Real Overwatch 2 Stroke RIP-TIRE

Birt 14 nóv 2019
Sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment, I've Made a Real working RIP-TIRE, yes Junkrats back mounted weapon from Overwatch.
Made from a chainsaw and some furze magic, its good but I think we can go bigger on power and destruction so stay tuned for more.
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  • Sorry for the massive Gap in uploads people but I'm back with 2 MEGA projects, first of which is the Rip TIRE, then your in for a Star Wars treat. Also been sorting my Merch out due to demand so head over to the furze shop here Thanks for your patience people, I experimented with having a cameraman for this video but think I like it better when I film it myself as I feel it connects me to you you guys more but let me know what you think.

    • you inspired me to make my first flamethrower at 13 years old, its a year later and now I've got a welder, time for a mark 2!

    • สวัสดีครับ🙏🙏🙏 ติดตามอยู่เสมอครับ😁🧡💛💚💙💜💣💥 ผมชอบมากๆช่องนี้ 🇺🇸🇹🇭🇺🇸🇹🇭🤝👏 fc.ไทยเเลนด์ครับ👌👍🤟✌📌❤😂🇺🇸

    • Hello, Just something that went through my had while this build.... you could just put a weight in the bottom of the wheel like in an electric "monowheel"😉

    • Hey Colin. Great vid and invention. Maybe have a Go Pro set above you whilst you're working and switch between that and a cameraman sometimes? But either is great. Filming yourself, if you have time, is nice.

    • Fuck is the best way to do

  • Make a can opener that can open the lid and the lid has no sharp edges but it can also reseal the can.

  • I love your videos, I have been watching them all day. Merry Christmas 2020

  • "What ever that doesn't work FIX IT" big yes for me🥰noted👌👌

  • 4:58 song?

  • If mark rober and colinfurze make a video together it is going to be the end of the world

  • I thought for a second your garden backs directly onto someone else’s and was like O_o

  • "strip you down" bit forward there Colin

  • Can it travel verticaly on walls?

  • He made the smallest one wheel vehicle French wreaking speeds

  • Needs one more touch..... *Explosive material.*

  • that's sooooo indestructible

  • I love his thought process. "And then whatever doesn't work, we'll fix it from there"

  • What becomes of all the bigger builds?

  • you should do this with a monster truck tire and a bigger engine

  • What do you get when you take Jim Carrey, Adam Savage, and Alec Steele, mash 'em into a big ball, and add about 60 energy drinks? Colin Furze, that's what!

  • Tf2 Damo man gun

  • You wrote “you” twice

  • Try make a giant Lego brick House

  • You could of made the spikes turn if you welded them to the side parts

  • what do u get when u mix adhd and a degree in engineering....... COLIN FURZEEEEE!!!!!!1

  • I like it


  • As a Stihl fan boy, him cutting up that $1500 beauty made me cringe and freak out. RIP MS661!

  • stop stealing my POTG's pls

  • magnifique en manifestation gilet jaune contre CRS

  • This is gonna end real bad.

  • So this is where Junkrat gets his tires after every ulti

  • Now it's just need an explosive in it

  • Like for a Colinfurze skin for junkrat

  • Junkrat is my favorite character in overwatch sadly I stopped playing because of the t baggers I hate them😥😥😥

  • Game wait it

  • Itd be badass to make the trailing wheels steer it

  • Hahahah, my I ask how many thousands of dollars did you spend in your freaking awesome inventions.

  • 2:33 ties and spinning machines don't go togather

  • This is a challenge I’ve got for you make a motorised car into an electric one:)

  • Colin is junkrat. But scarier and more insane.

  • Do you think you could have used a gyro on a pivot and servo to steer it ?

  • I love Colin's thought process. It's just like "We'll strip it down to it's basic parts, stick em all back together and fix whatever doesn't work."

  • I feel like Colin can actually cosplay as junkrat

  • Colinfurze show do robot wars and smash the competition.

  • 9:30 for what we came

  • This man will be prepared for the apocalypse

  • Colin : Makes this Torb : Hammer time

  • His chanel sucks

  • The best thing about you is you love doing your work

  • Hi i m your korean fan your voice realllly smae kingsman in harry(해리)

  • 3:34 whats that noise?

  • This guy is just a cool kid

  • science teachers: now now we need to wear the hazmat suit behind the 3 feet of solid steel so we can be safe while we mix water and salty water colin: well im wearing my safety tie that should protect me from death tires...

  • U make me an electric bike & send it to ne I'll get u chain beaker & send them to u ,

  • Why is it u do not have a chain breaker ?

  • I would put a massive bearing in the tire put the engine in the bearing and connect it with a bike chain

    • Well i guess he beat me to it

  • The clear place where you wrecked the fence seems like it's not in use,so...maybe u can do something

  • What if you had 4 wheels like this in a go kart?

  • Yeet

  • junkrat mains unite

  • This man could probably make a working TF2 Sentry Gun. *Now that I think about it, he might*

  • Show your colection

  • Awesome. No seriously this is ground breaking work @colinfurze. Wow.😀

  • Hey Colin!! If you were to put a second servo, and a counter balance system near the top of that thing you could possibly even steer the beast. Have the counter balance shift from side to side. It would only take a little bit to shift the weight and make it steer right or left.

  • this vid is totally different cuz he has a camera man

  • wheres the explosion.

  • Only Colin knews what to do if you are bared-make something crasy and listen rock music

  • 오버워치!

  • collin you are a welding machine

  • wow :)

  • You should do a collab with Mark Rober! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • wish it blow up

  • This is brilliant!! I love your videos 😍😍

  • Just casually destroying a 1000 pound chainsaw 🙈

  • Hey Colin, I would love to spend a day in your workshop with you sometime. Any chance please. Locolocopaul

  • So sad to see such a nice chain saw destroyed like that, I mean it was worth it but still sad.

  • Being a country dude I cried when he used the best Stihl chainsaw out there 😰

  • This guy wears a tie while using dangerous equipment. He lives life on the wild side

  • when I first saw the video I thought you would of have made the spikes retracktable. good job regardless

  • have been re-watching all your videos during lockdown.... and I've just spotted this is filmed very differently from your others....... hmm

  • Imagine his neigbour, peacefully sitting in his garden, enjoying the sun and suddenly a spiky tire just breaks through your fence

  • the laugh while carrying the wheel the actual junkrat

  • This guys a legend

  • You genuinely scare me a bit Colin.

  • now put it on the front of a drift trike!

  • You should make a riptire to sit in.

  • Какой фигни только не лепит!!

  • U look pretty clean for someone working in a machine shop

  • Qfgxgchtdsegg

  • 4:17 what is that!

  • As junkrat main I feel great energy from this

  • Simply brilliant! I love you.

  • Fav hero?

  • In your next video maybe you can create a robot use a hydraulic machines

  • Make the a Murderer printing press colinfurze

  • It’s not like the game it doesn’t blow up not cool

  • I love how he wears a button up with a tie while getting his hands dirty hahaha

  • I'm not sure if I feel sorry for your neighbours or jealous that I'm not your neighbour HAHAH Great video epic construction

  • Nice

  • I feel like he's british but i wish he was australian because of what he's making

  • I wish I had the same size brain as him

  • He should turn it into a unicycle

  • Watched this while queuing for competitive overwatch