STAIRCASE TREADMILL The ultimate exercise machine

Birt 31 jan 2019
Weight loss is a given with this beast.
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  • This thing is hard, its very steep which knocks you and just gets faster, but with practice it can be mastered.............could you do it. What else could I make an exercise machine?

    • Electro-bollocks machine. Give an electric shock to your balls if you don't exercise / treadmill fast enough.

    • Seems like the heavier you are, the faster it moves. That's why for your kid it barely moved so they could get up it easily even on run fatty.

    • 😡🎃

    • @Magnetic g gjg

    • @Rok Adamlje qead😕👌💕😏😢😔😏😀😁💋💋😅😭😜😢👑😢

  • If you step on the side railings, you can cheat

  • all the more reason to stay in my room all day

  • this is a good video

  • the word furze means in german *farting* 🤭

  • I love it how he acts like it takes 30 sec to put in.

  • i think a mass unsubscribe to the body coach is coming lol

  • It actually auto-adjusts a little bit. The heavier you are, the more your weight is going to move the belt downwards while you run on it.

  • That is for zombies

  • Imagine coming home and finding him dead with his tie caught in the belt and a camera on a tripod pointing at him.

  • You just kinda have to hope they don’t climb up the side

  • ngl this video looks like it was made from 2013 or something like that

  • 1:55 you're cheating! don't step aside the band

  • if the motor can be turned in both directions it could also be used as a stairlift for people who can no longer run so well and bacause Stairlifts cannot be installed on all stairwells🤔

  • vengo de un poco de todo pero un año despues 😂😂..edit nunca tuve un like

  • Like si vienes de un poco de todo

  • Convenient in quarentien

  • We watched this in class lol

  • 0:19

  • Circular staircase design coming soon?

  • imagine moving up there trying to bring in new furniture

  • )



  • This is good for a zombie apocalyps

  • ********

  • Hey kid dont eat dads cookies and chocolate

  • Another name - cheap elevator😂😂

  • Oh my god are you famous

  • HI

  • The little plastic hand gets me every time xD

  • Actualy everyone shall know that this is good for zombie apocalypse

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  • Hello

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  • What if people would try to sneak downstairs and upstairs in that!🤣

  • I need this, in case we have zombie apocalypse


  • That’s really cool

  • I wonder what your wife is going to think about that

  • looks like guitar hero wheel

  • Escalator says hi

  • Otherwise known as the descending escalator. I mean, come on, we’ve all tried to reach the top of one of those things at least once.

  • This is the perfect camping spot for call of duty zombies players

  • That’s cool if it’s hard because I don’t care about it

  • Its very funny😂😂

  • Wow that’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

  • Did you get up

  • How do you get up

  • And I’m walking my daily stairs as I laugh my a$& off!

  • Malayalis like adi

  • I can do that. And I can run on run fatty 😂😅

  • I didn’t see this until now but I should have expected this from you

  • Can you make an iron giant suit

  • WOW

  • I am albert

  • サスケ

  • It's like he knew there would be a major virus outbreak that would quarantine him at home involuntarily.

  • 'grandma keep giving me that attitude im gonna turn the treadmill on'

  • I have no suggestions. It's perfect... maybe a shack trap at the bottom.

  • jonathan young

  • now make a setting that says: Usain Bolt? psh!

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  • Wow

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  • 4:34 Why can't you make something which I cou..... ah, never mind.

  • Gg

  • One way of surviving the zombie apocalypse just chill upstairs while the zombies break in your house and try go upstairs but uh they can’t lmao

  • You can just turn it off

  • I would just use it as a slide going down

  • I have a toilet downstairs and upstairs so I can just go downstairs

  • Me an intellectual : puts it in reverse


  • I would turn it on only to go down the stairs 😂

  • 🔪🔪😨😨

  • Instant anti zombie staircase

  • It would be a good escalator.

  • Should have the speed control on the top and set it to max.

  • Some one could get Hurt👎🏽🤕🚑🚨🏥

  • Sorry error I mean how is a old person gonna walk down or up the stairs

  • How is a I’ll person gonna walk up stairs then or down stairs

  • what about a arm and leg exercise like you had climb a rock wall upside-down

  • He magically got that giant say again he put it on his stairs like nothing

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  • Give it to me

  • OK

  • You are awesome 😎

  • Dude where's the bathroom I need to go it's urgent He: UPSTAIRS

  • Omg 😂😂 get yourself ready for when diarrea comes, I wonder how many calories you burn going up and down when you’re cleaning your house

  • LOL

  • I like that, use as Escalator.

  • Oh that like's funy

  • How crazy were you thinking !?

  • I really appreciate that... You can also beat it by climbing wiith wide legs since it doesn't move...Or by holding the side bar and climbing on the right non moving part

  • November 28th 2020 Ah Memories

  • brilliant

  • Downstairs

  • Quien más vino aquí por Un Poco De Todo 😂😂😂