Fabricating a Metal Landspeeder that DRIVES

Birt 28 nóv 2019
Together myself and eBay Uk are building our 3rd Star Wars creation, we've made a huge AT-ACT Playhouse, a FULL SIZE Tie Silencer and now to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder from the first film, A New Hope.
But out of Metal........This is no easy task.
Check out the AT-ACT ischats.info/fun/o6hqnqNpmnOscm8/v-deo
Check out the Tie Silencer ischats.info/fun/o7evimp9naGqnqo/v-deo
Thanks to eBay for supporting this project.
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  • This was a MONSTER Task, theres been fibreglass speeders but never a steel one so some new metal working skills needed to be found but what a build, I'm super pleased with this and didn't want to paint it haha. You may have noticed the new Merch in a few shots, get yours here www.colinfurzeshop.com See you in the next video when we take it for a spin.

    • You could just get a lego landspeeder wile you make your landspeeder

    • you da man!!!

    • when you make full size millennium falcon?

    • when you going to make millenium falcon?

    • Hey let's make atomic bomb and I bring peace

  • Can you come to my house to build a treehouse in Star Wars my house is 23

  • you're like michael reeves and the hacksmith combined but actually cool

  • Obi wan ! Is that you

  • That's look like boeing 727 the jet engine

  • 0:48 Golf Buggy Gremlin

  • I could not stop laughing😂😂😂 4:50

  • hi clolin

  • This guy reminds me of Jason statham for some reason

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  • Next project making it fly

  • What if you did use a race kart😂 it would be a master piece

  • What do you do with all the things you make

  • Dude you're insane

  • soon a flying millennium falcon

  • Please make a t-47 two

  • Why didn't you use aluminium? Would've been much lighter than steel!

  • Truly impressive. With all investment, might as well fabricate a Jaguar XKE next.

  • Fantastic job! Some good fabrication work! Interesting 🤔

  • i love when he starts humping things in his montages...

  • 👏👏👏👏👏

  • The future of earth will be 90% cooler if he creates everything

    • According to global warming, unless he creates a sustainable energy source nothing about the world will be very cool anytime soon!!! Haha :)

  • Where do you keep all of the things you make

  • imagine pulling up to your friends house in THIS

  • As much as I enjoy your videos, I am saddened by the fact that your skills are worth more on ISchats than any commercial workshop. But Colin, PLEASE WEAR EYE PROTECTION! If you get blinded, your other senses get stronger. And the butts on seeing eye dogs smell terrible.

  • You know that some years back there were plans to make a real flying land speeder (ground effect machine) with a lawn mower motor and inducted fan?

  • Cool😎😎😎😎

  • do the razor crest pleaassseee

  • unbelievable talent

  • 4:45 not quite a landspeeder but ok

  • The engines would make fantastic subwoofers, what a fantastic Craftsman you are

  • Where did you get that windshield? Asking for a lockdown :D

  • now this is pod racing

  • anyone knows what camera colin is using? thanks alot

  • Ok

  • Has anyone ever told you that breaking a video into parts and not putting what part of the video it is in the name is really annoying....?

  • now thats pod racing

  • 4:44 When you make a car in gmod

  • So falta faze-lo flutuar

  • Wow, as a true Star Wars fan. I can say that this is simply amazing!

  • What is it with Colin and the fake hand!!!

  • click bait: *exists colinfurze: *we don’t do that here*

  • trilogy of trilogies? bold statement when lord of the rings exist

  • Im inspired

  • This guy is so cringe 😜😜

  • ISchats needs to have a Mad Genius Award to give to people like you.

  • Beautiful work!

  • Colin, I just wanted to let you know that your stunning metal working abilities never fail to surprise me. And you never, ever seek acknowledgement or approval. I have huge respect for you in that regard. Thank you for what you do - your videos make my life a little more interesting for a few minutes.

  • Safety Time Machine 1. Automatic door locked. 2. Goes invisible. 3. Has camera/TV inside so time travellers only watch history.

  • It’s nice seeing someone so smart having so much fun. Great job

  • Yeah Luke Skywalker is short or I'm just taller then he is Met him at a star wars convention and he refused to sign SW autographs WTF I was livid what a twat I brought my son there for that so I ripped him a new one reminded him of the fact that without Star Wars his last before Star Wars was Eight is Enough hahahaha

  • I want you to build a bath tub that you can drive but you don’t have to be naked

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  • Make the landspeeder have a jet engine on the back

  • anyone else smile when he used a proper broach

  • Is there even really a reason to dislike this. Like what could u not like.

  • This guys 50 years ahead of us

  • The only people who wore masks before lockdown...

  • Imagine this you guys... Seven months... For these twelve minutes. We gotta give him more respect for this!!!

  • # I love your star wars vids

  • I forgot to tell you you're the coolest thing to come out of England since Led Zeppelin and Top Gear.

  • Its the British hacksmith

  • cant it move

  • HAMLEN HAMLEN HAMLEN how dare you pronounce his name 😂lol

  • Hoooooovercraft would be better, but difficult to do. still nice

  • “Oh it’s beautiful...”

  • Make some Mando gear!

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  • How about make a talking toilet

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  • What was he doing at 10:07

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  • Build a to scale, fully functional -drivable - Millennium Falcon next lmao

  • hi i wunder way do you'r plasma/laser cuter have a plastic os metal ring on it?

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  • That front end inside disc support structure was fucking ingenius man, did u figure that out by your self?

  • 1300 quid bloody hell

  • your the next grant imahara

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  • You should totally do some type of partnership with hacksmith

  • Tje impresive thing isn't the car, is that he did it all by himself

  • Whatever $ this guy makes, it's not enough!

  • Make a motorised surf board

  • How much did this cost in U.S. money 🚂

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  • This guy NEEDS to collab with mark rober

  • Yo this doode is so crazy, wish i lived near him

  • Why do you always use steel? What about aluminum, Al-u-min-i-um, or alum-i-num???

  • Now this is pod racing

  • Just discovered your channel gonna binge watch .

  • the thing that scares me is, his thumbnails look clickbait *but they're actually real*

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  • We call a golf buggie in America golf cart

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