okay. dunno why I watched this

  • This guy is awesome I wish he was my dad #bestlifeever

  • In Britain you must make do with what gun you have

  • What explosibe did u ude

  • whwre is the rpg?

  • it is confirmed, colin is an electrical necromancer

  • You were only supposed to blow the bloody *doors* off!

  • what was the brand name of that washing machine? got to get me one of those.

  • Thats just fucking quality they dont make them like that anymore :(

  • What i conclude from this washing machines are stronger than dishwashers


  • thats alot of damage

  • What make is it?

  • R.I.P

  • washing machine torture

  • O here is your problem now I can see it why did NFG

  • The washing machine from h*** baby laugh that is killing me dynamite Mr. Kollin and friend

  • It takes over live to the see a couple of men have one with the washing machine that has no meaning but blow it up they must Mr. Collin your number 1 comedian ages made me love today

  • Holy shit!!! That dishwasher was pretty spectacular from a single small rocket 😉

  • “Oh it’s on fire” ‘It’s only a little fire’

  • What's "practically dynamite" at 2:30.. you should make a video showing the construction of said device

  • I actually have that dishwasher

  • 3:46 you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂


  • Honestly, I think the washing machine could've theoretically taken an infinite amount of fireworks. The only reason there was any damage in the first place was because Tom's shot missed, got stuck under the washer, & went off INSIDE the machine.

  • mad scientist more like a mad engineer or a mad ISchatsr?

  • Colin is a retired Tech High Priest. The Omnissiah will be proud

  • the legend says that far away, in the washing machine's kingdom, the name Colin Furze results in the execution of the poor soul who dares to say such words. They also hate bricks and fireworks, they celebrate with missiles instead

  • If Rasputin was a washing machine

  • British people after drinking tea with canabis leaf

  • Can't the British use real weapons?

  • So hey what do English people use fireworks for? It must be new years because they dont have an Independence Day do they?

    • Bonfire night on the 5th of November, google it

  • F’in hell Colin! If A.I’s take over the world, you’re f’ed!

  • i never through i would feel sorry for washing machine

  • That’s not a washing machine......that’s a V8😎🎩

  • Now people will call it "wash rasputin"

  • The dishes are done man

  • I'm glad America isn't having all the fun.

  • Fucking GAFFA tape ;D

  • Bro what brand was that,I need to Know

  • 👈👈👈👈

  • Dis is comes wtih the video looking for seal spinning in water with music

  • This washing machine shows determination not to die its like the more pain it suffers the more determined it is to LIVE!

  • This is what Colin does after work with his work mates instead of going to the pub

  • RIP washing machine

  • Colin your rocket launcher is lame. You got a lucky shot at 10 feet away...LMAO!! I challenge you to a rocket duel.

  • hahahaha, brilliant!

  • that dishwasher got sent to the shadow realm with one rocket XD

  • 😆😆😂😂

  • The washer machines HOPE WILL NEVER DIE!

  • Washing Mac: I’m head out Dishwasher: Just Explode ur house if u hurt us Disclaimer: DONT DO IT

  • Destroy it with a potato launching gun that fires whole pineapples should do the trick.

  • These dudes should just move to Arizona or some shit so they can just go ham